The Practice of Deceit

The Practice of Deceit


Dear friends,

You are observing in the world the systematic purposeful undermining of unity, together with actual steps being taken to dismantle it. Its methods are neither hidden nor secret, but bold and clear, disguised as benign by the fact that they AREN’T being done in secret and are originating in high places, rendering it almost incomprehensible that it could be the practice of deceit . . . when it is.

You are experiencing in the world the aggravation of an artificial conflict between Brotherhood and independence, a conflict purposely introduced by means of fear through the insinuation that Brotherhood is, itself, a state of vulnerability which only independence can protect against.

That is the outrageous deceit! But fear coupled with the need for safety often overrides reason and experience when they are loudly, persistently and falsely magnified, causing one to abandon Brotherhood, embrace thoughts not one’s own, and validate them at the cost of that which only Brotherhood provides.

This theft of Brotherhood, this theft of the divine perspective of Family which is present in every heart as all-inclusive Love, is the theft of mankind’s fundamental peace and Sanity. Its intent is evil—meaning it is the conscious attempt to trump God—and it must be so understood! Only then will everyone soberly and completely abandon careless tolerance of this deceit and bring fresh commitment to uncovering, illuminating and embodying the indivisiblity of Brotherhood.

In Brotherhood,

Kingston, Washington
July 17th, 2018





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1 Response to The Practice of Deceit

  1. Craig says:


    You have encapsulated for me the essential condition we face: The intent of this pernicious deceit “is evil—meaning it is the conscious attempt to trump God—and it must be so understood!” I couldn’t agree more, and I suspect that most of the people that follow your teachings already agree, as well. Where I struggle is with the tens of millions that don’t know about your words, and even if they do, willingly turn their backs in favor of hate and darkness. After the 2016 election I decided that I would put as much of my energy as possible into furthering my inner peace to wake up. To the best I am able, this includes your teaching to look into my brother’s eyes and remember God, while at the same time, your admonition to not be silent in the face of this evil and demand correction. My essential issue is that I have virtually no tolerance left for this mindless evil and the people who either profit from it, or blindly support it in the mistaken belief it will somehow benefit them.

    I heard you when you said that sitting “on a mountain top” searching for peace is not the answer, and that one needs to be involved with the messiness. I also heard you when you said to let nothing come between myself and my peace, which is my birthright. The problem I have with the former approach is that the millions I spoke of before, don’t want to hear about loving their brother (even if they don’t like him – which, to me, is ok). They only want to hear about conspiracies and lies, which seem to entertain them. I’ve been left with taking the approach of continuing to further my own peace and release my fear, while engaging with the world (as you described) on my own terms. This includes, practicing your teachings as best I can, rarely even reading the news anymore (too painful), doing things that bring me joy with those whose company I enjoy, while being willing to speak out when I believe it will be in the context of a true dialog and not a screaming match. Ultimately, I hold on as best I can, to your previous comments that we are already living in a new, awakened world, and that the evil we are seeing is a last gasp effort to hold onto the past, which will soon fail. I wonder when we will see more evidence that the evil is actually failing. Would you weigh in on this again soon in a message, and/or directly to me?

    With love and appreciation.

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