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to share their gratitude!

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21 Responses to A Place To Give Thanks

  1. Jo says:

    Thank you God for the gift of my true Self. Thank you for my brother Paul for helping me to remember the Truth of who I am. Thank you for Healing. Thank you for Grace. Thank you for Everything that You Are because thankfully All That You Are is all there is of me! Thank you God for my Awakened Family.
    Father, please bless Paul and Susan with more and more of Yourself. Let All That You Are become an Actuality in their lives. Let everything that seems to be in the way be dissolved in an instant.
    I thank you that this is done.
    It is done in the name of Truth.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    And So It Is.

  2. george says:

    Thanks you for another chance to “get it it right”, though by the world’s standards, I don’t deserve it. Perfection is hard for the imperfect. If I am the latter, it is impossible by definition. Yet how can that be to one who realizes that? What cannot be redeemed is but a painful self-created illusion. “Time is on my side, yes it is.”

  3. Paul Wiscombe says:

    I am
    You are
    All is.

  4. zerbel says:

    Thanksbeing! Thanks for timeless teachings, that repeat in creative ways that it is only “my” interest in separation that has used them throughout time to keep the “my”, and yet still I Am the truth of those teachings. Thanks for the experiencing as Paul and other participants on this site that make for this teaching at this “time”. Thanks for Awareness/Life, and to be “taught” that It is innocent – whether aware of what was judged good or bad. Thanks for the internet. “Love is the way I walk in gratitude” – thanks for that lesson.

  5. guillermo martin says:

    Thank you Raj for being a “radical” teacher, for telling us that sin, sickness and death is not of God, which makes much more sense that anything I have ever read about life in this universe. It has to be that way if God is God… Thank you also for your incredible patient, for never showing a bit of despair when sharing with us, for seeing only that which is true and real in us. Thank you Paul and Susan for all your service. And also thank you to all my brothers and sisters out there for your presence, for being part of the brotherhood (may your heart be always in peace, know you are not alone). Love and Gratitude.

  6. Robin Migalla says:

    It may sound silly, but I am grateful for the ability to experience gratitude. I’m grateful for that choice. I’m acutely aware when gratitude finds a home in my heart, and I am humbled by the gift. Thank you Paul, Susan, Chris, and Raj for your generous gifts to us all.

  7. Craig says:

    I am grateful for now knowing that there is only what is Real and for Paul, Susan, and Raj’s love and wisdom in helping us all awaken to It.

  8. Claudia Truze says:

    Thanks, Raj, for everything !

    2017-11-23 23:29 GMT+01:00 THE RAJ MATERIALS :

    > Raj posted: “————-oOo————- Everyone is invited to use this space to share > their gratitude today! ————-oOo————- ” >

  9. Stevie says:

    Thank you from the Beloved to the Beloved and for providing the continuous Sacred Space to give and receive and to express our gratitude for What Is True in our World. Amen! Halleluia! Waheguru!

  10. Sabu says:

    Thank you for those moments of actual joining and the felt experience that comes with it. Thank you for helping me reach some of the depths of my own shadow that helps me to understand that I am not a victim. Thank you for the gentle nudges and the respect, when for whatever reason, I choose to ignore the nudges. Thank you for helping me understand that I am just like you, even though it scares the hell out of me. Thank you for Being You and for walking in the dream 2000 years ago, for healing the sick, raising the dead, and feeding the 5000. Thank you for challenging the status quo, that there is nothing natural about death, even though, still, hardly anyone wants to go there. Thank you for the energy to awaken, even though I struggle immensely to embody it, and through my defenses it plays havoc with me and my body. Thank you for the Guidance that has led me to work with others in such an intimate way. Now I ask and pray that you help me translate this intimacy into my personal life. Thank you for the realisation that Presence is Everything!

    Thank you Raj and Paul.


  11. Robbie Hochreiter says:

    I am grateful for Raj, Paul, Susan and all the students/brothers/sisters and enlightened ones for expressing your truth so that we have the opportunity to awaken to our true identity.

  12. Lanier & Terry says:

    Terry and I are VERY grateful that you, Paul, Susan, & Chris have stayed on Course these past 30 years sharing this message! 1986 was the year we first bought ‘You Are the Answer’ in a little health food store in Nyack NY in the Hudson Valley. We’ve recently started to reread it here online and it’s as powerful now as then. I believe Paul your ‘money issues’ then helped promote your first contact that led to that first book :). THANK YOU for persevering in spite of your fears–day after day and year after year–‘holding the lantern’ so to speak on the trail ahead– for us all!
    With great gratitude!
    Lanier and Terry

  13. Johan says:

    Thanks to the whole body of awakened ones and awakening ones. Your persistence and patience with God, with yourself and with me is felt.

    Thanks to the sleeping ones . . . you are the best teachers one could hope to have. Your true expressions of love that are so often masked by superficial cries for love are all sorely felt (even if somewhat belatedly, oftentimes).

    Raj, you and the host of enlightened ones are more fully aware than we are as to just how crucial your guidance is to us at this time.

    We speak as The One: “I Love You.”

  14. Orinda McCarthy says:

    thank you people of Canada!
    “… the people, they receive us … they feel for us … and we feel like we are part of them …”
    Canada opens stadium for migrants from US … http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40806862

  15. Gail says:

    Thank you to all whose faith in the eternal truth calls us out of darkness and into the light no matter how many times we wander away because we are consistently loved beyond measure.

  16. My gratitude for the message of Sept 30, 2014: “As in Heaven, so on Earth”. It is the most direct, comprehensive, no holds barred communication of this work, that I am aware of!

    I Love you,


  17. Peter says:

    Thank you Jeshua for your Love, support, guidance and direction!!! Thank you Paul and Susan! Much gratitude!

  18. Barbara Bohme says:

    I join with you, Susan, and All, in gratitude for our Being. Our Being which is Father’s Expression, and my gratitude is also for feeling that this recognition is deeply felt by so many others. It is more than having the things we need or for having our daily bread, though this of course has no lesser value.

    I have been guided to read lesson 132 from the workbook, and the two after that. In lesson 132 I find myself realizing that I know the Truth, the meaning of this lesson which comes in words of setting the world free and it is setting me free in ways so wonderful i cannot describe. It is truly awesome to connect with any One; it brightens the horizon and leaves one in awe of All that Father is, All that each one of Is. It brings more clearly to mind the Wonder of our Father through each one of His Creations which we call one another.

  19. Anne says:

    Thank you for reminding all of us of who we are, and what Sources us. Thank you for holding my hand in the dark so many nights and days. Thank you for helping me understand that there is no death. Thank you for this day. Thank you for waking us up one word, one breath, one heartbeat at a time.

  20. Susan says:

    Thank you Father that we all belong here on this planet. Thank you Father that you have prepared this place for the Sons and Daughters of God. Thank you Father that all that you have created fits with everything else—our Father’s Miracle.

    In the realization that this is your gift to us, we might have the experience of harmony with our Brothers and with all of your creations. Within this Vision, we are co-creators with you, that we might know what you are—Love; and know what we are—Love, as caretakers of this mansion.

    Thank you to all who visit here. Our joining in gratitude for each other keeps us Whole as Mind, where only eternality can be experienced.

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