Dear friends,

As of early this morning, our phone service was turned off for lack of payment. The immediate support which was gratefully received in response to my invitation on June 25th, allowed for service to be quickly restored on our servers and for our website to be available once again, but the support was not broad enough to cover the other normal obligations which were due, which included a working phone. As a result, two credit cards have been cancelled — limiting functionality — telephone service has been interrupted, first-of-the-month bills cannot be paid, and after three months Paul still waits for a paycheck.

This need not be.

As someone responded to my last invitation:

“I encourage everyone who visits this site, even occasionally, to see its value and decide how much you can spare monthly, without concern. Then make that amount an automatic payment, sending online from your account, or whatever way is best for you. A lot of small donations on a regular basis would allow for planning for the expenses. The individuals giving everything to bring this gift to us deserve a paycheck and financial stability.
Sending love and miracles to you!”

Love is much more involving than business. In a way, it is much more difficult. Love embodies, renders actual, reestablishes Brotherhood where business provides insulation, privacy, autonomy, and promotes competition — the absence of Love. When I say that we operate on the basis of Gift, I mean that we operate on the basis of Love — something which is consciously expressed. And that is what makes it more difficult than business.

Business amounts to unconscious relationships — a state of being together alone! It embodies the fact that a divorce from our Father is — Surprise! Surprise! — an involuntary divorce from each other . . . even though it took two Sons or Daughters of God, together, to claim independence from God and devote themselves to each other’s mutual agreements. And the “surprise,” as the Course says, was the instant presence of fear and guilt.

Awakening is the undoing of the divorce, the Fall. And Love is what undoes it. It seems to be more work because everyone has become accustomed to the ease of “not caring,” especially since the ethic of “independence,” of being “a self-made man or woman,” of “making your place in the world,” or “leaving your mark,” has been made the measure of success . . . not Love!

Here it is in a nutshell:

“Values can’t be allowed
to create obstacles to advancement
of national security and
economical interests.”

~~Notable businessman~~

This is not true.

I once again invite involvement . . . based upon giving, not getting. Generosity, not selfishness. Extension, not withdrawal. Embrace, not exclusion. Love expressed, not just thought about. Do it in whatever way you can, but do it! Override the inertia of “easy neglect” and join me in being the presence of Love.

The immediate need, which will bring us current, is for $3,000.

Thank you again to everyone for your support, whether large or small, whether regular or intermittent, whether you are new or have been a long-time contributor. It is a gift that keeps on giving!

Kingston, Washington
July 3rd, 2017













P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346-1490


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17 Responses to Notice!

  1. Robin Migalla says:

    I’m so grateful for an opportunity to leave a reply to one of “these” messages. Normally, they are posted in the Announcement section where replying isn’t an option. Sometime ago, I posted a similar sentiment on the ACIM and The Raj Materials Discussion Group Facebook page about offering a consistent monthly amount, and I still feel this is a kind and generous thing we can do to help ease the discomfort our friends are having. With the amount of people to whom this material is available, if we each gave something, the amount would need to be so small. I hope everyone considers doing that. Even with that said, though, I have some questions. I’ve posed one of these questions more than once to Paul and to someone who used to send emails out from a gmail account with the name of Trisha Aude. Messages from her stopped in 2016. I asked if we can visit the foundation, and I have received no response from either Paul or Trisha. My ego wants to have a hissie fit over being dismissed like that which is giving me plenty of fodder with which to work :), but I’m still hoping to find out more. I’m happy to contribute financially to the organization, but I was wondering if perhaps I could offer time and/or services, too. I prefer personal, face-to-face involvement, rather than just being a purse. Is there anyone who can help me understand more about The Foundation? Is it strictly an online thing? In some of the archives, it seems there were audiences. Are gatherings not done anymore? What ever happened to those messages from Trisha Aude? Is she the same person as Trisha Derringer of the ACIM and The Raj Materials Discussion Group Facebook page? Am I the only one who feels confused about these things? Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

    • Jo says:

      Hi Robin, I’m with you in all of what you say. I tried to ring the number of the foundation a while ago so I could speak to someone but had no luck. I also left a comment on one of the ACIM study group pages last year I think, saying the same as you that if enough people signed up to the monthly contribution example was $10 there wouldn’t be a problem. I feel the website needs to keep encouraging people who visit it and read the materials to give a donation or set up a monthly contribution but it needs to be fresh, you know like a note from Paul or from whoever is taking care of the website. People need to feel a connection with someone when they visit the site. It’s basic PR and it seems to me that the Holy Spirit is moving us in to practical action now! Wouldn’t it be great to see Paul just speaking and revealing a bit of himself to us?! I would love that! So Paul if you’re reading this perhaps you might consider doing this. Just talk to us and tell us how you feel and that it would mean the world to you if everyone could give something to the foundation so that this incredible gift can keep going and giving giving giving! It’s just a thought! There’s a lot of common sense here don’t you think? Anyway Robin I’m not sure where to go from here but at least I followed my intuition and was brave enough to say something. Perhaps someone else reading this might have some good ideas as to how we can help Paul and the foundation.

      • Robin Migalla says:

        Thank you, Jo. It seems to me we’re snack dab in the middle of a miracle :).

        • Deborah Lorensen says:

          Hi Robin and Jo. Actually Robin, I had been thinking about calling you and then saw you had posted something again….so very happy to be connecting around this again. And Jo….you also expressed so well what has been in my heart for some time

          We all agree about the financial part of things….that there must be and is some simpler, kinder and consistent way to have these needs met for Paul. Many of us have been feeling this for a long time. But the biggest thing that stands out here now, and that has been a real growing feeling inside of me for some time…is the part about having actual connection and communication with Paul, the Foundation and even between all of us that love Raj’s message and desire to support it and each other in it’s extension.

          I have had a couple of experiences these last months that have brought this feeling of community ( or lack of) with the Foundation to a head. I have been asking for many, many months for Paul to do whatever needs to be done with my “application” for the forum threads so that I can be part of that. I have emailed repeatedly asking Paul to resolve this. There was never any response of any kind. Finally, one day he wrote back thanking me for a recent donation and said he would be happy to fix the forum problem. I felt so overjoyed, that I would finally be part of the forum, yes…. but much more then that… it just felt so rightful to actually have had a response, to finally have a direct communication with someone from the Foundation…. because up to that point every attempt at connecting was met with absolutely no response at all. I wrote back to Paul and thanked him for addressing that and also asked if the foundation was available for people to come to and mentioned a recent talk of Raj’s where Raj himself was saying that if each person who loved this work just gave 10$ a month all this energy put into the finances would be resolved. I told Paul that many of us agreed with this and wouldn’t it be wonderful for all involved to all get on the same page.

          Anyhow, as it turned out, I still can’t get on the forum and wrote to Paul two or three more times…..and once again….no response of any kind. None of my questions were ever addressed either.

          I noticed then that I felt disheartened about it ……and at this point have moved away from it a bit….just waiting to see if there are any further steps to take for me here. No matter how many different angles I have looked at this through….there just isn’t a feeling or experience of community, of Friendship and companionship with the Foundation. I believe people want something different….that openness and the brotherhood that Raj constantly speaks of needs to be forthcoming between the Foundation and all of us. Also, I fully agree Robin about needing to know Paul more….to know, really know him as the brother that he is.

          I know this is long but its a sharing that was looking for an invitation and a place to come forth. So here we are. I am grateful for you all sharing your thoughts. I hold all of this in my heart….Listening. Love you Raj and am forever grateful to Paul…whatever goes on from here.

          • Yes – the Gift – moves ON as a ‘Christ-directed’ miracle and not an ago directed system of ANY kind of transaction – including anti-transactional ‘purity’ that frames in terms of guilt!

            • Deborah Lorensen says:

              hello Brina….thanks for your comments…I assume they were directly to me as it mentioned “getting on the forum”. Though I appreciate your thoughts…it represents way way too many words for me. I stand in a very simple place here. Carrying the Christ Consciousness within and essentially as…. my Being, and recognizing this as my one True Teacher and Self… I feel no dependence on this material. It resonates within and mirrors for me the Voice and the Love and the Joy I hear from within. I enjoy it, am companioned and encouraged by it, appreciate it and deeply feel it’s value in all threads of experience but especially within the Course world. It is a Rich and beautiful Gift for many and so it has my heart and my attention….and this particular time with the Foundation may be ushering in a new way of being. I am prayerful as to my place in this. It doesn’t feel that complicated to me…I just keep open for greater and greater Clarity. Blessings

              • The bit about joining the forum was for you and anyone else believing they need Paul to give them access to the Forum (though of course he can and has denied access to those who he perceives as abusing it).
                The rest of what I wrote is offered towards recognizing and reversing the reversal. Everything that seems simple within the ego-reversal is a masked complexity – and without eyes and ears to see and hear – nothing of the Spirit makes sense – though it can be made into nonsense as ever ‘organized religion’ shows.

                If you listen within – and recognize true from false – there is no need to ‘articulate’ that to anyone including yourself – excepting as you feel moved and supported in doing so.
                The recognition is NEVER defined in words – so the belief that words can be true is taking them out of context of the recognition of true. Such is the ‘ego’ of separating thought from Source.

                If anything I write has resonance in anyone reading – that is the meaning shared. For myself – I meditate in resonance of meaning that the words merely clothe. You are always free to take what you find in the way you want to see it – but under blame you will not know your freedom – for your will be ‘right’ against another’s ‘wrong’ and freedom will seem lost to tyranny of such thinking.

          • A real relationship NEVER knowingly USES another but extends an equality of worth. Your experience is not untypical. The Foundation = Paul as the channel for Raj/Jesus and receiver of frequently solicited donations. Since the actual gatherings – that’s it! Its communication is filtered to allow only specific forms of expression.

            To give into that which is not truly receiving, is to prop up the false at expense of the true – under the belief or assertion it must be ‘true’ – and therefore not giving would be false. Anyone can conjecture situations that could account for strange or unaccountable behaviours of another, but can do so only with the involvement of their own ‘ego’. So whatever version of judgements, fears and self-beliefs operate – they are not so different from anyone else’s ‘version’. But they operate AS reality until and unless they are opened to a Holy Spirit Perspective – and any attempt to ‘tell’ anyone anything will only be interpreted in the framework of those beliefs.

            However, our experience IS our feedback; we ‘HAVE our reward’. If we are receiving differently than we ask – is that not a sign that there is more beneath our attention of what is ‘being asked’ that we are currently un-conscious of – and is that not THE recognition to spark a simple and direct curiosity as to what the truth of the situation is? (as I am choosing to experience myself in relation to it – for it is never ‘out there’ and wholly apart from my participation).

            • The ‘ego’ is a trickery of the mind in which a negative can be positively spun and the true positive can then seem a negative act. The entanglement of the ego-sense is nothing more than the condition to spark the Call for the Holy Spirit and the willingness to receive or be shown – in place of ‘self-determining reality’. But while it’s fruit seem to be something to solve or answer ‘alone’, the trick of such Self-displacement gives power to the fear of rejection, abandonment, lack of support, betrayal, enmity and malevolence. All of which call forth the entrenchment of the ego sense in ‘justified’ defence against our own fear-cast shadow self.

              You should not need any assistance in joining the Forum. An email address, username and password sets up a membership account. I cant recall if there is a need to respond a confirmation from the email address given – there may be – check the junk folder. If one username fails, try a different one.

              Joining with the Holy Spirit is the trust in the movement of your true and whole being. Assistance in whatever form serves the purpose is never withheld – but will not be recognized or welcomed by the attempt to join the ego which always results in struggle, burden and lack.

              By their fruits ye shall know them – and they shall know themselves! This holds true regardless self-knowledge or Self-knowledge – because to recognize the ego is to be free of it – but to think about it is to persist in its trick of seeming to be other or apart from Life, your brother and your world – as if such thoughts could become true. Give them to the Holy Spirit – and they ARE translated into true and false in terms of existence Itself. Such is the ‘real world’ of truly shared purpose that the ego masks as the fear of death that it then usurps as if to ‘prove’ its existence as the last word.

              Judgement is not the true inheritance of the Son or Daughter of God – but rises from a sense of self-lack believed and acted upon as real. In this ‘sleep’ the mind neglects to ‘channel’ the extension of a true worth or wholeness of being and so receives in like kind to its giving of judgements that always select, reject, and make special. It makes BY believing the first reaction of a sense of self separateness and is unmade by pausing from such reaction for the true resonance of Felt Recognition – the Homing Beacon Is a maximal communication of Home to an un-homed or displaced self-sense. It is not the provision of a special status that any temporary role might suggest or seem to confer.

              If we knowingly or unconsciously persist in a false sense of our being, we ‘set up’ the curriculum of learning what we are truly doing, and what its cost is. While we believe we know, we persist in sacrificing the New Wine into the old paradigm – and give ’cause’ outside our self and suffer subjection accordingly – under the presentation of being unfairly treated and justifiably assertive.

              That Raj is a Gifting does not mean a requirement to sacrifice oneself in the ‘giving’ and thus engender resentment. Beware the ego’s framing in which you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t! If the Foundation, loses its foundation LOOK to your own giving and abide in the true – without interfering or you will align in ‘beliefs’ and ‘mutually reinforcing agreements’ of your fears and judgements as to the form something ‘should’ take’ or present as – so as to ‘settle’ your disquiet rather than let the recognition of dissonance Call the Holy Spirit in its place.

          • Robin Migalla says:

            Yes, Deborah, it is great to feel the connection. I, too, had it in my mind to call, and here you are :). Thanks for your post.

            • Deborah Lorensen says:

              Hug for you Robin. Yes, let’s connect on phone sometime again. That brings a smile to my Soul xo

  2. Billy says:

    Bless you for the Work you do, and may all your needs be met!

  3. Jo says:

    Father, Mother, Life, Source of my Being, All that Is, Creator Consciousness; through my remembering heart that is joined with Yours in this Holy Moment, I ask in the name of Truth, in the name of the Christed One, that there is some way that Paul will hear this message! I know You hear me Father, Mother Life!
    Dearest Brother of mine, such love and honour and respect flows from my heart this moment to yours. I pray that you can feel it right now. I remember who we are. I remember the Fathers Love for us and our love for Him in this moment. Paul, you are the mirror for all of us. When we come to the site and read the requests and ongoing call for money it triggers feelings of doubt, feelings of anger, feelings of wanting to turn our backs and say, this stuff doesn’t work, everything this Raj bloke is saying can’t be right because if it was, you Paul our brother would not have to suffer lack in this way! What a classic ego move! Beloved Paul, I will not abandon you. None of this has anything to do with the channelling, the website, the money or even Raj! There is something you need to do though Paul. Each one of us will reach this point that you are at. Each one of us will have to surrender everything, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – that includes Raj. Even though Jesus says take my hand and follow me, there is a moment where it seems that his hand has slipped out of ours. I believe you’re at this point. I feel that your ego is putting up an incredible resistance to your desire to step in to the true reality of who you are. I can see myself through your life. I can see the tricks the ego is playing on all of us through the plight of the website and the incredible work that you have done for all of us. But that has to go too! All of it, for just a tiny, single non existent moment! Paul, will you join me? Will you join me as we take the step together? Because remember, it took the two to join to make this whole make believe world up and it will take the two to join and go back together to take the step and because we are all One, as we do this for ourselves we do it for the Whole. Anyone who is reading this is That One. You are That One! When we do this, we step into the more of what God is. All the promises of God become ours. ABUNDANCE is one of the many many many promises of God! But surrender is first. And there’s not an ego on this planet that wants to do that! But through the teachings of Raj we know that we are not our egos. Raj has consistently told us that we are the visibility and tangibility of our individuality, the movement of creation. This truth we must claim. This truth we must focus on. All that has seemed to exist must be surrendered, even the idea of being a wonderful channel, a wonderful spiritual teacher….that has to go. Let’s join. Let’s take the step. It will seem like suicide. Our ego will use anything and everything to create a road block. Let Raj go. Let him go so that he can reveal Himself Truly! Say this prayer together now.
    Father Mother Life, Beloved Creator, Source of my being, I join with you now in this moment, the only moment that exists, the eternal now. I remember who I am. I remember your love for me and my love for you. I remember I am always and forever joined with my whole Awakened Family, the legions of Angels, the masters and friends, guides and guardians, star families, the mighty Elohim, brother Jesus, Mother Mary, all my brothers and sisters in Christ whose number is infinite beyond comprehension. I join with my brother Paul (my sister Jo) and together we stand at the place of truth in our hearts, the Heart of Creation, Your Heart Father Mother Life. From this place we surrender everything we are holding on to that appears to be blocking us from taking the step. We ask you, our Awakened Family, you who are the symbol of the Holy Spirit to take this block, the block of fear and guilt, the block of unreality, you look upon it and judge it for us. We know that this world and this view we have had of ourselves has been built upon a foundation of this fear and guilt. But we also know what the truth is. We know we are God’s Beloved Creations, his darling children that he adores with every fibre of His Being. We claim this truth now as we stand together. We let go now of everything that stands in the way of our true reality. We step in to what seems like the unknown. We acknowledge the fear and keep going. Father, Mother, receive us now. We have taken the step. We are Yours. We are One. We are Home. We are Free.
    And So It Is.
    Ok anyone seen my credit card! 🤣
    And yes I’m sending money. I always have and will continue to. It’s great when you know it’s not about the money. Don’t let the ego snatch this opportunity we have been given for waking up!
    Much love to you all.

  4. Linda Sherwood says:

    Yes. & I have been wondering why the asking for all the Foundation fees and taxes? The outreach organization is internet-based and apparently all materials available are to be downloaded from the website and not physical books anymore; – at least that is my understanding. My spiritual understanding is that Source energy is always and only prosperous and we need just believe in the prosperity that is there for us in order to attract it. The knowing and belief is what attracts the money and resources. All this is confusing to me and feels like poverty Consciousness and negativity.
    Also there are exorbitant Foundation fees that don’t seem justified for an internet-based Outreach.

    • binra says:

      It may be on purpose to experience the lack of power or capacity to fulfil function as part of being brought to releasing the attempt/intent to wield it – albeit in subtle ways. Like any sense of personally manifesting personal outcomes must generate – because the person is not the ‘Son of God’ Nor can a personal sense be made ‘special’ by the Son of God.

      The overheads of this wordpress blog and the TGP site and free forum software are almost nothing relative to the property taxes which are extremely large regular bills. Perhaps they are large properties that ‘Raj’ insists they need. There is an equation of Raj’s outreach with Paul and family – period – regardless any responsibilities for choices taken – as if the Universe should support a lack of limitation, prudence or proportionality. Which it may if wholly aligned in the greater purpose of wholeness of being.

      No one feels right to be critical or challenge ‘Jesus’ and Raj had a way of demonstrating how blocking that attitude was for Paul in their own relationship – so I say it is no different in our larger relationship. If we cant be genuinely ourselves we are being a fake version just for Jesus. Is that not absurd?

      No one is where they are by accident and if gratitude has not been expressed then the gift has not yet been truly received. But the nature of the gift is to extend through a like quality of willingness to all in our lives. If we were meant to become addicted to an external Christ – Jesus would not have moved out of range of our earthly senses.

      Paul is free to ask in whatever way he wants – and sign all of it ‘Raj’ – or Raj is apparently free to speak FOR Paul at Paul’s expense – but if that is so it is Paul’s subordination of will to a Guide rather than alignment in the gratitude and recognition of guidance.

      To make idol of a living one is to accept unreality of self-specialness in place of its release to a lack of condemnation in which what is true reveals itself as shared being.

  5. binra says:

    Raj is in my heart – not your pocket.
    What have you ever joined with to grow a culture – a rich diversity of – messy – but rich INVOLVEMENT?
    What is a conscious culture but a lived appreciation of worth that does not depend on the negative to derive its meaning – for it Is Meaning.
    The Gift moves on – but not without gratitude to Source – and agency.
    May I give as I truly receive and receive reflection in like kind.
    Abandon the use of your brother to serve your own needs.
    Abandon the use of Raj for your own survival.
    Release and be released.
    Confusing the levels is NOT an integrated being.
    The channel HAS been ‘hacked’.
    This can be given to the Holy Spirit as a simple self-recognition.
    Blame, failure or betrayal have no place in a simple curiosity and willingness for truth.

    ‘Unconscious’ is part of the way humanity has structured itself and the steps of the transition to fully open consciousness will use the abilities and structures of the ‘separation in hiding’ for a different purpose – that cannot just be assigned to words or ideals but is received in replacement for the ego that seems to speak for survival over and against – and at expense of others.

    While you think to be in charge of anything, you will keep areas in which illusion hides the truth from you – and you will project or extend from a false premise in certainty it is true – but you will not have the fruits of true and will feel un-supported – as if – from outside.
    The point of perfection is where an imperfection yields to a true appreciation – and acceptance.
    The Holy Spirit wants your welcome and extension of your wholeness – and aligns all else to support the need being met. If you put other needs first – instead of owning and releasing them in communion – you make other interpretations first and see nothing as a basis for trust in your Being.

    Your bills are ‘monsters’ that demand ongoing sacrifice of the truth of you – and the delivering up of the trust of others. That is how the OLD religion works – not the New.
    In the name or the form of the new – does the old persist in making our mind and world.
    I ask you only to notice.
    I cannot give you the noticing.
    But I can meet you in the willingness of a simple curiosity.

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