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July 11th, 2017



Good evening. And welcome to everyone who’s joining us on the Internet. 

A Course in Miracles teaches that a miracle is a sudden shift of perception. And this is true. But not all miracles are sudden shifts of perception. Some of them are protracted, drawn out because they’re resisted.

You know, when a baby is born the delivery can be quick or protracted, depending upon whether there is resistance of one sort or another, or not. But the fact is, that when the resistance is finally surpassed the delivery is [snaps fingers] speedy, [chuckles] it is a now event. It is sudden.

So, all miracles are sudden shifts of perception, but some of them seem to take longer because they’re resisted, and they’re laborious.

Now, the fact is that on your globe a miracle is happening, but it’s not the sudden shift of perception kind of miracle. It’s one that is being very tedious, very uncomfortable, very demanding.

Now, the miracle that’s happening is, believe it or not, unification. The miracle that is happening is a shift into global harmony, global integrity, global cooperation, global Brotherhood. I know it doesn’t look like that. And the reason it doesn’t look like that is because this push for unity is being resisted . . . because independence is not being released willingly.

When a shift is coming to completion the very last aspects of it involve the greatest resistances to whatever the miracle is. And so, at this point where unity is coming forward whether it is wanted or not, all of the reasons for maintaining independence and the sense that worth only arises out of the best expression of independence that everything is being done to avoid the release of independence and the allowing of the resumption of harmony, where what I’m going to call “other” orientation replaces “self” orientation.”

You are watching events unfold in the United States. You’re watching it from all over the world. To those living in the United States it feels like it is happening in the United States, but it is happening in the world. It is being observed and felt in the world. And there are dynamics going on in Russia and in other countries, England, the European Union.

The attempt to undo the graduation into unity by restoring independence is rearing its ugly head all over the globe. And it places a demand upon every individuality to become clear — to become clear about what truth is and to disallow for what is untrue to take hold. It is becoming incumbent upon every individuality on your globe to become clear about what love is and to disallow for what is unloving, what is abusive, what skirts the edges of kindness in the name of some other goal that doesn’t involve caring.

And everyone must at this juncture appear to take a position. It won’t really be a matter of taking a position that is antagonistic toward another position. It’s a matter of taking a position that is in harmony with the miracle that is unfolding, so that your delivery into it as a conscious experience can be quicker, less laborious and more miraculous.

This is no longer a time to sit on the fence and play with . . . oh-h, dishonesty or to play with, um-m, not really pushing for the truth because, um-m, what’s going on isn’t really that destructive . . . a little bit of fooling around, fudging on what is true and what is not, hum-m, it doesn’t really make that big a difference.

Well, I’m telling you something, when a miracle is occurring and something like unity is emerging, evolving, we might say, becoming clearer, one can’t fudge any longer because the more the miracle comes into view the less tolerable fudging with love, fudging with truth, fudging with kindness can occur comfortably, the less wiggle room there is.

Oh, but if you’re going to take a position which is in harmony with a miracle that is unfolding, that not everyone wants, well, that is going to put you at odds for a time with many.  “Oh-h, how can you call that a miracle. What’s miraculous about that?” Well, fortunately [chuckles] nothing is miraculous about that.  What’s miraculous is the miracle that is occurring that is calling upon everyone to change, to reevaluate their position on this, that and the other thing, so that after looking at it squarely, it can be seen whether it’s in harmony with the miracle that is coming forth or not. So that if it is not, it can be consciously abandoned and replaced by behavior that embodies Truth and Love and Brotherhood. Why? So that by becoming synchronized, we’ll say with the movement called “the” miracle, the miracle might precipitously manifest as a sudden shift of perception that puts everything into a new perspective.

Now, one can be careless and look without listening for divine Truth and say, “Hey, it’s just a planet with these organisms called human beings on it, and they can explore any way they want to live, they can explore any different way they want to live. And hey, that broadens the spectrum of their experience and, therefore, the quality of their mind and their behavior. But you know what? The breaking down of unity and the reestablishment of independence . . . hey, there’s nothing new about that. That’s been tried over and over and over in thousands of different ways.”

And you know what? At the bottom line the movement of the miraculous has occurred. And the extreme practice of independence has yielded to what Love produces, which is better harmony, better cooperation, a valuing of relating according to a fundamental principle, we’ll say, called the “Golden Rule1,” something present in one way or another in every religion. And as a result, more and more unity and the valuing of what contributes to unity has emerged.

The miraculous has been happening. But it hasn’t come to completion. It hasn’t come to the point where mankind on a large scale is remembering its divinity, that each one is not an organism arising out of evolution, but rather the ever present manifestation of, or presencing of the first Cause, God—divine Love, divine Principle, Truth, Soul, Mind, Spirit.

The divorce that was gotten from our Father, in which the memory of the divinity of Individuality was lost, is being restored because an illusion cannot stand forever. And the experiment—the grand experiment which has been called the “Fall of Man2”—the grand experiment at independence is failing. It’s failing because enlightenment is happening, because the restoration of the conscious experience of the Christhood of each of you and the Christhood of each other is unavoidably replacing the ignorance that has prevailed because the choice to ignore has been practiced.

What is happening right now is the expression of the last vestiges of the ethic of independence, struggling to not let it go, struggling to not let it disappear from human experience, which means not to disappear from your globe because it’s the ego. And the ego is believed to be an essential and ultimately important aspect of conscious individuality. And if it is abandoned, worth is replaced by worthlessness. And who wants that? That would be hell. But I’m telling you, hell is the loss of the memory of who you Are . . . who you Are and who your brothers and sisters Are, and your insistence upon behaving as what you believe you are.

If you are bothered by what you see going on, on your globe, and if you seem to experience no relief from it, if existence, for whatever reason, seems to be losing purpose and faithlessness is taking over, it is necessary for me and for all of the Brotherhood who are Awake to convey to you that what you believe is happening is not what is happening. Disintegration of society is not happening on your globe. The valuing of everything that is not nurturing to Brotherhood is not what is happening. What is happening is the emerging of Unity, Brotherhood, with such absoluteness that the ego sense of self is feeling truly threatened. And this is good news.

The way to not be engulfed in fear and hopelessness is to stop relying upon your own independent thinking and what you have been educated to believe. And to instead insist upon listening for what I will reveal to you in the quietness of your own mind, what the Holy Spirit will reveal to you in the quietness of your own mind so that you might feel, so that you might have an experience of peace because of clarity that wasn’t available to you when you’re attention was scattered out there on all of the circumstances that are happening, and the alarm that everyone is experiencing.

The independence that everyone opted for in their divorce from the Father was a choice to be able to think your own thoughts, to make up definitions for everything yourself. And then to live in this fantasy because you could do it. And after all, the Father still continued to be everything. Nothing went anywhere when you decided to redefine everything yourself and believe your own thoughts.

And so, you could say, “Wow, I’ve decided that this tree evolved through physical processes, you know, out of the physicalness of this planet and out of the physicalness of this universe, which just happens to be here. And you know what? It came from a “big bang.” It would have had to because it’s here, and how else could you explain it except that suddenly everything was? And it was because that’s the way physicalness is.

Well, [chuckles] one can walk around in the Kingdom of Heaven and call it anything they want, and believe it’s anything they want to believe it is. But all the time they as a real, or you as a real Son or Daughter of God is walking around in the real Kingdom of Heaven—unconscious of It, oblivious to It. And in that state of mind there is ever-present guilt and ever-present fear because you are the Son or Daughter of God, a Christed one, and you can’t ignore that, or constantly affirm that you are not that by claiming to be a mortal, a physical human being. That assertion brings with it an unavoidable awareness that it’s not the truth. And the awareness that it’s not the truth is the inner demand calling you to ask then, “What is Truth?”

Now, at this last stage of the illusion of independence you are seeing, and many of you are even experiencing, participating in the resistance wholeheartedly and genuinely—you think—fighting for the independence that you feel is a God-given right, which if you abandoned will constitute the loss of Meaning.

Now, what I must reiterate is, that this attempt to reverse the miracle of Oneness emerging as the True conscious experience of Being, calls for every single one of you to align yourself with It, with firmness, with commitment, with an unwillingness to be indefinite, wishy-washy, flexible in that you’re forever not sure whether Truth is True or not, never sure whether you have to be absolutely Loving or not, whether there are occasions when it’s appropriate to lie, if there are occasions where it’s appropriate to withhold caring. Of course, for the benefit of the one that you’re called upon to care for, I mean after all, the argument is that caring for them may weaken them, they need to stand on their own two feet if they want to feel their integrity.

The justifications for withholding Love, for being indefinite, for being wishy-washy, for endlessly sitting on the fence, the justifications are infinite. And they’re just distractions and delays from, I’m going to say, “getting with the program,” meaning getting into alignment with the miracle that is happening—the sudden shift of perception that should be sudden and not drawn out. When the last little bit of resistance is released the light bulb will go on, the “aha” will happen, and at that moment it will be sudden.

What I am pointing out is that contrary to what it appears is happening, there is a miracle happening that not only calls for, but is requiring cooperation with it, which is requiring that you yield to it, because it’s your holiness and the holiness of all mankind and the Kingdom of Heaven-ness of what you call the world—the material world and universe. It’s the coming forth of the clear experience of this that no one has the choice to forever resist. And the end of the capacity to resist it is upon us . . . is upon you.

Now you know what? You don’t have to stand up and “rebel against” and get into a spiritual conflict. All you have to do is to stop being resistant, yourself. All you have to do is to be willing to stand in the face of what’s happening and look at it, be with it joined with me or joined with the Holy Spirit to look at it with us instead of with the mutual-agreements that you brought into play when you joined with a brother or sister to define the world as your decree of divorce from your Father.

The leaven that leavens the whole lump3 without force is every single individual daring to practice the holy instant, caring enough to practice only the holy instant, where you abandon your devotion to your own best thinking, your own best concepts, and you say, “Nothing I see means anything4, but everything that is revealed to me in the absence of my thinking means everything.” That is where the Meaning is. That is how the Meaning is accessed. And there is no attempt in that to overthrow a brother or a sister or an education or a theory or get into a fight with your fellowman.

The holy instant is the way you skip the traces, it’s the way you get off of the track of your habits and make it possible to observe the Movement of God, called Creation—which looks like the world and universe and you—with eyes innocent of previous definitions, previous concepts, previous habits. You see?

This is good news, but it is going to require diligence. You are habituated to the patterns of your own thinking. And so, you see what you expect to see and miss what is really there. And so, you have to devalue your habituated thinking. And you have to bring curiosity into play. You have to look at this material world and universe that you have defined that way, and desire to see—become curious to see, as I have said before—the more of what God is Being there, than what you think is there . . . with a complete willingness to abandon whatever you thought.

And I will give you a little hint. When you ask to see the more of what God is Being right there in front of you, it is not so that you can have a new definition, a new way to think about it because that will simply move you back into memory.

“The Father has revealed the divinity of the tree. Yes, wow, all trees are divine. I grasp this. I experience this. And now this is the way I’m forever going to think about them. And I am going to get back into my new thinking so that it can become new habituated thinking.” You see?

That’s not what it’s about. What it’s about is being in the absence of or the silence of Mind, where the Movement of Creation registers with you. And in the registering is defined to you . . . and in the registering is defined to you . . . and in the registering is defined to you . . . and in the registering is defined to you . . . and in the registering is defined to you, ad infinitum because you’re constantly standing at the threshold of the unknown with innocent eyes, and innocent mind because you’ve let yourself into the flow of the Movement of Creation with the Father’s Perspective. And as you do this you will find yourself at One with your Brothers and Sisters who are doing the same thing and experiencing You from the threshold of the Movement of Creation that is looking like You at that moment . . . at that moment . . . at that moment . . . at that moment, ad infinitum.

Everyone is standing at the threshold of the miracle. Don’t misunderstand the apparent conflict. Understand that the conflict represents the resistance to what the miracle ultimately means and the attempt to hold on to the familiar and the secure prison that you have created for yourselves. And recognize the fact that you will have to take a new position.

The old position has been a devotion to your ego beliefs. Or let us say it has been a devotion to your beliefs, your mutual-agreements which are what constitute the ego. And you will have to abandon that position in order to take up the new position of standing at the threshold of the unknown, standing at the threshold of the spark of Creation that infinitely occurs as Reality to be experienced in its entirety, . . now  . . . now . . . now . . . now, ad infinitum.

You will not be able to say, “Oh, I’m going to sit back and watch the miracle happen.” [Chuckling] It’s not going to happen out there. It’s going to happen where the Fall happened, which was a decision made in the within-ness of you to be the determiner of the meaning of everything, and to devote yourself to those definitions as an affirmation of you existing in your own right.

The miracle will be you—every one of us—coming into alignment with who and what we Are, the Sons and Daughters of, the manifestation of, the creatures of Creation, the evidence of the Movement of God, choosing for the Voice for Truth instead of the voice that has been given to your imagination is the threshold of the precipitous sudden shift of perception that constitutes what I will call, “the last miracle,” because the voyage Home will be over, the coming back into your right Mind will be over. You’ll be in it.

This miracle which is occurring and which is involving absolutely every single Son and Daughter of God . . . well, it’s something every single Son or Daughter of God is going to have to yield to, therefore, it is something that every single Son or Daughter of God is yielding to, willingly or with resistance.

Be willing to be clear. Be willing to take a position that reflects the Father’s Will, instead of human will. And do not allow the attempt to reinforce and reestablish human will. Do not cooperate with that, else you will be completely resisting the miracle that is irresistible, or you will be slowing the miracle down for yourself by bringing resistance to it.

I’m going to put it this way: the hardest part of the miracle is going to be letting go of the resistance to Unity, to Oneness, to unequivocal Brotherhood, and willingly abandoning anything that stands in the way of It. The reason is that in spite of the suffering that is experienced, the familiarity with independence is humungous, it is ancient, we could say. And it has the support of your ancestors, you could say. And it has the support in many ways of society itself, because society is reflecting the mutual-agreements made by those practicing independent thinking and, therefore, creating environments which are not divinely inspired, not arising out of the Wholeness and Holiness of the Father’s Perspective, which is the inherent Birthright of every single Son or Daughter of God.

It’s the task at hand though. And so, in finishing I must point out that although abandoning resistance may seem impossible to do, the fact that this miracle is happening means that all of the support needed for you to shift your way of being is present for you on your behalf to support you if you’re willing to say, “Thy Will, not mine be done.” So say it! Say it daily! Say it hourly! Remind yourself that there is a Will other than your personal ego will that you can lean into, and which stands in support of your transformation. Because the miracle is you coming back into your right Mind, which is being promoted by your right Mind which never left you, but which you have ignored.

I love you very much. And I look forward to being with you next time.



1 Bible: Matthew 7:12

2 Bible: Genesis 3: 1-24

3 Bible: Galatians 5:9 – 1Corinthians 5:6

4 Lesson 1 in ACIM Workbook

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8 Responses to ACIM Study Group—July 11th, 2017

  1. binra says:

    Vitamin K2 is the ‘parking attendant’ for calcium. It’s function is to move it from where it doesn’t belong and put it where it does belong. Inuit women were observed to have deliveries that were very quick – until abandoning their native diet for a ‘western diet’ – which affected the width of the hips of the babies and growing children. Now they have long protracted labours too. So ‘resistance’ of form to function can be structural – where the distortion of structural integrity arises from following a false, incomplete or toxic source of food.

    The pharming and managing of humanity as a degraded, compliant and robotic sub-class is the intent of the corporately captured governments, media and key social institutions worldwide. The world or ‘news’ that is purveyed is fake news or rather a part of the management of a mind-capture. The way it works is false thinking that is defended and acted from AS IF it is your own thought.

    This kind of phishing attack is the identity capture of fear and guilt. Be vigilant against the acceptance of HIDDEN or disguised fear and guilt – for if you believe it, you become run by it at your own expense and of others.

    Fear and guilt work the presentation of protection rackets and guilt’s appeal or call for punishment upon the ‘blamed other’. But on the inside of such thinking it seems necessary defence and justified attack.

    I don’t care for the usurpation of globalisation by a corporate exploitation operating for profit in disregard of all that lives – excepting it shows up in a profit and loss account For if it is cheaper to ‘outsource’ costs onto the ‘sub-human masses’ or a disposable environment – by ecocide and indeed forms of genocide going unchecked or receiving token fines – then the predators ‘export’ their toxic effect onto the ‘Other’ – in replication of the USE of brother for gratifications of fantasy associations.

    The miracle I see is the waking up to recognize the forms of the deceits beneath the evils of their fruiting – so as to release OUR PART and extend that release to others as their capacity for a true choice in a world that allows only false framed choices.

    The awakening is not nationalistic or populism – but is being painted and moulded so by mind-capture of fear-projection and guilt-direction. ‘Sovereignty of Will’ has also been false-framed by loveless thinking to become equated with the body – and with the mind that equates itself with the body, as a power unto itself. But the fact of our true Will is the true movement of our being – and in these times is the victory of the assertive mind over the true will being played out LARGE.

    No matter what you have ever thought and done, your will is held for you because you cannot kill or pervert or corrupt it – although the belief you HAVE is evident in its fruits. The Holy Spirit is the movement of the reintegration to an already unity – notwithstanding any appearances of any kind to the contrary.

    The purpose of segregative and limiting consciousness is a for-getting where lack multiplies and fear makes a mind in its own image as if to lord over in righteousness. This is nearly complete as a state of UNconsciousness or death passing off as life and by sacrifice of Life.
    In such a predicament the spark of awakening in true Will to Live, Calls to and is Called by the Creator of Life as the recognition and release of the false allegiance to abidance in being – that was denied by the surface of a ‘control’ mentality but is desired by the willingness for true balance within wholeness of being.

    The devices of deceit operate as intended when fruiting blame, division and conflict. If you refuse the fruits of a false foundation you will in place receive illumination of the true – along with a perspective on the nature of the deceit, your former part in it and awakened responsibility of vigilance FOR peace – and against the baiting of division of conflict. There is NO conflict between the true and the false whatsoever in any degree for the true embraces all as an unconditional love – that the false must serve the denial of, in order to pass off as believable.

    We ARE responsible for what we think – for only here is a real choice – but that response is to our Creator as to our Brother as to our Self – and is always in terms of acting from a sensed or received impression that is our gift to receive and share in being. Usurping the gift is misfunctional, but the gift restored awareness is an expansion of function – a shift of perception and perspective – as the More of who you have accepted and gifted to being.

    Instead of seeking to control reaction, pause to observe it. Instead of seeking to control judgement, pause to observe it. Instead of seeking to control fear and guilt, pause to observe it.
    True noticing is the grace of recognition. A tempt to use the noticing for a better sense of control is an old choice that keeps you in fear, guilt, control and conditioned reactions of an un-recognized set of self-rejection and denial.

    All that was ‘hidden’ is rising to sight – and so we are ‘revisiting’ the foundations of thought and psychic-emotional triggering that have been called the Fall, the Separation or the Dream of a world of division, conflict and hierarchy of powers.

    The nature of ‘triggering’ is we do not have consciousness in the acting out of a separation script. That was by design. But it is there that the willingness for consciousness must awaken and extend.
    Take not thought for what you took to be your self.
    Release your judgement on your enemy and be willing to extend and receive a true worth of being – regardless the choices he or she is making. How else could choice become destructive but by the insistence it must be right at another’s expense? Or that the denial of such choice is necessary for salvation?
    Leave all ‘choice’ unmade until the recognition of being reveals you to yourself – for such is its function always and in all ways. Be revealed unto yourself and seek nothing at the expense of another. Release your brother from YOUR script and discover life anew.

    • Your comments about Corporate America’s influence on our diet is well-taken. Obesity and diet related illnesses are rampant in our society.. Some folks awakened years ago, and it is good to see the “Buy Local” movement gaining some ground. I would say the fake news phenomenon that has taken hold is a dangerous precedent. We Ned to be more discriminating than ever in order to understand what is actually going on. When the “Leader” of the so-called Free World subscribes to the idea, it makes it particularly insidious. 1984? Maybe not… But when we only look for news from sources favorable to our viewpoints, storm clouds appear on the horizon. Indeed, there are no easy answers to the human dilemma because. there is no quick-fix for the ego. Your conclusions regarding the Holy Spirit’s Guidance are right on target. Otherwise, we are all bumbling around trying to solve our problems through perception. Are we to leave it to the biggest, most aggressive ego to lead us forward? I believe we ALL know where that leads. Blessings!

      • binra says:

        George Orwell intended his work to be called 1948. His publishers prevailed and that may have been part of why he became depressed. It is a story of the crucifixion of the Human Spirit in broader terms – with a boot stamping forever on the face of a humanity that cannot rise up.
        Fake news, fake education, fake studies, fake medicine – all of it has a common root in the usurping mind of guilted fear. A mind founded in denial, presenting in assertion. The charge ‘fake news’ was levelled at information around the pizza ‘code words’. We have the same thing at Westminster. Enquiries are never made or are made only to supply the cover story.
        But once used upon others – it can and will be used against the users – and the exposure of the ‘mainstream’ mind-making is revealing what at first is found to be disturbing. Is it better to sleep under a lie than wake in a call for help – that at first cannot articulate itself – for its mind is predicated on hate and blame as a source of righteous opposition.

        The Holy Spirit gifts a guiltless perception to any present willingness to release the use of it. However that does not deny the capacity to recognize the devices of deceit – but it does reveal them without inducing the reinforcement of hate in a like reaction. Undoing guilt is (an) Inside Job.
        If you are waking as if Trump is the problem – then I suspect he will serve as the scapegoat he is intended to provoke. The cunning of the mind in deceit is so far in front of the world’s thinking that it effectively determines the world’s thinking. But just because ideas are suggested true and socially reinforced does not mean they are truly aligned with your being as it is created. And apparently conflicting polarities work the good cop-bad cop scam to frame the mind in false choices or illusion of freedom by which to forsake the true will for some personal gratification.
        However, It will never withhold from you however you judge yourself righteous or sinful.

        If we look at everything – including ‘news’ information from various sources – with the Holy Spirit – then we are willing to ‘not know’ as the willingness of being shown – or rather of recognizing within a true movement of being. For the knowing of the Spirit is of course Itself – being you and your current experience that your definitions and beliefs are gifting to your brother, to yourself and to Wholeness of Being. No one can change what they are not in some sense owning or aware of choosing, so the key I see is using this noticing to serve a true curiosity instead of a blame culture or debt economy.
        For is not blame the condition by which to exact payment. We have a fake ‘economy’. But the good news is that we can use the exemplifying of fake, hate and blame agenda to uncover our own ‘correspondence’ of complicity by noticing our reactions. But first one has to receive and extend a true worthiness of being or there is no foundation upon which to build.
        Lack of true foundation is an error in perception and belief. If ‘something else ‘crept into the mind of the Son of God’ he must have remembered not to notice.

        As I see it all that serves the ego’s deceit agenda is translated to serve the Holy Spirit’s restoration to true awareness of being – through the active willingness to drop conflict and let the truth be known So what are we using for? Is that revealing them to us in shared worth or are they justifying the pre-judgement of the perceiver?
        Rationality is often used to suppress and invalidate the feeling being and that must be Unreason in a mask of cleverness that kills under guise of kindness. So the counter comes as irrational emotion-driven reaction that is no less Unreason – but aligned under the symbol of a different facet of being right over and against a wrong or a perceived evil. All the facets of entanglement use some spark of connection to Spirit made symbol and aligned with as righteous or ‘justified’. Attempting to speak into such a domestic quarrel soon becomes the target of all within it 😉
        But where there is willingness, there is a witness of support and reinforcement for willingness – as a real relationship shared. Thanks for the ‘touch’.

  2. A wonderful prospect for a crazy, overly stressed world. I remember a time in my life where this harmony came about because of a snowstorm. The storm had dumped almost 2 and a half feet of snow in 24 hours. The entire parking lot of the townhouse complex we lived in at that time was impassable. Neighbors, including myself, proceeded to work together to dig out the parking lot. It was a joining of a sort built around a difficult event. This is an analogy for what is beautifully expressed here by Paul. Yes, there is resistance to movement, but when our society must face challenges, it can become a matter of survival to work together for the common good. I have faith that humanity will respond to the challenges we face in such a way; if not out of the spirit of harmony, then by necessity. Blessings!

    • binra says:

      Yes in awakened responsibility we share common unified purpose. But the nature of the false flag is to use a fear, of enemy or catastrophe, to unite in a sense of hate justified – against the flagged or assigned fear. Foxy Loxy uses Chicken Licken to infect the minds of the other farmyard animals and set up a revenue stream from which to operate a predatory power class. Vigilance against deceit is love’s worth-ship. It is true that conditional love gives permission to relate more freely – but when the conditions change the old pattern reasserts itself. Some who would rule believe they must generate conditions of hate and fear to ‘unify us’ under their protection and guidance – but only to better manage those they perceive unworthy or unsupporting of their version of reality.

      But my key movement in reply is to say that the uncovering of the true nature of the error is the guarantee of its healing – where the mind operates to displace and dissociate its hated or feared and denied ‘self’ AWAY and to be apart from – and in judgement over. Along with layers of diversionary device to grab attention and keep it AWAY from the issue beneath the appearances or presentations of obfuscation.

      If you know your mind is not your own – you have no problem in dropping it to be restored to true from a higher Source Nature – that is your being – however you choose to accept definition. Of course I would reach to those who – despite all entanglements – WANT the peace and joy that true witness aligns. But if they believe the wrongness of special others assigns them the promise of being on the ‘right side’ then their fear of facing their fear makes me out of ‘range’. But nothing is fixed in meaning except we insist – and that is a choice – and ongoing choice.

      • Dave says:

        Again, you strike a powerful chord with me. The climate of fear is being milked for all its worth by said President. It got him elected, and his swallowers are ardent in his defense. For me, when I get into the Presence of Who I Am, my defenses go down, and I know there is nothing to fear. Chicken Licken? Hmmm… does Foxy Loxy like Chicken McNuggets?

        • binra says:

          Fear can work through many guises – but always a division where a false unity rises against the feared and the hated. At the level of politics this is just the way it works beneath the mask of false but often believed appearances.
          If we align ourselves in the false we will fear the true – regardless what form it takes. And that will not present as fear of true, but as justified judgements against anything that is felt to threaten our identity.
          I’d assumed you were aware of the story of Chicken Licken. It is a parable showing how ungrounded fear panics into the trap of a false protection racket. In the story, Foxy says he will guide the way to Owlsy – (wisdom) but half way over the river, Foxy gets lower and lower in the water until Chicken is on his head – then a flick and a snap…
          It is of course a great blessing to uncover and be embraced in true – unconflicted – being – but this becomes the awakened responsibility or ground from which to live – amidst the triggering of facets of our personality (ego) into reaction by which we lose consciousness – excepting the re-enacting of the past that imposes upon the present. Our ‘separation scripting’ – which of course is an entanglement in the fear of others – whether in mutual ‘alliance’ of a shared hate and fear or in ardent defence against a perceived lie, threat or lack of worth.
          The willingness to see the other as worthy of love’s awareness does not come from any understanding drawn from the past – excepting the realisation that I don’t want my past as the framing of presence. To want (yield to) presence above all else is release of invested outcome or a manipulated ‘future’. This seems to give way to the feared other or feared future – but actually establishes a genuine channel of communication that is essentially wordless – but such words if any will be of a different quality.
          If we fear and distrust our self – we will meet those aspects in our world. The survival script runs a Chicken Licken scenario where the search for answer outside yourself generates a world in time and struggle in which to evade the undoing of the fear that gave a sense of a separate or segregated off self.

          As this patterning of mind is the predicate and pattern of the ‘world’ – it is pervasive to it and largely invisible. When it is revealed – we usually scapegoat the example and use it to hide some more by throwing the stone as if we are sinless thereby. The right use of symptoms is to receive the messenger so that a deeper call can be heard and answered. But war on symptoms demands allegiance. We are not wrong to desire what we believe we have lost – but in the framing of belief in being denied and deprived we live as if we must get it back or overcome the circumstance we associate with denial. Or simply pay the sacrifice to the power that promises to protect or mitigate or lessen the pain and fear of loss – and deliver unto it what is due unto the true with-nessing of Life.

          Dissociated personality fragments in attempt to fix-down or freeze against change – or rather – against genuine Communication that is associated with terror and rage, heartbreak and shame that the mind has grown to be the hiding of – by every kind of ruse.

          Panic operated a choice in darkness – but within the light of a true foundation – a different choice is illuminated where no real choice could be seen before. But of course it is OF a different quality of recognition and grows a different quality of outcome and so does not show up on the radar of fear – excepting the forms it then works to subvert. Growing the light of willingness is not an entanglement in countering anything but the rising up of a truly unified awareness. Miracles are witness to the true of our being in place of false with-ness. Masks and defences fall away to reveal a spontaneity of recognition and compassion. But the willingness of releasing the mask is a timing of your readiness to accept. No one can make another accept love’s awareness now, and while we engage in that wishful or manipulative intent – we are not with them and at some level they know it – and that is the trigger for defence against a sense of masked agenda.

          There is already a world of walls – and the psychic walls are the basis for anything concrete. Such is the breakdown of communication – for in a genuine relation we know and feel where to be and how to be with and relative to each other. The ‘shepherding’ of humanity operates symbolically and the underside of this is the Foxy Loxy of propaganda and mind-control. To flip to the true Guide – question and challenge the definitions and beliefs that are associated with conflicted outcomes and live in true desire as an extension of a true outcome. Giving as we receive rather than trying to get anything to line up from a fear of loss.

          (I write into the Mind of All – through a personal connection – so as a meditation of themes arising from this page and the ‘political’ as it seems to trigger reaction that does not know itself blind).

  3. Jo says:

    My Father, Who is within me,
    Hallowed be Thy Name,
    Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done,
    In me as it is in Heaven.
    And So It Is.

    Thank You Father, Mother, Life for our brother in Christ, Paul Tuttle.

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