1. Paul van Britsom says:

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if someone could help me out with how to pray, how to meditate. I was wondering if Raj gave any kind of instructions, but the material is so vast that I have no idea where to start :/

    I’ve been trying to meditate for some time now, but I always have the feeling I ‘can’t get through’. I literally feel a whirlwind of ‘thoughts’ in my head, between my eyes, like a buzz that keeps me from really going inward. The funny thing is, I *used* to be thinking all the time in the past, when I tried to meditate… I would have this ongoing stream of thoughts. I don’t experience that now, and I can let go of a thought a lot faster than I used too. It’s hard to put into words what I feel… it’s like one big blur, a whirlwind of chaos, and I feel it right there where our ‘third eye’ is. You know that feeling when you physically frown, or are angry? that heaviness between your eyes… it’s like a veil I can’t get trough! I’ve also considered it to be the other way around: something trying to get through to me – hence the energy sensation – and me not really allowing it while pretending to seek it. Dunno :/

    I read about ‘just connect, anytime, anywhere’, I know it IS true, but I can’t seem to know how to practically ‘get going’. Any advice?

    Thank you!

    BTW: Sun-Rose: I’m reading your books right now, I absolutely love them. God bless you!

    • Christa says:

      Paul, I don’t know whether you are still seeking an answer. What I noticed from your post is that you seem busy with your third eye (forehead). Meditating will be much more fruitful, if you observe your breath and allow it to enter your entire body while sitting. Its getting out of the head which is the goal. And then also concentrate more on the back between your shoulder blades – for there in the spine is the heart center root. But more than anthing allow breath to fill you – so you sit like a pear on your pillow. Don’t worry too much about great results. Hope this helps

    • Ron says:

      In regard to meditation…I’ve studied the Lessons deeply and if you read them carefully he gives very specific instructions on how to meditate and listen. He is so gentle they slip by easily unnoticed but they are precise lessons on how to go deep…they are definitely meditation. If you look at lesson 41…around paragraph 5 or 6 it starts. He uses variations of this exact form all through the lessons. It’s this gentle process that will open the mind rather than anything forced or traditional involving concentration etc…It’s a letting go and a listening…very gentle process. Practice, Patience. He knows what he’s talking about. I’ve had results…nothing flashly but much deeper understandings and openings that arise from within…(As Yogananda said: It’s not a circus (of lights…don’t bother with all that).

      • Karen says:

        Hi Ron
        I’m just now discovering these transcripts, and I’m very interested in the meditation instruction you refer to. Where, exactly, is Lesson 41? Do you have a web address for it? or is it in a printed publication?

        • Raj says:

          Dear Karen,

          Here is the lesson Ron was referring to. It is in the Workbook of A Course in Miracles, which can be purchased from any bookstore, or online. The whole Course is also available as an app from the Apple App Store. Look it up under “ACIM Original Edition.”


          LESSON 41

          God goes with me wherever I go.

          1 Today’s idea will eventually overcome completely the sense of loneliness and abandonment which all the separated ones experience. Depression is an inevitable consequence of separation. So are anxiety, worry, a deep sense of helplessness, misery, suffering, and intense fear of loss. The separated ones have invented many “cures” for what they believe to be the “ills of the world.” But the one thing they do not do is to question the reality of the problem. Yet its effects cannot be cured because the problem is not real.

          2 The idea for today has the power to end all this foolishness forever. And foolishness it is, despite the serious and tragic forms it may take. Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the whole world. It will cure all sorrow and pain and fear and loss because it will heal the mind that thought these things were real and suffered out of its allegiance to them.

          3 You can never be deprived of your perfect holiness, because its Source goes with you wherever you go. You can never suffer, because the Source of all joy goes with you wherever you go. You can never be alone, because the Source of all life goes with you wherever you go. Nothing can destroy your peace of mind, because God goes with you wherever you go.

          4 We understand that you do not believe all this. How could you, when the truth is hidden deep within under a heavy cloud of insane thoughts, dense and obscuring, yet representing all you see? Today we will make our first real attempt to get past this dark and heavy cloud and to go through it to the light beyond.

          5 There will be only one long practice period today. In the morning, as soon as you get up if possible, sit quietly for some three to five minutes with your eyes closed. At the beginning of the practice period, repeat today’s idea very slowly. Then make no effort to think of anything. Try instead to get a sense of turning inward, past all the idle thoughts of the world. Try to enter very deeply into your own mind, keeping it clear of any thoughts that might divert your attention.

          6 From time to time, you may repeat today’s idea if you find it helpful. But most of all, try to sink down and inward, away from the world and all the foolish thoughts of the world. You are trying to reach past all these things. You are trying to leave appearances and approach reality.

          7 It is quite possible to reach God. In fact it is very easy because it is the most natural thing in the world. You might even say it is the only natural thing in the world. The way will open if you believe that it is possible. This exercise can bring very startling results even the first time it is attempted. And sooner or later, it is always successful. We will go into more detail in connection with this kind of practice as we go along. But it will never fail completely, and instant success is possible.

          8 Throughout the day, use today’s idea often, repeating it very slowly and preferably with eyes closed. Think of what you are saying; what the words mean. Concentrate on the holiness which they imply about you; on the unfailing companionship which is yours; on the complete protection that surrounds you.

          9 You can indeed afford to laugh at fear thoughts, remembering that God goes with you wherever you go.

    • binra says:

      Can you imagine that you may be ‘getting in your own way?
      Be curious to notice in what way you do this.

      I gave up ‘trying’ in exchange for active willingness. But if ‘trying’ is a way of signifying and owning your desire – then hold to your desire because it is true of you and then you wont have to try to be what you already are from a sense of lack or limit. Become consistent and gently but firmly persistent in abiding in your desire rather than trying to push through.

      If your meditation is ‘full of noise’ can you be with ‘noise’ without struggling to change anything about it – and simply return to that ‘being with’ whenever you notice you have been ‘in the thinking’ rather than simply being with what arises?

      There are many ways to let yourself into being.
      But that is because there are so many devices by which to NOT simply receive what is truly here to receive. But the Course Lessons taken to heart are (as already mentioned here) a Communication from Being to your willingness.

      If you desire a relationship with your being – you are asking for something already true of you to come into your conscious awareness. But not into the thinking that covers over awareness!

      Awareness is already the movement of your being – and a sense of joy in wholeness is not involved in struggle. Does it have to matter if something is not what you expect? Can you lean into being just where you are and let it be itself a moment or more without struggle?
      No need to get through – rather let through – that which is actively responding to your desire.

    • Sun~Rose says:

      Dear Paul, I just came to post something, and haven’t been here in a while, and clicked on the new tgp and just saw Your message, which is so nice of You to say. That’s not the greatest English sentence! Thank You! I am just finishing up on a new one which Brother has given me. The present title is: The Great Eternal Love of God for Precious You, which is a mouthful! Our Elder Brother has/is dictating it, and keeps adding more. I’ll ask him if I can post a little.

      • Sun~Rose says:

        He says yes and He will pick a passage.

        • Sun~Rose says:

          Speaking of ‘seeing’, do You see where I am going with this? You cannot always trust Your vision to see Reality. Consciousness is quite the same for You see only what You think. And that can be quite disturbing. To think apart from God — from Good — is specious reasoning used to suit Your dreams. For this never could occur with but one Mind; One God instead of many idols found in dreams. … … … … … …

          As Thoreau said so charmingly to let Us step to the music which We hear :however measured or far away” it be that We may be hearing. This is a lovely theory, yet it leads Us to endless discord, not harmony. Why is this? For ‘steppers’ are quite willful. You know the phrase: “My way or the highway!” Quite far from harmony, much less Divinity, are those determined that their way is the only way.

          How can We think more compassionately and love Our Neighbour? Does it seem so hard? Then remember God’s Love for Us is quite unconditional, and Love is our Source.

          We all come from God, also know as Love; no one is lefy out. All are included.
          (c) Sun~Rose

  2. Karen Sinclair says:

    Has Paul Tuttle/Raj taken a break, or are they no longer offering current gatherings?

    • Carol McLaughlin says:

      Karen, you may already know Raj spoke on Saturday, 4/18/15 and is back on next Saturday. Trisha Darrenger posted the transcript
      to Facebook today.

  3. Why is there not any current activity RaJ? and you know my question that brought me to this page.

  4. Elimar says:

    I am translating “You are the Answer” into German. I am more than halfway through the text and stumbled now about something which seems to makes the understanding of Raj’s teaching difficult for me, it actually led me – as I can say now – into some mistaken ideas about “being out from Mind”.
    This idiom is used quite often, and it is misleading, I think, because the word “mind” is written with a capital M.
    I believe you can never be out of “Mind” (with a capital M). To “be out of” means beyond it or be at another place than what is named “Mind”, and this is impossible because, as I understand it, Mind is the Mind of God, it is “the” Mind we are all part of, how could we “be out of” that? So, I seemed not wanting to find any typos in this wonderful text, but I did.
    And it mislead me to translate it as coming from the Mind, to proceed from It, to spring from It, as we all do, emanate from It, because nothing is outside of the Mind of God.

    • Lilian Oaktree says:

      Wonderful,to find you again, xxxxx

      • Elimar says:

        Yeah, thank you! The pleasure is mine, if I only knew, who (and how) you are, “xxxxx”, Lilian Oaktree? Lilian from the Big House?? Anyway, good to “see” (and feel) anybody “here”, with Jesus-Raj, don’t you think? Greetings to whomever, Elimar

        • Lilian Oaktree says:

          Hi, I’m lilian Oaktree, living in Cornwall UK, just saw your reply, ❤
          I'm goooood thank you, x I suppose you could say I'm an old old,friend, x
          From way way back, x

          • Lilian Oaktree says:

            Am finding my way around the web. I’ve been listening to the raj tapes with Paul Tuttle for many years. Such delightful sanity! Was looking for contact with Paul or Raj, and thought this went to them, and i wanted to express my gratitude, for all those hours of listening to Raj. For,the love and wisdom shared. And absorbed! I don’t know this page or your name, not that it matters, <3. I wish you all the love in the universe, ❤

    • Jackie says:

      I believe that Mind isn’t the Mind of God but that God is Mind. In Science & Health w/keys to the Scriptures Mind is defined as “The only I, or Us; the only Spirit, Soul, divine Principle, substance, Life, Truth, Love; the one God; not that which is in man, but the divine Principle, or God, of whom man is the full and perfect expression; Deity, which outlines but is not outlined.”

      • Elimar says:

        Thank you Jackie for your reply. I think it is exactly so, regardless of God equals Mind or Mind of God, and therefore the mind in “being out from Mind” must not been capitalized but has to be in small letters, because, as I already explained, no one can be “out from Mind” which we are all part of, thank you.Elimar

    • binra says:

      Indeed we ‘be’ out-from Mind – but we can believe otherwise. Out-from means embodying so being out-from false thinking is what the Course calls meaningless thoughts that bring the experience of a meaningless world (regardless the meanings given it by one’s thinking).

    • Sun~Rose says:

      Good one Elimar! Might I just add that God is Mind, rather than having one. Just as God is Love; God is Good; et cetera.

  5. Rick Herranz SR. says:

    Hello family
    I think this new gathering place is marvelous. Thanks for the invite. Let’s talk more soon.

    • micha says:

      Except I don’t think many people are using this new site…I see them on the old in forums….

  6. Fran law says:

    I am missing all yaw’ll ….how much longer?

  7. barbara janeway says:

    Also I wonder about if you can make the gathering place so that the most recent comments appear at the top, and if I want to comment, I do not have to scroll ALL the way down through all the comments in order to comment ! Thanks, that would encourage more participation, I think……

    • Personally I don’t feel this page works well as a Gathering Place and I don’t think it can be changed – or not easily – as it is a wordpress blog template.
      It is more like the ‘guest book’ where one can leave a comment, only these comments can themselves be commented upon, and so there is some meeting.
      There is a key shortcut to go straight to the bottom of the page. On a Mac it is the command (apple) key and the down arrow – (or the opposite to the home diagonal key on the full keyboard). I don’t use Windows but I expect it also has a Home and bottom of document key as well as probably ‘Control’ and down arrow. On may browsers one can also press or hold the spacebar to jump down the page.
      In Peace


    • Raj says:

      There you go, Barbara! The most recent comments now appear at the top of the page. That should make it a lot easier. Unfortunately, you still have to scroll to the bottom of the page to start a new thread — or hold the “command” key while pressing the “down arrow” if you’re using a Mac computer.

      • elimarorlopp says:

        Very nice, I may leave my first comment, as I would like to get in contact with you all. It is about the technicality to hop down to the end of a page and to the start of it. The first is done by ctrl + end the latter with ctrl + home, for German users it is strg + Ende and strg + Pos1

    • Pauline says:

      Looks like that has been done Barbara…well, it looks like it to me…

  8. barbara janeway says:

    Am I getting this right–that the whole book of Paul’s first conversations with Raj is posted right here on the website? or is that just a portion of the book?
    If it’s the whole book, wow why not just put that book and the other one, up for sale instead of free? It seems so, TOO generous for it to be free. If indeed it is the whole book there. That’s just too nice, to offer it free. Doesn’t seem right to me……
    I like that you offer the awareness of the book being, out to the world on your website here. I kind of had forgotten, or never really absorbed, that you wrote not one, but two books.
    The website is just the best you ever had, the photos, the short quotes. I go through ALL kinds of doubt, lack of faith, or just a teeny little bit of faith, and then you come up with just the best things.
    Any, though, the books, in my humble opinion, these need to be offered For Sale. OK, that’s the best I can see. Thank you for it all.

    • This is merely a response from one who read your comment and paused to feel a movement.

      The books and innumerable audio, video and text resources have been free online for a very long time – and all the ‘Raj materials’ are expressly gifted and not for sale or indeed For Sale! (I noticed you had capitalised as if capitalism is the Capstone!).
      Gifting has no doubt meant that Paul has an often humiliating or insecure or unfair sense of the way of it – EXCEPT in the Holy Instant – which may ‘cover’ any amount of time for it is the reflection of Eternity. What are the gifts that God gives through us but witnesses to love’s presence shared?

      History made of Jesus an institution that effectively subverted his teaching to become compromised, neutered, covered over or even turned upside down.
      I feel the Second Coming is the dawning of the Gift of Life – not for what we can make of it, but for what it makes of us. This isn’t supporting the wish for fulfilment within the world so much as uncovering a prior and perfect fulfilment, that then extends as the Gift of a world renewed. This replaces the mind of fear with a true foundation from which all else follows – though not in the way that we expect.
      What then comes forth is not payment or obligation but the ‘miracle impulses’ of guiltlessness and gratitude. Without allowing these messengers to go forth and multiply, we are impoverishing ourselves no matter how much money we have in the bank, or how much we surround ourselves with the appearances of wealth.

      God offers you to us all, freely – as the direct expression of love’s being. There is no cost excepting the willingness to accept or receive.
      Yet see… there is a cost, for the mind that measures, limits, and judges, has to be released in order to simply receive – and this cost is considered to much to pay, for it is the way one keeps a little back from God just for our self.
      This may seem to give us a world in which to become something in our own right – but actually costs us our Divine Inheritance and keeps us in fear of exposure for the ‘sin of Ananias’. The old ideas of tithing were compulsory foundations that held order against a lawlessness, but the Way of Jesus is the Way of love that is not against anything.

      Does this mean that selling is ‘bad’? No, but it has not been Raj’s desire that the work with and through Paul be sold in the marketplace – though with others he has not insisted on that – such as with A Course in Miracles or Ken Carey.
      This leads me to feel into the teaching that such an approach embodies rather than to engage opinions as to its apparent practicality.
      It seems that what is freely available is seen as cheap and easily discarded or not worth having unless one can use it to gain personal advantage Hence Truth is everywhere, yet unseen.

    • Bobbie says:

      this material is without measure, it is Only giving All giving.

  9. Does the Course equate forgiveness and seeing your brothers’ divinity with healing of both your brother and you?

    • Yes – but The Course speaks of a healed MIND to a true foundation from which all else follows, whereas in the world we talk of ‘physical healing’ as if the physical had the attributes of MIND – ie a capacity to attack or betray us.
      So to abide in a healed MIND is not to test or or compare it with our own demands that reality conform to our wish.
      Indeed the appearance of limitation, conflict and sickness is a result of wishing – not in the littleness that seems to be a private mind in a body – but a wish laid upon the altar to God that goes forth and multiplies nothing, as if it were something, whilst failing to honour Everything as One Mind in All.
      Just to let go of what we notice in our own thinking to be dishonest, dishonourable and unloving in desire for a better way is enough to let Life In. Life’s movement is a movement of integrity and healing.
      Dishonest thinking disintegrates. How honest can we trust ourselves to be? If our current sense of stability, sanity and security is deeply invested in illusion, would love simply rip it away against our will?
      The truth your brother’s Divinity offers you is healing – but do you want it? He doesn’t have to be Raj to be love’s direct expression!
      As I can accept you thus- so can I accept in myself the same.
      Our sole responsibility is to accept the Atonement for our self – because all else God does through us and with us. But until then, the altar of our devotions is covered in confusion, by which we are wrong about ourself.

      • Trish too says:

        Thank you. I appreciate your gift. Very well stated. 🙂

        This is my first visit as I have just recently become aware of the extension of ACIM teachings through our Brother Raj and Paul. I am happy to be here with you all 🙂

        With gratitude,

  10. anandaedmonds says:

    Out of all the email I receive…I look forward to these!! Thank you!! Peace & Blessings!!

  11. Rachel says:

    RE; ” you have taken the first step” posted today 9th march,,,,,,, this morning I was very upset and questioned wheather or not Jesus could here me and as I was “giving out ” a lot of fear, anger , guilt etc came up, Im writing this as a way to ground my desire to trust and surrender ( as i know the the little Rachel can do nothing ) Thanks again for post

  12. Collin says:

    I was lost but just found “here”, the kindness of a friend was the compass.

  13. Val Down says:

    hi does this mean there will be no ACIM weekly study/talks either? love val 🙂

  14. Bridget Kennedy says:

    I really like the daily reminders/prayers…they are truly helpful to me. Thanks to all. Lots and lots of Love.

  15. miguel carvalho says:

    Thank YOU Raj. I am so grateful for this. It’s fresh air, really fresh, direct from the Pole, fresh and crisp and new, forever new. I would love to come every day and fill my lungs and feel God’s/ Your/ Paul’s/ everyone’s smile in my own. Thanks for your always love.

  16. Pauline says:

    Do we have a an INBOX here?

    • I guess this (reply field) is your inbox.
      Do you mean for private messaging? This hasn’t got it.
      I suppose my field of awareness is my inbox – and the Holy Spirit is the guide as to what to see and to its true meaning as part of awakening mind.
      In Peace


  17. trish says:

    Dear Paul
    upon reviewing all the responses you have received so far for the new forum, I think it is an act of pure genius because it actually encourages everyone to now focus on Raj’s teachings and inspire the discussion of them. This will help to clear the confusion about the purpose of what the site has always been for, that being Raj’s Teachings. Again, thank you for the new breath of fresh air!

    • Martha Rose says:

      Hi Trish, agreement here,
      I never got into the other site,
      feel already part of something good with this new space.
      also love that I can click on to the text under Raj”s new posts…

    • Penny says:

      I TOTALLY am in agreement with what you said. so ME TOO Paul. Thank you!!!

    • Well it isn’t a forum in the sense that the previous TGP is a forum, but it feels good that others comment into the quote pages. There are more than 20 people listening!

      I don’t know that this NTGP page works so well as a place to commune and share – but if that is our decision – what can stop us!

      Here’s to Communion as the living context to all things true.

      In Peace


  18. mikejm2013 says:

    We are all God’s beloved Son or Daughter in Whom He is well pleased!

  19. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Well, some things are NOT working well. I asked to be notified if there was a response to my message, BUT I got ALL THE RESPONSES sent to my email. Please fix this.

    Thank You.


    • Penny says:

      Sharon since this is a blog and not a message board, I don’t think there really is a way to fix it. Because there is no way for the members to start “new” threads just keep commenting under this one. So that is why you get everything that is posted under your post. So follow up comments would be everything that gets posted on this page, and NEW POSTS would be when Paul does posts a new Raj nugget.

  20. sandy says:

    TESTING for new thread.

    Just wanted to say I like having You Are the Answer and Graduation so easily available here. I can’t believe I’ve never read Graduation – because I LOVED You Are the Answer. I think the time has come. I know what I’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

    It’s a glorious day here in the mountains – a chill is in the air but the sun is shining bright. I know I’ll lose an hour soon (springing forward in time due to Daylight Savings Time) but I’ll make up or it by staying in the moment as much as possible.

    Here’s a quote in honor of a beautiful day.

    “Reading about nature is fine,
    but if a person walks in the
    woods and listens carefully,he
    can learn more than what is in
    books, for they speak with the
    voice of God.”

    ~George Washington Carver

  21. Orinda says:

    1,2,3 …testing … what happens when i do this …what does a new thread look like at the new tgp 🙂
    here goes finding out!

  22. Sun~Rose says:

    For Paul:

    Is there a way to have rich text? (I think that’s what that’s called; to differentiate between the Course and the Guidance?


    • Pauline says:

      Don’t know about anyone else, but I just do NOT like this New Gathering Place at all…can’t see any posts that I would like to JOIN IN…just have to read every single post. Not got the time for that. And NO bold, underline, italics etc etc…lots of things missing! And I agree ((Sun~Rose)) not having the ‘rich text’ or even COLOUR, just doesn’t help with your Guidance postings….:( (Wonder if a smiley face will appear? Love…Pauline

    • Pauline says:

      Definitely needed…can’t tell WHO is speaking here…Love you Dear One…Pauline

  23. Sun~Rose says:

    Lesson 63

    The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness. So, let Us reason this together for Peace is but Your inheritance from God. Why do You not always feel It? And what makes the difference? The answer is extremely simple, no novelty to You. No surprise at all, if You have been paying close attention to the use to which You do put Your minds.

    Let Your thoughts about Yourself and All Your Others come in line with the Love of God. This is the way to Peace and to Your happy Awakening. Two birds with one stone: two goals with one choice1

    1 How holy are you who have the power to bring peace to every mind! Again, We will go over this, till it becomes clear fact to You: You are not a separate entity, although You are unique and very precious, to God, to Me, and to the Holy Spirit, which is You and All Your Others.

    The ego would say that it makes You unique, yet does it hide Your Reality from You. The ego is like the thief that comes at night, while You are sleeping. Your defenses are down, that is when it robs You.

    How blessed are you who can learn to recognize the means for letting this be done through you! What purpose could you have that would bring you greater happiness? What could be better than to give the Gift of Peace to You and to All Your Brothers?

    The Peace of God, what ego feeling could ever surpass it? All of the ego’s ‘pleasures’ are like that song by Peggy Lee: Is that all there is?1 (incredulously!)
    2 You are indeed the light of the world with such a function. The Son of God looks to you for his redemption. What You are longs for Your re-turn to Home, which is but Your rightful Mind; it is not an experience of dying, but it is a LIVING one. To this great sense of Life I do invite you to experience and then to share It with each Brother. It is yours to give him, for it belongs to you. Accept no trivial purpose or meaningless desire in its place, or you will forget your function and leave the Son of God in hell. This is no idle request that is being asked of you. You are asked to accept salvation that it may be yours to give. For You must have a Gift before You are able to give It. This Gift comes in return to You for willingness to give It.

    3 Recognizing the importance of this function, we will be happy to remember it very often today. We will begin the day by acknowledging it and close the day with the thought of it in our awareness. And throughout the day, we will repeat this as often as we can:

    4 The light of the world brings peace to every
    mind through my forgiveness. I am simply asked to Love My Others freely, sans judgment.

    I am the means God has appointed for the salvation of the world. So much for: ‘Let George do it!’ Kind of like the desk sign given to Harry Truman, a very simple message, easy to hear, couldn’t be more clear: ‘The buck stops here!’

    Here it stops for All who read this Lesson and do embrace it. It says My forgiveness, not My Brother’s.

    5 You will probably find it easier to let the related thoughts come to you in the minute or two which you should devote to considering this if you can close your eyes. Do not, however, wait for such an opportunity. No chance should be lost for reinforcing today’s idea. For it is the Truth and Life to You and All Your sleeping Brothers. Who will waken if it isn’t You? Yes: Each One of You!

    6 Remember that God’s Son looks to you for his salvation. And who but your Self must be His Son?
    Yes, there is a You distinct from the ego, completely free of it: and that You is the Son of God.

    • Gail says:

      This says it all, really. I see my willingness and my unwillingness reflected clearly between these lines. I find your posts consistently appropriate and helpful. Thank you, Sun-Rose.

    • I’ve always loved that Peggy Lee song. It captures the world so well in one question; “Is that all there is?”. Of the world, the answer is obviously yes.

  24. Rachel says:

    Im so gratefull to you all for the years of reasurance when I listen or read the messages from Raj, love Rachel

  25. Martha Rose says:

    In Gartitude Raj.

  26. barbara janeway says:

    this looks good. I’ glad to see the experimenting going on, the newness of things here in Raj-land…

  27. Penny says:

    I guess the picture changes with each visit, because I keep thinking I’m on the wrong page. (grin). Love the photos Paul. I am wondering if you took them?

  28. Ellie Zwerdling says:

    I am glad to be able to rejoin with both of you again

  29. sandy says:

    Thank you, will enjoy visiting here.

  30. trish says:

    Looks lovely . . thanks to you both.

  31. Anne says:

    Count me in! Thanks for the lovely new look.

  32. I love the daily reminders and I can tell that I have been here awhile becuase I recognize a lot of the things Raj is posting, Peace!

  33. This seems to be one page where the newest comment goes to the bottom of the page. This will soon be a very long page!
    I ask also if ‘Raj says:’ means Raj and not Paul, or also means Paul. Is there a userneame for each or are you sharing one or is that you Paul? You discriminate when you are speaking and I would appreciate the same when you are writing, unless the difference is no longer relevant.

  34. garlyn says:

    Testing. Is it necessary to login in order to post a new thread? Or is logging in no longer necessary?If this successfully posts, then that gives me the answer.

    Thank you for the messages/reminders, Raj. Thay are gratefully welcomed and received.

    Love, Lynn

  35. Jan says:

    I’ll try again, I’m open to Holy Spirit’s Truth and only the Holy Spirit’s guided change for the highest good of all involved.

  36. Jan says:

    Curious and open to change…Thank You!

  37. Robbie H says:

    The daily sharing is great! A good way to start the day.

    • Sharon Nicholson says:

      Hi Robbie, just ~~~~~ waving at you. It’t nice to see you here.

      Thank You Raj and Paul and Chris for doing all this work for us.

      Much love,

      • Robbie H says:

        Hi Sharon, I’ve been around, just not “visible”. I sure miss seeing everyone. I miss the gatherings but realize everything has its purpose and perfection. It is hard to jump into conversations here because I really have nothing of any real value to add to them. I enjoy being around lol. I know that makes no sense at all which is why I don’t feel I have much to add. I feel deeply grateful for being a small part of this.

  38. Frances Law says:

    Whither you go I will follow….Lol….

    • Orinda says:

      Whither thou goest …

      such a divine meaning wrapped sentiment, Fran … and a beautiful song that’s been hold up in my mind since your mention … thank you for being part of the ‘following’ … the mystery, glory and wonder of these moments together …

      Whither Thou goest I will go
      Wherever Thou lodgest I will lodge
      Thy people shall be my people my love
      Whither Thou goest I will go

      For as in that story long ago
      That same sweet love story now is so
      Thy people shall be my people my love
      Whither Thou goest I will go

  39. Anastasia says:

    Welcome are We! How wonderful this is to come to a “New Gathering Place” with it’s ever flowing Truths…… blessing us with the opportunity to strengthen Them in ourSelf by our sharing and gratitude. Thank you Raj. Thank you All.

  40. phoenixrising says:

    I do not care to have every time there is a new post to be notified in my email. It seems a little too much for my email and then I will need to delete them too. I do not want to use my email as the Gathering Place.

    • Gene says:

      In your subscription box you can elect not to receive email notifications whenever a new post is made. That way you can visit the site when you choose and not based on notices of new posts. In fact, if you reply to my message (or any other message) you will see just such boxes to click. The first one reads “Notify me of follow-up comments” and the second box reads “Notify me of new posts by email.”

  41. phoenixrising says:

    Its working

  42. phoenixrising says:

    I too welcome this new page and Gathering Place to explore together

  43. Raj says:

    You are invited to start posting here, instead of using the old website. It will have a new feel. Let’s explore it!

    • Gene says:

      As you have so eloquently guided us, you have often reminded us, “I forever make new.” I am grateful for the opportunity to explore with you and the rest of the brotherhood/sisterhood. Loving the daily reminders of wisdom from One who knows!

    • Gail says:

      Like Gene, I am loving the daily reminders too! I did not use the gathering place much before, but I am willing to now as I value the connection to this loving community. Thank you, Raj.

    • Jean Adams says:

      I’m ready to explore.

    • Pauline says:

      Well, I’m confused and CURIOUS…so I’ll start posting here…and SO GLAD you have a ‘spell check’ too. But I have some reservations too…this seems ‘SO SMALL’ compared with the other site…but willing to go ahead to try it 🙂

      • It wont be so easy to skim the posts by subject heading but have to pass down a long page. At the moment there are mostly personal rejoinders to the provision of this facility.
        But what works will work in the context provided. For the context provided sets the terms of what joins with and grows within it.
        I look forward to a world where the control mentality is released into a greater trust and the needs are met through a truly shared collaboration. That is – from our heart’s listening and not by mutual agreement to bypass this in favour of some kind of template into which life is supposed to fit!
        Raj’s teaching certainly awakens that discernment and willingness in me. So I also feel this template to be far less of service than the forum. However, constriction and limitation are also part of the shepherding and pruning of the mind that confuses itself with egocenticity – as Paul’ recent hiatus illustrates not just for him – but for all of us in the same ‘classroom’.
        There is another aspect of Raj’s Teaching that I am called to remember as I write – and that is of children being released in trust of their own connection with Guidance and Support – as well as of leaving a parental control as one rises to the awakened responsibility of an independence from such external controls.
        Eggshells are designed to protect a process of growth – but not to inhibit the emergence of New Life!
        So embrace change in trust of what has served and brought is here!

        In Peace


        • Orinda says:

          well that was enlightening! caught the mind judging your way of looking at this … but who among us can get away with that shit for long anymore? … so with the slightest willingness to see and hear truly … noticed a deep sigh of release … and kinda playfully see there are many ways to ‘explore’ something … can now honestly say, i appreciate yours! so bring on, allow in, as many different ways of exploring as we are Expressions of the Father … Expressing!
          but this you took straight out of our shared being … [[So embrace change in trust of what has served and brought us here!]] most gladly …amen!
          someone said … “Everyone’s journey to nowhere (now-here) is unique” … ain’t that the truth! … and “Llife is so dependable … everything always happens exactly as it does without fail.” 🙂

        • Penny says:

          Well if anyone is feeling controlled mentally or constricted in anyway, they are still free to start a message board of their own, and invite folks to it right? I see this place as a place to discuss what Raj is saying and not a spring board for a lot of other stuff. After all this is the internet where folks can start blogs, or message boards, or have a FB page and gather a following just as Paul/Raj has over the years. The ones that appreciate the Raj materials will no doubt stay, others will not. I don’t see that as any kind of restriction, but more of a way to pay closer attention to what Raj teaches.

    • mark d says:

      Beautiful photographs!

    • Ron says:

      Much better, I was always intimidated with the other one. I may actually participate in this one! Thanks for the eternal, unfailing guidance of Raj.

    • Raj often speaks (in relation to illness) that our Body is the visibility and tangibility of God’s expression and therefore is perfect. Recovery from illness or injury therefore involves seeing the perfection that has always been (ACIM’s a miracle is a correction of perception, not a change at all). I continue to have virtually no experience of the application of this perspective actually changing my own illness/injury. It’s not as if I am not open. I am the most open person I know. But I confess I wonder if Paul T himself has also found this perplexing given his own recent episode of illness.
      Indeed I must admit I wonder if anyone has had such a miracle transformation of an illness (disappearing) as a result of the correct ‘seeing’ that Raj talks about. I would certainly like to hear about it and what actually happened. If I could have some experience of it myself even better. Then I would have less of a problem with it.
      In all other respects I have no problem with Raj sayings. But I do have difficulty with this seeing what I can’t seem to see. Besides, I have to admit my own illnesses seem to me to have provided very useful learning opportunities. Bit like the apostle Paul and his thorn in the flesh. I mean perhaps I should see my hernia as an opportunity to realize that God’s grace is sufficient for me and that I can get through whatever comes my way with equanimity and dignity.
      Alternatively, perhaps my journey is meant to take me to a hospital for a repair operation, where I will have important experiences and relationships I would otherwise not have. But how can I be sure except by continuing to listen in the now (only) for what is the next step?

      • Anastasia says:

        Thank you for your desire and willingness for Healing. I have in fact experienced such miracles as Raj describes. The first was before I learned of the Course or Raj, so I came to learn of it more as a Universal Truth. I also feel that the “details” about the physical healing are quite secondary to what really happened in the process. I too considered myself as having an open mind, however, a mind can be open but if it’s still perceiving itself as separate it is not Receiving the Ideas of God which always reflect only His Perfection.

        Out of sheer panic and being up against a wall after receiving a cancer dignosis in which there was no cure I stumbled into the Holy Instant during a meditation. It was there I received the message, “Act as if the Miracle has already occured.” From that moment on whatever I was told, or faced with, I held only that Thought in my mind. But the real Meaning and Healing for me came in HEARING this message. I knew that it had to be from God and that changed me in a way that was much more important and Meaningful than what my “physical” body could ever attempt to reflect.

        I recall about 4 years ago when I has on the phone waiting to hear the results of my 5 year scan I felt the old familiar fear begin to creep back in and as I took a step back I heard that if I placed any value on what I was going to be told I would be imprisioned until the next scan. The bottom line for me became “Thy Will not mine be done” …..whatever and however that was to play out I knew I would be perfectly Fine as long as I gave myself over completely to my Father’s Will.

        And so it’s not about how we see the hernia, for God’s doesn’t see the hernia, or the disease, illness, or even conditions we see played out on the world stage it’s about allowing the Holy Spirit and God to Heal the only thing that can be Healed which is that tiny little insane belief that we are even capable to think apart from Him, our Source. When I have forgotten this I am reminded as I have been with your post. Again thank you…Your Salvation is truly mine.

      • Pauline says:

        Robin, have you read ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures’ by Mary Baker Eddy?
        Think you WILL find TRUTH there, and Healing…Love…Pauline

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