Thank You for Being . . .

Thank You for Being . . .


[The following is a letter of appreciation which was emailed to everyone who made contributions during the month of December. I am sharing it with everyone here on the blog, because its message is for you, as well. Everyone who brings his or her attention to what we are sharing, is contributing to it by receiving it!]


“Dear friend,

“Your support during this month of December provided grace to a month which required a great deal of faith, allowing the large payment which was due on the 20th to be paid on time, together with other costs which were not as critical, but needed to be paid as well.

“Gratitude is extended to you with a wish for the season’s spirit of ‘peace on earth, good will toward men’ to embrace you and to find its way from your heart to everyone, through the tearing down of walls and strong holds, rather than creating them.

“The spirit of Christmas was never lost, and I encourage everyone to remember that it has always been the spirit of Christmas—the profoundly caring benediction embodied in the words of Tiny Tim: ‘God bless us, every one’—which has been the blessing and healing and uplifting characteristic of the season, and not the word ‘Christmas’ on a Starbucks cup.

“The spirit of Christmas has always been humane rather than religious, addressing the human need and touching the hearts of agnostics, atheists, the religious and non-religious alike, because everyone knows what it means to be “so loved.” Truly, it is humanity, the being of humaneness, which elevates everything to religious proportions and discloses God in transformational meanings of Atonement.

“Thank you for being the presence of this spirit!”

Kingston, Washington
December 29th, 2017




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2 Responses to Thank You for Being . . .

  1. Claudia Truze says:

    Thank you, Raj !!!

  2. Thank You, Raj! May we all be filled with Love and Light.

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