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“Do It!”

“Do It!” ———oOo——— The Kingdom of Heaven is God’s Will in you. Your Vision is not meant to seek outwhat the anti-Christ is doing.That’s not what Vision is for.Vision is given. “God is my strength. Vision is His gift to … Continue reading

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Sovereignty vs. Brotherhood — Part I

Sovereignty vs. Brotherhood ——–oOo——– The following is a conversation between Paul and Raj which occurred on October 5th, 2018. ——–oOo——–

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The Call for Love

The Call for Love Dear friends, Yesterday I had the following conversation with Paul addressing the issue of faithlessness and how its recent widespread expression has invited the abandonment of faith by seducing one into reaction, distracting one’s attention from … Continue reading

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It’s the “Doing” Part

It’s the “Doing” Part ————-oOo————- PAUL: There is a lot of energy around. To my sense some of it is you, having things to say—things needing to be said. Some of it is inseparable from the presidential campaigns, as well. … Continue reading

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The Incredible Integrity of Being

The Incredible Integrity of Being ————-oOo————- [A Conversation between Paul and Raj] PAUL: My sister was recently diagnosed with dementia in its advanced stages. She has become consumed with intense anger because I am not fulfilling her expectations—or, more correctly, … Continue reading

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The Holy Spirit is not a Place to Hide

————-oOo————- “Miracles occur only when they are invited and room is made for them.” ————-oOo————- You must recognize and acknowledge that anger and hatred, expressed as attempts at manipulation and control, require absolutely nothing of you. I mean they must … Continue reading

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Mercy—A Conversation with Raj

————-oOo————- “Fear is arrogant. It expects to see what God did not make.” ————-oOo————- PAUL: Okay, I am caught in an unforgiving state of mind. It revolves around a particular individual. Or at least this one seems to be the justification … Continue reading

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