The Northwest Foundation For “A Course In Miracles”, or NWFFACIM, was established in 1981 (see documentation) as a non-profit organization who’s sole purpose for the past 21 years has been to provide a means for the message of Rajpur, as channeled by Paul N. Tuttle, to be easily accessible and freely available to anyone without charge or obligation. To this day, all materials and services the Foundation provides are solely supported by the financial contributions of its listeners.

The Foundation and its employees reside and work in Kingston, Washington where they hold monthly one and two day workshops as well as weekly “Course in Miracles” evening study groups for those that can either attend in person, or over the Internet via our live streaming service.

The Foundation also makes freely available to everyone:

Internet downloads of current and past workshops
CD’s and cassettes of current and past workshops
Past monthly “Conversations With Raj” newsletters
Published books written by Raj and channeled by Paul Tuttle
Again, all materials made available by the foundation are free of charge.  You are encouraged to share, copy, and distribute the work of the Foundation as long as you adhere to our requirement that there be no charge or transaction when passing the gift on.

The mailing address for The Northwest Foundation For A Course In Miracles is:

P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA  98346-1490

Phone: (360) 638-0530
Email: support@nwffacim.org

The physical address for the Foundation:

5977 NE Cliffside Rd
Kingston, WA  98346

Thank you for your continued support,

The materials produced and distributed by the Foundation are the clear expressions of their source (Raj), and do not necessarily represent the personal interpretation and understanding of the copyright holders of “A Course in Miracles.”

“A Course In Miracles” is copyrighted by The Foundation For Inner Peace.   http://www.acim.org

5 Responses to ABOUT US

  1. cait wood says:

    Where can I get cd’s in the uk?

  2. trying to purchase recent cds and / or transcripts….how can i do this?

  3. Patricia Englert says:

    I have been with the CIM since about 1999 but it is only since connecting with the NWFFACIM about 6 years ago that my understanding and growth has skyrocked. Paul, Susan and family I am soo thankful to you. No words can express my gratitude. As for Rajpur, He is my teacher and friend. The Foundation and working with Rajpur is dramatically changing my life. All I want to do is heal and come home and I am being shown the way. Patricia Englert

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