Thought for the Day


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3 Responses to Thought for the Day

  1. Billy says:

    thank you!

  2. zerbel says:

    Not for “its own sake” is interesting. Unconscious use of anger AS identity is maybe an example of trying to make real what can’t be. Depression has been said to be anger turned inward. Maybe the attepmt to let go of anger, without entertaining (non)real identity first, is why “managing” anger turns into depressioin. Anger as a “wake up call” could be a fast-sane-ity new way to work with anger! I’m “with you” Sabu, and Raj and all, on this!

  3. Sabu says:

    Very deep! Wherever or however our energy is bound up that appears as anger, sadness, grief, etc, is probably where our Presence is waiting to be revealed, as long as we are not using it to energise something willfully. Why wouldn’t we be angry, if we are eternal in nature but suffering sickness, death and abuses of all kinds in between? that we are told are illusory, but our experience is that it is very real. Of course, this will produce, ‘what the f…ing hell is going on!? So anger would be a very important energy to work with, but not for its own sake. It certainly speaks to a violation of some kind, at whatever level, and an integrity/Presence waiting to be revealed; perhaps the depth of which would be impossible to work with, without being held by Raj and his team! I know I could not have visited some of the places I have in my own psyche without his help.


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