Balance / Imbalance

Balance / Imbalance


Just as riding a bike or walking involves losing and regaining one’s balance—in other words, a balancing act(ion)—so is Life. The only thing is that “balance” and “imbalance” are inseparable “partners” which cannot be considered or experienced alone. And only if one attempts to consider them alone—which takes pure imagination and never becomes anything more than imagination—can they become problems to be threatened or overwhelmed by.

You understand that imbalance is a problem, but you are unaware that balance without imbalance is immobility—another word for dead. Gaining one’s balance to the exclusion of imbalance is to become immobilized. Put even more succinctly, balance without imbalance is terminal, just as imbalance without balance is. Be clear about this and you will not react righteously, taking offense at what is nothing more than movement—BE-ING.

Remember that I have said that problems are the leading edge of answers. “Behold, I make all things new” means that “what IS” yields to “what IS” yields to “what IS” . . . now . . . now . . . now . . . except that it doesn’t do it in time, it does it in Mind.

As it has been said, “Mind rests in action,” but It is not immobilized. You have to be willing to “rest” — be at peace — in motion (the losing and gaining of balance) without separating them imaginatively and attempting to achieve one or the other exclusively! That distracts you from the movement, and being DISTRACTED is a fearful experience, even though the fear mistakenly becomes associated with the movement. This is very important to understand.


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6 Responses to Balance / Imbalance

  1. Dany says:

    Why don`t you merge the three websites into one? + + = 1! :)))

  2. binra says:

    A state of balance and connection induces a sense of self-fulfilment that easily becomes associated with the forms of its expression and identity as self image that then presumes and asserts a pseudo sense of possession and control that is actually the avoidance of the sense of imbalance or chaos arising as the fear of loss of the conditions of alignment and the attempt to maintain or protect against the nature of experiencing change.This conflicted state breaks through the assertive masking as the conditions of dysfunction, depletion and exhaustion that facilitate the release of investment in self image in true receptive willingness and acceptance – that uncovers a recognition of a state of balance and connection…
    And so the fulfilment becomes associated with the fruits of a transformative process that is forgot and neglected in the sense of assigning the true gift of awareness and recognition to a sense of self-achievement, confidence or special self blessing. But this is not fulfilment of being – but of wishing – and the nature and communion of being is reduced to a resource upon which to set the balance points of a way of using it for ongoing gratification of a false sense of fulfilment – which consequently drives a sense of lack that can never fulfil.
    The Course says ‘everything you want will hurt you’ because the you that is predicated to seek ‘outside’ for forms and conditions that cannot be had or kept – is not you – so much as thinking running in your mind that passes off as true, and sets you up to lose awareness of being within wholeness, and recognition of being as the nature of you and your world of relation.
    Allowing the movement of being to align and guide is opening from an embrace of apparent polarity instead of embodying a unipolar illusion of polarized struggle in futility.

  3. Billy says:

    I would rather have Grace, than have to keep myself in “balance”..

    • binra says:

      Go on then. Let it be so!
      If ego-diversion in issues of imbalance and assertions of balance thereupon is the way to be unaware of the grace of our being – then the timing of your fulfilment is in your releasing of the ‘balancing’ act under terms you set.
      If awakened responsibility of recognition and acceptance is your unfoldment of fulfilment – then you don’t ‘have’ to balance so much as receive in the measure of your giving – and thus are naturally drawn to rebalance your teaching and learning as one. What you give out is what you get back – but the wish to escape retribution rises from fear that guilt is real and must be hidden. This makes ‘real’ in the mind of hiding – and attempts to ‘resolve’ or hide or assign guilt ‘away’ generate replications of the experience that became associated with guilt, fear and punishment – however it is packaged and presented. Balancing in THIS – is persisting in this.

      If your being is already created in grace – what would you be required to do to appreciate the extension of the gift? Nothing but as your are truly moved as a result of opening to Embrace – in which you no longer need take thought for your self – for it is given you to know as you need to know. So the movement into balance is not denied by the apparent loss of balance in frame of blame.

  4. Orinda McCarthy says:

    hello friend, thank you for sharing your thoughtful writings here …
    … “how can we live together?” rings loudly of truth (and love)
    … please continue the good works ,,, witness for a better way … and the best in us.

  5. It is the nature of life to keep us off balance. The more we witness change rather than react to it, the more peaceful we become. Blessings!

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