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  1. Mike says:

    Two friends have shared the post too. I wonder about this website becoming more known. I am tremendously grateful for two other communities too. First I got involved online with Fred Davis’ . Then I found in-body in San Francisco Paul Hedderman’s talks. They have very different styles, but like this site, I hear the same Message . But since this site seems to struggle with finances, I thought maybe that would be served by “advertising” it more. Maybe connecting with Paul and Fred would be a way of “meeting the need” too, asking their advice/help since they don’t seem to have financial issues. And there’s an interesting question of seeing teachers/channelers “uniting” some way, as seems would be appropriate to the Message. And practically speaking, they are in competition. For instance, I contribute money to the two groups I mention. I don’t hear back from Paul Tuttle on my emails, so I’m guessing he’s overwhelmed. But then not hearing back contributes to someone like myself not being able to get more involved than just posting here. There’s a lot of need out there (here!), but just financial contributions isn’t the only mechanism that needs to be addressed. For example, with Fred I manage his satsang community – update the member email list and monitor the forum (not paid). NWFFACIM site is great of course, but some inter-activeness or something seems could be added. I’m sure Fred and Paul would tell you I’m quite eager about the Message, and glad to help, and right now this reply is an expression of that. I love the “need, and need being met, are one and the same, aka love”. Thank you for this, and So Much more!

  2. Mike says:

    Ok then, me too! I added this context.
    Someone on a site I like said he was putting this on his Facebook, and I’ll second anything like this. I don’t believe in backwards “walling off”. I think the powers that be know how to block real potential progress by introducing argument about out dated divisions. There’s probably plenty who realize the unity of one globe. And shooting for no longer useful artificial country borders as more important than reorganizing in a brotherly way, is just a matter of time before it’s seen for what it is. And the sooner we speak/act, the less suffering the transition will be made throught the push back of the powers that be.

  3. Ken Hoover says:

    I have posted this on my Facebook page. I encourage others to consider doing the same. 🙂

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