You Are Going to Need to Choose Well!

You Are Going to Need
to Choose Well!


On August 2nd, I shared some very important and unequivocal information. Unfortunately, because I was not specific, there were some who consciously chose to misunderstand my meaning. As a result, the meaning was not only diluted but invalidated, and it is extremely important for it to be understood with perfect clarity. In fact, as the month has progressed, the need for clarity has increased, and so I must reiterate what was said so that the impact of it may actually promote change.

Everyone needs to be acutely, or let’s say, exquisitely aware in every detail that independence—the practice of human will, the practice of self-defense, the practice of proving ones worth—is being promoted on a global level. Not just in the United States, but primarily in the United States right now. And you know what? Don’t be fooled. It is the promotion of the very depths of “the Fall.” It is the promotion of the ultimate forms of “my will, not Thine be done” which are being promoted and which are being used to arouse similar sentiments and feelings so that a vast majority might take hold of this premise and actualize it more completely than ever before. And the primary provocateur—at least the one with the largest stage—is Donald Trump.

What makes this noteworthy is that it is being used as the basis for the election of someone who will use it as the foundation for relating to the rest of the world—”in your best interests” of course, as he would put it—but he will necessarily end up governing you as well. Do not be naïve here. Whatever reactions Mr. Trump elicits from the rest of the world, whatever antagonisms, anger or negativity he brings forth, will rest upon all Americans as well. After all, from the perspective of the rest of the world, he will be carrying out “the will of the people” who voted him into office.

Walls, as well, can bite both ways. They can keep people out and keep people in, depending upon the will of the one in charge at any given time. It is not wise to make oneself subject to someone who changes his mind frequently, as it suits his purpose, in the heat of any given moment.

Am I talking about Mr. Trump? Or am I talking about you?

The fact is that Mr. Trump is not doing everything all by himself. He dances a dance with you—with everyone who is listening to him. And so, I am talking about you, and I am doing it because you cannot afford to lose sight of yourself for any reason in circumstances such as these. You cannot afford to lose sight of the Wisdom of the Ages which you have been blessed by and which you value in spite of the momentary inflammatory rhetoric which would cause you to shift from wisdom to reaction for the correction of things, some of which actually do need to be corrected.

The Wisdom of the Ages teaches: “Thy will, not mine be done.” “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” “If you have seen your Brother, you have seen the Father.” “As I have loved you, love one another.”

I could say, “As I have excluded you, exclude one another,” but I have not excluded anyone. And so that means, do not exclude anyone yourselves. And do not let exclusion or exclusivity become a premise for your actions in the world.

You are going to need to choose well—those who will be voting in the United States—because your vote will be a vote in the world and for the world in spite of the claim that it will be to “make America great again.” The world in which national self-centeredness can prevail in spite of the rest of the world no longer exists.

One world made up of one mankind has arrived while no one noticed, and the ability to function autonomously has forever slipped out of everyone’s grasp. For better or for worse, with skill or catastrophic blundering, evolution embraces all mankind with the necessity of catching up with and integrating what Brotherhood means.

The wrong choice will be a vote against the world—a vote for walls, a vote for exclusion, a vote for withdrawal from the Family—the Brotherhood of man. It will be a vote for everything that stands in complete opposite to what the Voice for Love says, the exact opposite of everything I am teaching, the exact opposite of what you are truly seeking.

“Oh, but it’s really neat to have someone who speaks up and who fearlessly defies existing protocols.” Really? Well if that’s true, then will you join me in lifting up your voice and not be spiritually, or “politically correct” as Mr. Trump loves to put it? And will you, with the same amount of vigor and great output of energy he puts forth, spread it globally—the truths that we are talking about, the truths that you’re learning from your study of A Course in Miracles, or the truth that you know in your heart and feel in spite of all the junk that is going on.

Hey! If you like someone who rocks the boat, then be someone who rocks the boat, and say the truth which counteracts the lies Mr. Trump puts forth about human nature and about how man should treat man. Don’t be a fool! Don’t be fools and look with careless eyes and say, “It’s really neat to see someone stand up and speak his mind and let the chips fall where they may”—wow!—when what is being said is the opposite of the truth and is not in harmony with God’s law.

It is not a time to be “amused by” or “curious about” or “lenient.” It’s exactly the time to speak up, yourself, and say the uncommon truth, which is the truth that transforms and unites and heals and whole-izes that which is already whole, and uncovers the Kingdom of Heaven that is already the only thing going on, but not seen, because there are so many who are fascinated by divisive, small-minded, mean-spirited thoughts that seem to have a lot of energy to them.

Yes, they have energy! And it’s an energy very different from the energy of Love. It’s an energy very different from the energy of Soul. It’s an energy very different from harmony. And you know what? If harmony isn’t going on, the answer isn’t the bold use of inharmony, of force, but rather the persistent expression of that which is educational, of that which is true and is so clearly expressed that it attracts attention and agreement, because the benefit of it is healing.

You notice that Mr. Trump is not being met with much objection. This is wrong. Correction is called for. Do you, the students of Truth, the students of A Course in Miracles, the Sons and Daughters of God who have some comprehension of what those words mean . . . do you have the courage and the willingness to bring commitment to declaring the truth, to not remaining silent or managing somehow to slough off any substantive responses when the subject comes up in discussion?

Oh, you know, remain silent and do not object . . . and you, like others before you, will find yourselves slowly being guided en masse into the gas chambers or behind a wall provided, “of course,” for your safe keeping from the rest of “the bastards” out there.

It is not time to be silent. It is not time to be aloof. It is not time to be uninvolved. It’s not time to be in a false sense of peace within yourself rehearsing platitudes such as, “Oh, God will take care of everything,” or “Oh, this too shall pass away.” What you don’t want to have you must withdraw your support from. You must withdraw your support and replace it with correction!

Evil is just you saying nothing when human will is undermining your willingness to practice the two-step, the holy instant, to listen for the truth until you hear it, and then act upon it as it reveals to you what steps to take. I will assure you that the steps will not be ongoing silence.

So you see, this is all very important. Every single one of you has a Gift to make. And you’re being called upon to make it every time you turn on the television, no matter where you are in the world, and see the news about what’s happening in the electoral process in the United States, because what’s happening there does affect everywhere. And everyone everywhere practicing the holy instant, connecting with their right Mind, makes a difference in the United States.

You have an inconvenient call to make the Gift. It’s coming whether you are ready or not. It’s here whether you feel equal to it or not. And of course, you will not be equal to it as a tiny, small-minded, independent thinker—divorced from your Father’s Mind. And if you identify yourself as that, you will feel incompetent and overwhelmed. But it won’t be the truth. It will just be the effect of the perspective you’re choosing to use.

Do not make your mark on a piece of paper that doesn’t promote the truth.

What is going on in the United States—this flagrant practice of independence—is going on in the world, and it is everywhere in the world that each one of you needs to rediscover who you Are and what your purpose is, and to correct what calls for correction by giving Voice to the Truth, the Truth that turns everyone once again to the Father’s Love, the Fathers omnipresence—not as an idea but as an experience. A profound experience.

Donald Trump simply illustrates in the finest detail what the characteristics of independence are. He boldly, unapologetically exhibits what none of the Sons or Daughters of God thought they would find themselves doing when they separated themselves from their Father. They had no idea that fear and guilt would plague them from the moment they broke the relationship, nor did they have any comprehension of what convoluted attitudes and manipulations they would use one against the other in order to get relief from that guilt and fear, not realizing that the answer lay in the annulling of the divorce from God.

Trump is like a chameleon, adjusting to blend into whatever the environment is which he has chosen to enter for whatever purpose he wishes to accomplish, just as you and every other child of God does in much subtler ways

He has multiple goals, multiple “temptations,” spontaneously generated on the fly, which he neglects to evaluate before pursuing. In some instances, he provokes reaction, while in others he promotes unity. In some he endorses and agitates prevailing stimulating mean-spiritedness while endorsing himself most positively elsewhere. And he does not recognize that the dishonesty involved invalidates all of his positions, discrediting them because they are being used for some sort of self substantiation rather than the substantiation of the message inherent in the positions, themselves. He has yet to learn what every student of the Course is faced with learning.

When he uses his sleight-of-mind, the illusion (magic) which follows is accomplished and everything about it becomes untrustworthy. What this means is that playing both sides of the fence on purpose—promoting opposing points of view at different times, in different places, to different individuals—represents a mind engaged in duplicity—deceit which is kept hidden from those being addressed—and this causes whatever is being promoted to be a sham, no matter how compelling and genuine it might temporarily appear to him to be when he is presenting it, or to those with whom he is speaking. And when you apply this to yourself, you know exactly what I mean.

In the end, without integrity at the source, what proceeds from it will only attest to the dishonesty with which he put it forth. Even more simply: Lack of integrity in the source discolors everything which comes forth from it, even though what is put forth may be fundamentally true.

Another inescapable lesson from the Course is that healing requires honesty. Miracles require that one’s word mean something, and that word cannot mean something if it is not in alignment with the Golden Rule.

Toying with “speaking your mind and letting the chips fall where they may” as though it’s the new Golden Rule, and doing it as though temperance, conscience, honesty, thoughtful consideration, principles, kindness and the consistent expression of them no matter what the circumstance, have somehow become old-fashioned and irrelevant and their use now represents some form of cover-up, dishonesty or manipulation to be abandoned with glee, is an immature fascination with irrationality which must be recognized as such and abandoned immediately!

“Do unto others before they do unto you, and do it quickly to seize the situation” never met the qualifications for being the Golden Rule for a reason! And believe me, it’s not a radical new contemporary light bulb that has just lit up in the minds of Donald Trump and others around your globe to inspire everyone who hears their voices.

It is an old has-been, never having risen to the top of the list of possible Golden Rules because it was found inadequate to promote and confirm Brotherhood which, in spite of the “thrill” of radicalism and freedom from rules, has forever stood in the heart and soul of Man as paramount over any other choice. Put another way, it is a fundamental a priori NEED so all-consuming and of such magnitude that it has never been successfully overridden by any pretense of a “self-created” self.

Dabbling in “freedom” unrestricted by the inherent order of Creation—the laws of God which govern the way things work and the Love which is the Nature of All That Is—has only been “momentarily explored” by a relative few of the unawakened Brotherhood at any given time. And it has always been abandoned in the face of severe isolation, depression and the experience of not belonging . . . uncovering the fact that unity is paramount to them and that anything less is too painful to pursue.

Such is the way wisdom is restored . . . over and over again until the bait, the invitation to freely express the god of independence, the god of unrestrained self-expression sends up an unmistakeable red flag and the temptation is forever ignored.

When I say “momentarily explored,” I mean what you might call four, twenty, fifty years—much too long to countenance without objection, and much too uncomfortable to be willing to endure just for the sake of an experiment or the ego satisfaction of an outrageously bold brazen disregard of simple intelligence practiced in the context of the actual Golden Rule.

Guidance, the Holy Spirit—that which gives voice to the Voice for Truth—will never ask you to stand in awe of poor taste, crudeness, disrespect, mean-spiritedness, dishonesty and lack of self-restraint as though it is God’s amazing and very creative answer to hidden problems which otherwise would never be addressed. There is nothing new about it. There is nothing original about it. There is no hint of the Christ in it—something every one of you is able to recognize. It is exactly what it appears to be: back-street uneducated attitude and language full of the bravado of competition, domination and control, none of which embody the Holy Spirit’s transformational and truly creative expression.

To be sure, none of you who are reading these words is really so needy that you must choose such immaturity, tell yourself that the need is so terrible that it must be the best God can do to answer the problem . . . and then subject yourself to that immaturity by electing it to the position of governing you, without recourse, and having great influence on your globe. But if you have forgotten that your fulfillment lies in your relation to God and you think you are on your own, you may well be tempted to look outside yourself and justify reliance on even the worst bully . . . if he promises to protect you.

I am reminding you that the answer never lies in self-reliance or other-reliance, but in reliance on God. The former are old standards which have always distracted everyone from the holy instant where God’s laws prevail. But the latter points you directly into the holy instant, keeping your attention there where God’s grace embraces and enfolds you in the safety and fulfillment which your bully, in spite of what he promises to do, may not . . . because he is a bully with a bully’s mentality.

Am I being political? No. What I am doing is confirming that the Course is relevant to what you call daily life, and that the Holy Spirit reveals specifically what needs to be known and done in order for Creation to be uncovered right where you are.

I am saying, be alert and do not support the mindset Mr. Trump is utilizing. The use to which he is putting his mind is not what you wish to be subject to, and it is unwise for you to think you recognize yourself in him sufficiently to abandon your need to recognize yourself in the Holy Spirit and govern yourself from Its perspective.

It is very important to “test the spirits” to see whether they are of God. That is the purpose and function of the holy instant. You must have a way to determine the source of the thoughts you are entertaining and you must be willing to challenge inconsistencies which your common sense reveals.

Desperation can justify almost anything for a quick fix, but as students of the Course, you have learned to abandon reliance upon desperation as a reliable guide in favor of becoming still and remembering to join with the Holy Spirit to learn what steps to take in the peace of that communion.

The Holy Spirit never motivates with fear. Inspiration is its motivation of choice. Communion with the Holy Spirit is always moving, but never agitating, and it impels right action. You can feel the truth of it, the appropriateness of it, and the energy of willingness to express it in the world.

In other words, you do feel motivated. You do feel passion. But it is passion arising out of the depths of Love and the breadth of peace, causing your acts to be not only unequivocal, having unwavering integrity, but tempered with balance—the equilibrium which comes from union with God.

In “testing the spirits,” you prevent your “guidance” from reflecting the fear or anxiety which prompted you to use the holy instant. In other words it keeps you from requiring the Holy Spirit to respond to your dilemma according to the reality you are attributing to it.

Keep in mind that fear can always cause you to believe that your dilemma is real, and that it calls for force to resolve it, when the fact is, as the Course teaches, that a simple shift from fear to peace will undo the illusion. Until this lesson is learned, however, you are susceptible to the alarming misdirection of your ego as well as the alarming misdirection of the egos of others who, in the guise of helping you, would take advantage of your temporary ungroundedness and confirm your belief that the use of force is essential to resolving the problem.

Beware when someone promises to be your voice! Especially when he thinks he knows better than anyone else what he should say on your behalf. The only voice to put your trust in is the Voice for Truth, the Holy Spirit, whose divine task is to speak for God for you and bring you back into your right Mind.

The grand lessons of A Course in Miracles center around a simple fact: You cannot wake up alone, you cannot go Home alone, you cannot be healed alone. You cannot do any of these without looking into your brother’s eyes and remembering God.

“Well, wait a minute! Do I look into my brothers eyes and remember God after we put him on the other side of the wall, or now? Do I look into my brothers eyes and remember God while he is still a Mexican, or a Muslim, or in the next lifetime when he may be white, blonde and blue-eyed? Do students of the Course in Mexico have to wait to look into the eyes of an American student of the Course until after the wall is built and the Mexicans have paid for it?

I have said it before, and I will say it again: “As I have loved you, love one another.”

I have said this before, as well, and I will say it once again: Do not subject yourselves to the governance of one who blatantly refuses to honor that fundamental Wisdom and insists upon not just withholding love but extracting a penalty through hate because some artificial standard of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation has not been met.

I have now been perfectly clear, to the benefit of everyone. I love you all.

Kingston, Washington
September 22, 2016


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95 Responses to You Are Going to Need to Choose Well!

  1. Martin says:

    I would like to suggest that my fellow students read or read again the course section called “The Test of Truth”. It is pages 296 to 300 in the third addition.

    • Mcs says:

      Thank you Martin, I’m grateful for this!
      And in the Sparkly Book, “The Test of Truth” begins on page 342 in the text.

  2. Clarisse Zielke says:

    As usual, Raj gets right to the heart of the matter. Many students think we have no responsibility in how our country or the world goes. If we don’t keep being vigilant about bringing the light to what we must deal with right now, what’s the point of “studying” The Course. It’s all one thing–if you live the words of The Course, you become involved in using Christ’s vision to right the disruptive and alienating discourse we’re dealing with right now. Thank you, Raj, for showing us the true vision.

    • Cat Montrose says:

      That wasn’t Raj.

      • Linda Sherwood says:

        My thought exactly!

      • Mcs says:

        You don’t believe it is Raj because what he said is the opposite of what you belIeve about Trump.
        You have already made up your mind,
        demonstrating that you see what you believe is there because you want it, as the course teaches.
        Truth can only be seen through the eyes of faith.
        Your comments are full of faithlessness wrapped in sarcasm, which do not promote sound communication, which is the blessing this blog was designed to provide for everyone’s growth.

        • Cat Montrose says:

          That wasn’t Raj.

        • Cat Montrose says:

          Yea sure that’s why. So you know a politician that honors fundamental Wisdom? Sorry partner. Not Raj… “Do not subject yourselves to the governance of one who blatantly refuses to honor that fundamental Wisdom” Sure there were some parts that sounded spiritual but this isn’t the Raj speaking on my old cassette tapes. He even sounds different on the more recent downloads. Compare the two. Maybe you want so bad to believe you’re deaf or you weren’t around back in the day. Still some good stuff but I’d be a lot more discerning these days. Like I said before. Watched it happen with Ramtha too. Paul at least hasn’t gone mad. But he’s bush league now IMO.

          • Mcs says:

            Now who’s gone “mad” ?….!

          • Linda Sherwood says:

            By the grace of God, so to speak, have affirmed and have been shown a higher way. & There are higber channeled messages looking at politics than what Paul or Rajpur has to say. I’m going there….leaving this type of a negative spot…it does not feel good.

        • Linda Sherwood says:

          I dont care for Trump either. & This Raj message has not the ring of truth.

  3. Sabu says:

    I think the message is always the same. Are we going to be influenced by that which seems to be outside ourselves, or by that which is deepest within us? I think this post perhaps shows us where we are on this journey. I also think the post demonstrates what Raj calls ‘involvement’. And like an elder brother who has journeyed before us and knows the territory, is perhaps trying to guide us away from the ‘blind leading the blind and both falling into a ditch,’ at a time when we are on a threshold of a movement of awakening, which I imagine, the awakened Brotherhood is in full anticipation of.

    Thank you all for your involvement.

    Sabu x

  4. rajnmarcus says:

    Sent from my Boost Mobile Phone.

  5. Cat Montrose says:

    Unfortunately I would say Trump best represents the consciousness of this country. It will be a miracle he’s not elected. Fortunately it will be a miracle if he does anything he says he’ll do.

    • Mcs says:

      How utterly sad, your observation….
      To entertain such a negative thought at this time when we need to be promoting the outcome that will bless the whole world!???
      What a tragic misuse of your mind.
      Please consider your every thought.
      It matters.

      • Cat Montrose says:

        No you’re sad. No I’m sad… bla bla bla

        • Mcs says:

          Truly, your point of view was not in the least bit corrected by what Raj had to say.
          Did you read it?
          It was meant to inform anyone listening…as to the Truth,
          about the importance of a wise choice in this election.
          What you are sharing is far from anything remotely representing an informed mind.
          It would be a good idea to read Raj’s message again & maybe again, with an open mind.
          Otherwise, what you are spewing, is in your own words, “bla bla bla”.
          This election and the outcome matters.
          Go deeper.

          • Cat Montrose says:

            Haven’t been here for a while. The people were always messed up. Little by little Paul has been speaking for Raj. Raj asking for donations was the first warning sign. Now “Raj” is completely unhinged. I hear Paul in most of this post. Happened with Ramtha too.

            • Linda Sherwood says:

              I have SO been thinking the same thing especially the part you said about “happened with Ramtha”.

              Doesn’t bother me the asking for donations because we can either give or not.

              • Cat Montrose says:

                I still have cassettes from the days when he would give whole tape sets just for the asking. Then things started to slowly change. Left Hawaii. Over spent to build a center. I’m not saying Paul isn’t doing the best he can but in no way should Raj be asking for money. Why not let Paul do that? Why, because it would be less effective. I can’t imagine the man who sent his disciple to catch a fish with a silver coin in it talking about his money problems. How times have changed. 🙂

    • Linda Sherwood says:

      Trump is wanting to protect America from immigrants of bad intent. Not only terrorists, but abusers of our welfare system, abusers of our Healthcare System, workers who don’t pay taxes. This type of immigrant costs the American taxpayer and upright citizen a lot of money! They are abusing us. A wall between here and Mexico is not a bad idea. Mexicans and other immigrants are still welcome as long as they come legally. Yes the tough talking, potty mouthing, offensive Trump persona is spiritually very bad and will cause us Americans to be hated across the world should he be elected president. Personally, I am sorry to see him as the Republican nominee. I give him credit though for his desire to protect Americans. About time SOMEONE wants to! Sure he lies and flip flops his stories just like Hillary does! – No candidates this time with high moral values, unfortunately.

    • Cat Montrose says:

      Told ya so… As ugly as it is, Trump is who we are.

  6. Cat Montrose says:

    I notice the post is unsigned. Who wrote this? Paul or Raj?

  7. Beth says:

    Dear Judy:
    Yesterday you posted this on TGP:

    “Would we rather be distracted thinking about whether Paul is hearing Jesus correctly (via the last message about Donald Trump)…OR BE the Christ that we are?? And which is more work?

    People run right into their concepts about what a “Jesus” or a “Christ” is. They say….but Jesus is the one who takes my hand and walks me through all adversity to healing…YES.


    The reason he’s holding your hand in the first place, and walking you through adversity is because we are doing something that needs correction…something that love won’t tolerate! HE’s leading us to a better way.

    We are to be the presence of the alternative to a loveless mindset. But anyone who has had children knows that love says no to many things….things that are dangerous for them, simple common sense things. We say no…and take them by the hand and guide them to what to say yes to.

    We don’t tolerate their bad behavior. Not by berating them or calling them names or putting them down…but rather, by taking them by the hand…demonstrating the love, letting them know there really is a better way.”

    I would like to add an inspiration I had the other day:

    Those who feel they deserve the Better will vote for the Better, and give to those who think they deserve less, the gift of the Better. That’s what voting for the whole Brotherhood means. And so it comes down to NOT “what do we have to lose,” but what we have to keep Whole.

  8. John Gordon says:

    “Am I talking about Mr. Trump? Or am I talking about you?” A very telling statement and probably should be the title. Having read this and then taking time to do the “Two Step” and re-reading look past the names to the ideas look past the “American” election to what is being said, Look to your heart look to Your Truth do you exemplify the division and separation being expressed by either side of this election or do you see the Oneness of all on the globe. Take your politics out of your reading and allow True guidance to see that divisiveness of any form be it race, nationality, wealth, or political affiliation is not an expression of Love and therefore not who I AM. Read this again after a time of quiet reflection and see if this message is more clear. In Love

  9. Jo says:

    Let’s go back to the beginning!
    Joined as One Heart, the Heart of Creation and say together;
    My Father, Who is within Me,
    Hallowed Be Thy Name.
    Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done,
    In Me as it is in Heaven.
    Give me this day my daily bread- YOUR LIFE! YOUR LOVE!
    And forgive me my illusion.
    As I forgive myself
    For using Your Creations to have and justify an independent experience all of my own.
    Wash away what I made when I joined with my brother, my belief in sin ,sickness, disease and death
    And cleanse me from my misperception.
    Holy Spirit, guide and direct us to say and do whatever is required as we pay attention to the messages you are constantly giving us to Move from our Right Mind. We do not abandon anyone no matter who they are because we realise that each one is a Son of God, a Glorious Creation in the Heart of God. We hold back with any thoughts, opinions or beliefs about any child of God until you have spoken! In this Precious Holy Instant we Receive all that is True because we have acknowledged and abandoned what we made in error. Our brother Donald Trump is giving us such an opportunity to look at what we made together so that we can surrender all the rottenness, all the fear and all the guilt that we have kept hidden, vowing never to look at in ourselves! He represents the brother that we joined with when we decided to have an experience apart from God and cleverly put all our shame and guilt and fear into so that he could be held responsible for the sin we made.
    This must be looked at and acknowledged together and so its a great opportunity everyone. You can quote all the words you like from the course about it only being a dream and it’s not real but until such times as we are all awake together and experiencing ourselves in our totality we appear to be in a dream of separation and we have work to do. I can assure you that if the work was finished you would be awake NOW!
    In order to reveal our true identity to each other we have to look at the imagined self we made, give it to the Holy Spirit who will wash away, cleanse and purify what was made in error and then the Christ that we are is suddenly the one you’re looking at!
    Anyway, we have to go together. The one we joined with the moment we decided to have an experience separate and apart from God is the one we must go back with. It doesn’t matter who it is, but Donald Trump can be that one if we choose.
    If we do this together, as Raj is so passionately directing us to do, then it follows that the Answer is waiting for us. Then each one of us will feel the guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit to say, do, act whatever He directs us to do. That sounds like being on the beam to me, the place where, “behold I make all things new” is!
    I have no idea how it’s supposed to unfold but that’s not my concern.
    I join, I lean back, I wait and I move as I am directed. And I will do whatever I am called to do!
    Who will join me?

    To Paul – From the place of Truth in me joined with my whole awakened family, the whole of creation, I THANK YOU.

  10. Jimmy McGill says:

    Hey, just in case anyone thinks there are only two choices in this horse race, I urge everyone to look carefully at Gary Johnson for an alternative perspective. If you believe he can’t win, just remember the resurrection. No one believed that was possible either, and that’s a lot harder to do (by this world’s definitions, anyway.) In any case, vote your conscience, which if you have one, automatically rules out Trump.

    • Mcs says:

      Hey Jimmy,DUDE! you seem like a nice enough guy ….But commmmmmmmme on!
      Gary Johnson may have thought Aleppo is a gay leopard!
      So think twice about wasting your important vote.
      This is NOT a time to be rolling the dice.

  11. joseph says:

    Wow, Jesus Christ seems to be a secret supporter of Hillary Clinton, quite interesting….

  12. Linda Sherwood says:

    Alternative? Vote for corrupt
    Clinton? Doubt it’s better
    but for sure taxes will be higher.
    Terrorists let in….

    • Jimmy McGill says:

      Gary Johnson’s my pick.

    • Mcs says:

      Go deeper

      • Linda Sherwood says:

        Ok.. Just a couple Hillary tidbits some people wish to forget:

        The numerous felonies committed by Clinton and her staffers and her operatives at the Clinton Foundation are a National Disgrace that is unprecedented for a White House level department secretary. She should have been disqualified from the presidential race. & She should have protected sensitive top-secret Intel information. This resulted in Americans under her protection being killed.

        I am just stating the facts.

        The title of the Paul / Raj article is. ” You are going to need to choose WELL.”
        (Yes, I agree, Trump is not a good choice either!)

        • Cat Montrose says:

          You can convict someone based on facts. No facts, no conviction. Just smear campaigns so their opponents can say, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Works in the National Enquirer type media we have today but won’t hold water in court. How many times and how many millions need to be spent before the low-info people figure it out how political ploys work? Just keep watching that boob tube.

        • Mcs says:

          What you are stating is in no way factual.
          You are simply exposing your ignorance.
          Read the message Raj shared.
          I guarantee you it can transform the place you are in … if you let it in.

  13. mikejm2013 says:

    Jesus isn’t judging Trump, he’s not condemning his very being, he’s condemning his behaviour, using discernment. Do you really want this guy Trump in charge? Is he really a person coming from integrity? I don’t think so. Look at some of the things he has said. Shows very little humility. Much aggression, hatred. What kind of decisions would someone like him make? Would he be thoughtful and reflective? Or impulsive and egotistical? You get my point.

    • binra says:

      But to limit this to Trump infers Clinton is favourable in comparison. The order of deceit, destructive hate and contempt shown by the ‘Clinton’ agenda (I’m not judging the Christ of Our true being here) is on record – but not in the narrative control of the captured mind.

      Don’t focus on personalities – that’s where the deceit operates. And personalities are not ‘in charge’.
      A Course in Miracles states very clearly that the message from your brother is a matter of YOUR integrity – regardless his temporary insanity.
      The attack on A Course in Miracles began the moment it came into the world. This applies to ANY channel of communication Impulse of our Christed Being.
      But hey – I don’t say this as a call to fear or to war – but to vigilance for peace against the call to war – no matter how cunningly woven into insights and truths.

  14. Linda Sherwood says:

    Who to choose? Very corrupt Clinton? Get taxed to death? Let in more terrorists? No good choices.

  15. Larry Sax says:

    I have always believed the future is known and already happened so why doesn’t Raj know the results already.I Love Raj and am a bit confused.It does say in ACOL that you can’t know the future because it hasn’t happaned yet.Help

    • binra says:

      Why don’t you know already?
      A past made in ‘anger’ repeats as if a ‘future’ unfolds to escape or overcome it, but depletes a false inheritance to a prodigal checkmate. The turnabout sees what the ‘past’ had made with new eyes – as an unfolding of Presence into a life more abundant.
      This is A Course in Miracles… please take note…
      If an Infinity of perspectives have ‘already happened’ would your God-Freedom not be to experience the riches of shared reflection AS this very life in focus?
      The belief time is a linear exclusive progression of a continuity of narrative definition is one way of looking at Eternity.
      Why spoil the Gift by missing the unfolding of its sharing as if to ‘get somewhere else’?
      Wake up or ‘shift’ to the most truly aligned appreciation available to live from – now.
      Then there is no waiting on outcomes as if you could miss an appointment…

  16. Christine says:

    Well, you could not put it any clearer than this. Thank you Raj. However, from what we see over here in Europe, the Americans seem to be “between a rock and a hard place” regarding that election.
    From the point of Light within the Mind of God, let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
    From the point of Love within the Heart of God, let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Light and Love and the Power of God restore the minds of all who have to choose.

    • Linda Sherwood says:

      Who to choose? Don’t want the corrupt Clinton either! Just don’t vote at all, I suppose!

      • Mcs says:

        What is corrupt Linda, is your idea that you know something on your own without having sought guidance from one who does Know…..& then start spreading it.
        Have you even bothered to read Raj’s message?
        As with Binra, it is obvious you have been having a love affair with your own best thinking.
        I find it “deplorable” that you could make such inane statements about Hilary Clinton without having paid the slightest attention to her body of work and service … to her decades of tireless contributions to all of us in this country.
        Because if you had…. you wouldn’t line up behind all the gender biased, racist, homophobic white men a patriarchal society engenders, (who are afraid of a woman smarter than themselves becoming president)…. & choose to hate her,
        & choose to totally misrepresent who and what she has stood for her whole adult life.
        Ask yourself …”What have I done to contribute to the good for all…lately?”
        You might see Hilary differently.

      • Mcs says:

        & choosing not to vote…..
        Well that’s just plain chicken shit.

        If you don’t vote in this election… You don’t get to complain.

        • binra says:

          Whatever I am is nothing you want – and so the resort to ridicule of affected humour in the manner of ‘trollspeak’ in place of an extension of worth.
          What I see as your acceptance of choice is nothing I want and so there is a complete communication failure at the level of purpose. However, your capacity to accept a choice is a freedom I share with you regardless what you choose to use it for.

  17. Brendan says:

    I don’t have the vocabulary of the rest of you guys… but in this two horse race both seem like bad choices to me… how many nwffacim-er’s are out there and will this message really make any difference? I don’t have that perspective… but would love to be enlightened..

  18. Ulrike says:

    I am struggling with this message, maybe I don’t really understand … I can’t imagine Jesus jugde Donald Trump, HE only sees a brother , innocent and holy as we all are…HE only sees the perfection of the sonship, inlcuding everybody, In the moment I don’t catch the message…what is the Truth?

    • Janet says:

      I read this article twice beause I too started to judge the words. The second time I read it, it was clear that Jesus was not judging Mr. Trump but that he is merely playing the observer for us. There is much wisdom in Jesus’s (Raj) words. We do need to be the observer and decide what is really the truth, or just a good con that we fall for. I don’t see the love in Mr. Trump’s presentations or beliefs, and I say that as an observer and not a judge, and without love being present it can’t be my truth. Raj is right. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Love & Blessings

    • l2d2speaks says:

      God loves the Messenger (Trump, et, al) and not the message. Love the sinner, hate the sin, prevails. Go with what resonates with your being, your true Self. Is your spirit lifted or lowered with such voice we hear from his son? Are you being led into Paradise or out?
      The kingdom you inherited on earth as it is in heaven brought to you by whom? Is it Donald or the like?
      Listen closely to your inner voice and choose what resonates with you…listen closely to the HS guidance and be led accordingly insuring you choose in Gods best interest and not the lesser of two evils dichotomy.
      Go with who and what resonates with your message/spirit. The fact that we angst about the right thing to do, is the right thing to do now, because choice is unsettling when you are responsible, enlightened souls like ourselves….we think on the human side and confused our basic simplicity; but we listen and are guided on the spiritual side and that never fails us.
      We meditate on the right thing to do; we ask HS intervention for guidance and we rise on the side of God in the end. We do not listen to those who bear false witness to themselves as one independent part…an Ego (Edging God Out) state…and Not of the whole…God. Go God!

  19. Ruth says:

    I was in Austria last year about this time when the first migrants entered the country. What beautiful, loving, gentle people! It broke my heart seeing them sitting on the sidewalks begging. They would quickly grab my hand and kiss it as I dropped some money in their pots. An old crippled man especially took my heart. I could not imagine how he got so far. He was so grateful, still seeing his face brings tears to my eyes. Thank you, dear Raj, I needed that.

  20. binra says:

    Hello Paul,
    What are we ever choosing but where to come FROM?
    The election is falsely framed.
    If you focus only on one to reveal their deceits – do you elevate the other in contrast?
    Are you in support of the lobbies that operate a violently enforced destruction of rival or threat to their domination in the name of ‘globalism’ to make power over humanity unchallengable?

    I say, do not rise to the bait of hate – whether it appears to be a charitable foundation or an exploitation of populism of people denied voice that have been deliberately primed to take advantage of.

    You could address the deceits of the ego as pictured in the world without joining in them as the attempt to manipulate the effect, instead of aligning with Cause.

    Perhaps, Raj is not willing to interfere with illusions you – your outrage – wants to be true? – for the Course says as much. And so you get to explore and experience your choices in the always potential to wake up and make a better one.

    I am not interested in demonizing Caesar – by any name or form, though I see loveless agenda operating by deceit and not least by the lie and the father of the lie who are in effect orchestrating a globalism in their own image that they intend to lord over – which most people cannot see and are not aware of.

    Perhaps Clinton will withdraw or be disqualified – and another take her place? Perhaps someone of more willingness to serve and represent those who place their trust in them? But The lobbies of internationalism are not – in the corporate-financial and government sense – opening the world you present.

    No one can see what they do not believe – but we can challenge and question what we do see to uncover the belief that sees it. Nothing is what it seems from the point of view of trying to solve a problem in the terms it sets.

    Is someone holding a gun to your head? or is that an inner sense of compulsion.
    No one has to vote out of alignment with their truth. What’s Jill Stein up to? Is her Plan not more aligned with what you have shared over the years?

    Is voting for that which the corrupt power operating in place of governance would likely shoot if it came near power a wasted vote?
    Ideas grow by sharing them – not by fighting against or demonizing rival ideas.
    The freedom to choose against our good is the same freedom to choose for it. Focus on where freedom is and honour it in any and every opportunity.

    “Holy Spirit, help me open my heart today to the Love that has been given me, that I may share It with all the world. Let me see the Light in my brother and reflect his Light back to him, that we may both see the Light we share.” ~ ACIM

    Exempt no one from your willingness and know your own Embrace. See beyond bodies and forms to what is forever true. What is special hate but that which you attack, deny and reject in yourself – but is this the self God Created You? Vote to wake from a falsely framed election that choice can be yielded to healing and to creating on Earth AS in heaven.

    Beware of demonizing or diminishing the will – for its is the Movement of Your Being – free of such hate and limitation. But DO be watchful of the definitions that you accept true – because a conflicted sense of self in definition will (mis)create a conflicted and destructive outcome with a sense of an oppositional or evil ‘will’. How can it not be a reflection of what believed and feared within? Accept Atonement without delay!

    Regardless of who I may or may not have voted if I were entitled to vote – the imposition upon the choice of others in such a way – may be something Paul is fully entitled to say and be engaged with – but which does not feel true as Raj’s Perspective given for many years now as Truth to listen to, recognize and accept.

    Choose the Well of your true Being – though it may seem a Silence, a Void or a dark of not knowing – all light rises therefrom whole. A loveless light can mask in forms and assign credit to itself for power it does not have – but it can never embrace and recognize you perfectly – regardless who you thought or believed yourself to be in confusion with a loveless light.

    • I resonate with this response. ❤️

    • Mcs says:

      To binra,
      What the hell are you smoking???

    • Mcs says:

      What the hell are you smoking?

    • Ulrike says:

      wonderful reflection

    • Dave says:

      binra, Attacking Paul or Raj is not the answer. You are the Answer. How can anyone who practices ACIM favor Trump. The mans political existance rests on a lie of hate. Birtherism is of his creation, he is the father of hate and division. Clinton is a poor choice, but she at least promotes union; joining with our brothers, not seperation. D

      • binra says:

        Yes I am The Answer – with Everything Alive. Thankyou.
        How can you see attack where there is none?
        As for support for political corruption- how can you make degrees of truth in lies?
        How could the ego appeal but for the illusion of union – contrasting with a caricature of hate?
        My brother, choose once again.
        The bridegroom cometh where ye thinketh NOT!

    • Mcs says:

      Can you not recognize the wisdom in Raj’s message?
      Can you not recognize the gift it is and value Paul’s incredible contribution as well?
      Does you own best thinking feel good to you at such an important juncture where we are choosing our next president?
      Its quite evident you have failed to consider the guidance available to any one of us who determines to sit down & shut up & ask to Know, before pretending to Know.
      How is it you find it more important to wax spiritual latitudes totally irrelevant to the need at hand…while failing to recognize the voice for Truth, over the ridiculous babbling in your head….?
      Why not support the only sane choice we have & be grateful Hilary is so willing & so absolutely capable??
      Why don’t you & the rest of you (who aren’t valuing Raj’s and Paul’s message) get off your high horse and read the handwriting on the wall?
      What’s happening is too important.
      Try matching what Raj has said with your own personal guide & then maybe you will contribute something worthwhile.

  21. Pingback: You Are Going to Need to Choose Well! | manjulamc

  22. davidspyle says:

    Amen, amen and amen!!!

    What we do to others, we do to our self;
    what we to our self, we do to others.
    (and vice versa)

    Therefore, do unto others as you would have them do onto you . . .
    and don’t do to others what you would not have them do onto you.

    Thank you Paul/Raj and Jesus
    and, of course, The God of All That Is — The All of All

    • binra says:

      Projecting the ego onto another hasn’t ‘done’ anything excepting assert the wish to hide it – by hiding in opposition to it, or superior judgement upon it. But accepting this as true does replace the mind of anyone accepting such a wish in place of true will.
      The subtlety of the deceit hacks and hijacks the mind but only as you accept it in place of what God gives in freedom of being.

  23. Anastasia Wirick says:

    Thank you. “God is the strength in which I trust.”

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