Dear friends,

Fulfillment is not a goal, but a movement. Creation is not an accomplishment, but a forever “making new.” And Life is not about destinations. Rather, it is about abiding at the “threshold,” the “emergence,” the “birthing” that is BEING.

Destinations, on the other hand, are about the goal of being finished, and arrivals are conceived to be about completionstability, peace, the end of the trip, the end of learning, the end of the bother of having to be attentive . . . and ultimately the bother of having to be ALIVE!

Now, in many shopping malls there are bulletin boards with a map showing the layout of the mall and the location of all of the stores. There is a marker on them which says, “YOU ARE HERE,” and everyone uses the map to find out how to get where they’re going. So intent are they upon what they came there to do that they almost totally disregard that one small marker, which gives meaning to everything else on the map.

Atonement, Awakening, is the correction of that behavioral approach. It is a matter of learning how to use your attention, . . to discipline yourself to give your attention to where you are, not where you are going. And the transformational realization that makes this possible is something you hadn’t expected: that you, being Mind, Consciousness (in which the world and universe are being experienced) and not being a body located in the middle of the world, are actually located in THE ACT OF OBSERVATION.

This expresses the meaning of your Function, as revealed in the Course, which is that of being co-creator with God. You co-create with God by observing—and confirming by your observation—His handiwork AS HIS . . . not yours. And how do you do it? By praying, “‘I think it should be this way,’ ‘I believe that’s the wrong way to do it,’ ‘I shouldn’t have to be dealing with that,’ ‘I thought you gave me free will to decide for myself and create meaning where it hadn’t been before, and to do it by the authority of that incredible gift. But nevertheless, by my own free will, I yield. THY WILL BE DONE.’”

It is essential—and everything will conspire to bring you to this point—for you to want something more than what you have willed for yourself. And unless something like the Course or a good friend inspires you to do so, it doesn’t often happen until you are confronted by something overwhelming, something which successfully undermines your self-confidence, leaving you helpless and lost—something which forces you to abandon self-reliance and say, “Help!”

This is the beginning of wisdom, and it is the first step toward Home. It is the voluntary and sometimes involuntary practice of the holy instant, the two-step—the abandonment of isolation and independence.

What I am meaning to clarify is that you don’t ask the Holy Spirit, the Father, or me what the Truth is so that you might learn it once and for all and never have to ask again! You don’t join with the Father to have His perspective revealed to you so that you become a fully realized Son or Daughter of God Who has grown up and become emancipated from God.


Truth, Life, Love forever actualize as the vital experience of a living God Mindfully being the experiential Presence of the conscious awareness of BEING, which is called Creation—in which God sees and recognizes Himself by means of your observation of It and your acknowledgment of Him in It.

Because of this, it is not Truth which an independent “you” learns and then stores in “your” private memory for future use, but rather Truth that you learn how to ongoingly experience by disciplining your attention, giving it to where You are (in the ACT OF OBSERVATION) and what You are (the OBSERVING). Of what? The “threshold,” “the emergence,” the “birthing” which is the Movement of the Mind of God that requires your recognition and confirmation as co-creator in order for the eternal benediction to be made: “And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good”—verily, God!

The statement, “Nevertheless, thy will, not mine be done” is not a statement of resignation, futility or failure, although it might feel that way when first engaged in with any consistency. It is the humility which is the silence of the human will, whether reluctant or not, which is the means of coming Home, of returning to your right mind, becoming Sane again.

Letting every thought and act be guided by the Voice for Truth, instead of being assertions of independence, is to let oneself into the experience of Brotherhood—seamless, harmless, defenseless and inclusive.

The simple fact is that no matter where you think you are, you are actually in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, which means that no matter where you think you are going on the map, no matter what you think you are doing there, the spot on the map where the marker says “YOU ARE HERE” is where the sudden shift of perception is going to occur. It’s going to occur in the middle of distress with a brother, impatience with a trying situation, or an unusually wonderful day.

Another way of putting it is that when the shift of perception occurs, it will be wherever you are at that moment, regardless of what your plans or goals had been, unaffected by your preconceived notions of the conditions required for a miracle. WHERE YOU ARE is always the only place Awakening will occur.

Do not resist or resent whatever requires your attention. Life IS going to require it, and attention is the natural effortless activity of Mind. Don’t expect peace and tranquility that allows you to bliss out, immobilized and uninvolved. Life is the antithesis of that. Permit for the possibility that active participation, vigorous involvement and calls for patience will provide ample opportunities to constantly ask for help, for guidance, so that you might constantly enjoy the peace, bliss and invulnerability inherent in the joining.

There is no “there” to get to from “here” of the sort you thought. There is only the shift from independence to a shared experience with One Who is Awake, wherever you think you are on the map. Once having made the shift, new meaning is given to everything on the map, and you may or may not do what you had intended to do. But whatever you do will reflect the Father’s Will, not yours, and will be healing, harmonizing and transformational.

Kingston, Washington
April 24th, 2018



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2 Responses to “YOU ARE HERE”

  1. Stuart Hartley says:

    Fulfillment is the acceptance of what is – the I Am ❤️ You say ‘fulfillment is not a goal but a movement and that Creation is a forever ‘making new.’ May I ask what is ‘moving? There is no ‘I’ to move and and what we are is perfect, now, this instant. How can Creation be forever ‘making new’ when the Son of God in Christ is complete, whole and one, now? God, Love is forever extending Creation and Love – an extension, not something ‘new.’

  2. Sabu says:

    Thank you Raj and Paul. I can’t be reminded too often that where I am, the Presence that is fulfilling is there too. I’ve been desperately trying to be somewhere else lately and have been losing myself. Good timing! As always!

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