“Do It!”

“Do It!”


The Kingdom of Heaven is God’s Will in you.

Your Vision is not meant to seek out
what the anti-Christ is doing.
That’s not what Vision is for.
Vision is given.

“God is my strength. Vision is His gift to me.”

This means that His gift, happening within the Kingdom of Heaven that is within you, is meant to ignite the spark of Life that is there, intending to unite your wish to see God and His Will together with what you’re mistakenly looking for “outside yourself.” God’s Vision, given to you, is the Self you are seeking to find. It is your identity.

In your search to find something in your world that identifies a confirmation of “justice,” it suggests that you wish to seek for the anti-Christ — along with its blame, judgment and guilt — for the purpose of confirming your own righteousness, and that is the search for finding “nothing.”

When you turn on the news to look for something that confirms you, whenever you look “out there,” it should be a dinner bell to go within and partake, instead, of the feast of inspiration which is going on in the Kingdom of Heaven within you.

I am sharing this as an invitation to a little bit of learning about how you hold the Kingdom of Heaven at a distance from you, as well as your experience of your Homecoming. Do not delay experiencing God’s gift to you, that you may give it, with me, to a world you are using for the purpose of finding something it might give to you. You must wake up from the image of self you seek to confirm without my leading.

Do not be the “authorizer” today,
enticing and exciting your imagination
and ignoring God’s gift
— His Vision —
given within you


This post is made up of two conversations Paul and I had — the one above, which we had yesterday and the one that follows, which we had this morning. I am sharing them because they represent a step everyone faces in the process of Awakening which can be confusing and disconcerting if one does not persist in the face of the unexpected.

It can be easy to assume that one’s pursuit of enlightenment is to make one a better, more efficient, more truly spiritual human being, very much like the first cars were seen as better, more efficient horse-drawn carriages or fancy buckboards — even though they were something entirely new and of an entirely different order of transportation.

It is easy to assume that as one practices the holy instant and experiences the Voice for Truth, that it will simply be a new, more efficient way of being human — a means to accomplish things in a more divine way. And it takes some adjustment to realize that the experience of the Voice for Truth will replace the activity of thinking — of an independent body-generated mental activity . . . the result of electrical synapses in a hunk of matter called the brain.

It takes some adjustment to comprehend that the sense of self derived from thinking is very different from the Self which is the Presence of God expressed as the Sons and Daughters of God, and that the Voice for Truth is the true Voice of those Sons and Daughters of God, even though the journey Home begins with “giving voice to the Voice for Truth” as though it were something different from the one giving voice to It. It is the practice of giving voice to It that reconnects one to It, thus beginning the reunification of the holy Son of God with His right Mind.

It takes some adjustment to realize that a determined willingness will be required on the return Home to one’s right Mind in order to abandon the “thinker” one thought he was and forever shift to being the fluid Knowing of Truth, the ever-new, uninterrupted direct experience of the Father’s Will and perspective that he has experienced from time to time as he gave voice to the Voice for Truth, but not all the time . . . and, most significant of all, to experientially learn that what one truly is plays no part in initiating anything — an “act” which the ego was dependent upon for its existence and which was central to its necessarily addictive nature. The loss of this can elicit the illusion of “losing one’s identity.”


What follows is our conversation this morning:

PAUL: I’m aware that the need is to let you respond to everything, and that it is identical to the meaning of what I say before each meeting or Gathering . . . and therefore is not something new, since I have engaged in doing it since the very first time I sat down and reached out for you. Why, in light of this, am I at a standstill?

I’m going to ask a blunt question: Is this impact from external sources, or is this entirely me — my issue? I’ll leave it at that.

RAJ: Good morning, Paul.

PAUL: Good morning.

RAJ: I’m glad you sat down and initiated this conversation, if for no other reason than that you are aware that the line of communication is open, unblocked, and not imaginary right now. You are right where you were when we had our first conversation. No ground has been lost. No end has occurred to our joining or our relationship. You are encountering a bumpy ride, but you are not suffering from any incapacity of any kind when it comes to us.

PAUL: So, what is going on? Am I providing the block, or is impact distracting me? Why am I not inspired, enthused and easily motivated to embody the statement, “Thy will, not mine be done”?

RAJ: . . . [Nothing heard.]

PAUL: Even now, knowing that I could refresh myself with that statement, I’m giving my attention elsewhere — avoiding actually hearing the answer to my straightforward question.

I will take a moment and do it.

“I allow only for that which expresses the Christ consciousness, and only that which is in harmony with the purpose of Being — the Father’s Will. In other words, ‘Thy will, not mine be done. Let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me and rule out of me all self-will. And may thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them.’”

So, again: What is going on? Am I providing the block, or is impact distracting me? Why am I not inspired, enthused and easily motivated to embody the statement, “Thy will, not mine be done”?

RAJ: . . . [Nothing heard.]

PAUL: What is the attraction to “thinking”? I don’t remember ever using it so consistently as an avoidance of Listening — and I am doing it incessantly. It’s true that a good part of the thinking relates to getting our work done, but that still fully discounts Listening, Itself. I see that. Even now, I am using thinking to “find the answer” instead of being silent and Listening for yours.

. . . [Nothing heard.]

RAJ: Good, Paul. You’ve just abandoned your preference for your own thoughts by actually turning to me. And this is the key point!


Shifting your attention is not difficult. It is an easy action. Doing it is the issue — abandoning the “preference.”

“Thinking” is not going to save you. It is not the answer to anything! It can only serve to manipulate and organize what is already known (memory) into logical orientations in order to come to “intelligent rational conclusions” and, hopefully, arrive at decisions which will address the issues that called for the solution/defense of “thinking” in the first place.

You see this. But what you don’t see is that thinking is useless, and when it is employed as a substitute for Listening, when it is used as the means to solve problems, it becomes a trap, because it is only the means of becoming and being unconscious.

Independence is a state of isolation which excludes everything outside itself, putting one in “dead space” commonly called a doldrum. What must become clear is that being in “dead space” is not only the absence of, but is the denial of Life. It is the refusal to “let Life be established in you and rule out of you all self-will” — the imaginary state of independence.

I have said this before . . . and you know it but it needs to sink in . . . that God gave you, and all of the Brotherhood, free will in order for you to confirm His every act of Creation as His. That is your part in Creation as co-creator with Him.

No one has been given free will for the purpose of independence, but for the purpose of being the function of “recognition” — the part of Creation referred to in the words from Genesis: “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was, verily, God!”

What will get you to stop thinking? What will get you to look at everything and listen to everything without applying definitions and thoughts to it all? What will get you to stop interpreting what others are saying and listen to them — what they are meaning — from your dependence upon your unconditioned “right mind,” unfettered by the past, and therefore able to be the presence of the Christ consciousness which is your right mind, which is the Holy Spirit . . . the Voice for God . . . forever “making all things new”? What will it take?

It will take a decision . . . acted upon!

A decision to do it!

You know? “Listen, Learn, and Do”?

Without doing the “letting” — letting the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in you — the free will to glorify God, which is your divine Function, is withheld from the completion of Creation, the Wholeness of Creation. And although that does not alter Creation, it leaves you in an illusory state of incompletion, of isolation and misery, right in the middle of the Brotherhood, right in the middle of Creation, with a false sense of authority which is interpreted to be the means Existence, or Creation, has provided you with in order for you to be able to enforce order and safety right in the middle of the isolation and misery, thereby securing it when it is the very thing needing to be abandoned.

The key word is “Let”!

Let the Will of the Father be established in you. It already is established in you because you are the Son of God. So, let It be! You have not been given any capacity to determine what your Identity or Function is! No one has! It was established before you ever seemed to have the capacity to “think” about it or “imagine” something different.

So, you have Listened. You have Learned. And now “Do” is the operative word. “Discuss” is not the operative word. “Argue” is not. “Evaluate” is not. “Delay” is not. “Thinking about it” is not. “Figuring it out” is not.

And you’re not going to know what it actually means until you “Do It!”

“Listening,” you have mastered.
“Learning” has occurred.
“Doing It” is where you are.

That is the Answer!

Kingston, Washington
December 9th, 2018


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2 Responses to “Do It!”

  1. P.j.m. Pijnen says:

    Thanks this is obvious, clear and helpfull…..and I am open to all the help I can get in doing this.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes. Listening is key to Guidance. I know thinking things through is where I have been stuck most of my life, and it has cost me ‘time’. Listening is hard when the brain is overactive. That is why prayer and meditation are so important. Thank You, Raj.

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