The Call for Love

The Call for Love


Dear friends,

Yesterday I had the following conversation with Paul addressing the issue of faithlessness and how its recent widespread expression has invited the abandonment of faith by seducing one into reaction, distracting one’s attention from where the solution lies, to the awfulness of  the problem . . . which only substantiates the problem.

There is nothing new about faithlessness, but because of everyone’s present-day global connectedness it is shared and felt together in a massive unity of faithlessness, which causes the upsetting, debilitating, immobilizing effects which are inseparable from it to feel overwhelming. But far from actually being overwhelming, the cause of faithlessness is small, and its solution is easy.

You see, faith and faithlessness are decisions made by each one of us individually. There may be a group of faithless individuals, but there is no such thing as a faithless group. This fact simplifies things, because you can make a different choice, whether anyone else does or not. In other words, others have no access to the sanctuary in which you make decisions. But conversely, your abandonment of faithlessness and expression of faith with love does have transformational effect, and your expression changes the global discussion and tone.

Paul got caught in the immobilizing temptation to be upset, just as many of you have, and he finally asked me about it. My answer to him is my answer to everyone as well. And our sharing it here and now does, indeed, add to and change the global discussion and tone, as well as those who are ready to make a new decision.



PAUL: I can see that I have become preoccupied with saying “No!” to the insanity I am seeing, and feeling it intensely, while not saying “Yes!” to (and taking the time to express) what’s needed to replace it.

RAJ: Yes, that is true. It takes no love to condemn error and stand aghast at outrageous mean-spiritedness and dishonesty, while at the same time being full of anger and self-righteousness. In fact, it feels “powerful” to do so, and it seems to energize motivation for corrective action, but in actuality it spirals in on itself, and becomes a compulsive commitment to being offended, which immobilizes you and renders you impotent.

That is where you find yourself.

You see, it is not your place, or anyone’s place, to be a wall against evil. It is to be a bridge into Truth. You are not here to be an ultimate objection to error, but the embodiment of Love which inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way into the recognition and embrace of Truth . . . which turns out to be the abandonment of error — its disregard rather than its defeat.

The problem is that reaction is spontaneous, effortless — the self-indulgent savoring of self-righteousness. It therefore invites whatever will increase the “pleasure” of the reaction rather than correcting the circumstance which caused it. And this accomplishes nothing.

Love, on the other hand, requires more effort — your willingness to discern what is correct, what is true, and then engaging in education . . . the illumination not only of what Truth is, but of Its desirability and Meaningfulness, so that the attention of the one engaging in “the call for Love” is naturally led into a shift of perception, and healing occurs.

Now, the real issue here is your addiction to the “hit” of self-righteousness, the “delicious” sensation of indignation — how right it makes “you,” how wrong it makes “them” — and that “justice” is called for! However, as you can see, you spin around like a whirling dervish, ungrounded and immobilized, aware that purpose is not being fulfilled. And now you are beginning to see that the “hit” of self-righteousness, as sensational as it is, is emptiness!

You must stop looking at the news to see what new outrageous thing has occurred that will further justify self-righteousness, fuel your indignation, and give you a sense of purpose. Instead, you must look at the news to point you in the direction of what the Love is that “the call for Love” [the bad news] is calling for. And this you will experience in your peace . . . in the holy instant where Purpose actually abides and self-righteous indignation does not.

Mean-spiritedness, arrogance, dishonesty, immorality, disrespect for law — the whole litany of “calls for Love” which seem to “justify” indignation — will be brought to an end, but the only way to end it will be by choosing to give voice to the Voice for Truth instead!

You can’t afford to succumb to the misleading suggestion that as you begin to discover your holiness, the bad behavior of others will become increasingly intolerable — an insult to you which calls for “justice.”

Knowing the Truth does not cause the erroneousness of error to become more pronounced and naturally more offensive to your so-called “spiritualized sensibilities,” although the ego would have you believe so. And it does not justify your expression of sarcastic or mean-spirited indignation.

I know you don’t think that’s what has been happening, but it is. And, like Moses, you or anyone who goes up into the mountain to discern Truth and then proceeds to illuminate It by giving voice to It, who is then offended by the faithlessness of those with whom it has been shared and in a fit of righteousness breaks the tablets (withholds the gift) because no one appreciates the effort involved in the mountaintop experience and the devotion to sharing it, must abandon the call for justice, together with the hit of savoring self-righteousness, and go back once again into the mountain, with the same humility he did the first time, and this time not abandon it when ignorance and misunderstanding cause the learning of what he shares to be awkward, defiant or sometimes impossible.

Indignation and  self-righteousness take less effort than illuminating, designating and leading as a result of inspiration leading you. They are the lazy man’s substitute for the actual practice of Love.

You must remember that “the call for Love” is always offensive, and you must remain clear that it IS a call for Love and not a call for you to be offended!

PAUL: Thank you.

Kingston, Washington
April 6th, 2018






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6 Responses to The Call for Love

  1. Craig says:

    I’m in the same place Paul is. Trying mightily to focus on what’s needed to heal rather than feeling the seemingly justified outrage at the latest atrocities. However, I still need to ask for clarification about where the line between action and practicing listening is. To use an extreme example, wasn’t it justified to fight the Nazis to the death in WWII to save the world from fascism? Today, shouldn’t we march against the cruelty and darkness of those trying to destroy our democracy? Raj, you have said emphatically that we must act and that it’s not enough just sit in a nice peaceful cloud. You’ve also said that the anger we feel at this darkness is a true feeling, coming from a desire to be sane again. Sometimes I’m confused. Thanks for helping me understand.

  2. Peggy says:

    Perfect timing! Thank you.

  3. Mike says:

    It’s interesting that the addiction/recovery “dis”ease hides this message in plain sight. It took a long time for me to recognize/shown the equivalence. If people saw the addiction to selfing (only a present activity that continually infers a separate self), they would see why some of their (br)others are driven into other forms of addiction for attempted relief. And addicts would be relieved of “never being recovered” when they realize the “first drink/drug” IS the “hit” of me, felt as self-righteousness. They don’t have to keep their separate “identtiy” as addicts anymore, seeing THAT as only keeping one foot in the door of “me”.

  4. Barbara says:

    So hard. It so needed. We must rememberThe call for love is ALWAYS OBNOXIOUS ! And not respond in superiority self righteous likeness.

  5. Frances Law says:

    Thank you for that reminder that a “call for love”….. is not a call for me to be offended….

  6. This is a message I need to hear. My self-righteous indignation does indeed get my wheels spinning. Indeed, it leads to my own calls for love. Thank You, Raj.

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