Removing the Spell of Doubt

Removing the Spell of Doubt


There has to be a lie around
in order for there to be doubt.
Doubt will never tell
the truth.


If you are discouraged, you need to understand that it is the voice of doubt, the voice for fear which has spoken to you—not part of your right mind. And it therefore needs to be set straight by means of the Holy Spirit’s direction.

Indeed, the only way to remember that these thoughts of doubt do not mean anything, no matter where they seem to come from, is to be still and listen for the Voice for Truth, which will always be restorative. You shall know the voices by their fruits. You will know them by the messages they bring. And the messages of doubt are, indeed, discouraging.

Everyone’s Function (and it is your only function) is recognition—the capacity to recognize the Father in each and every thing. It is called co-creation, and it includes recognizing the thoughts that are presented to you on a daily basis—discerning whether they are the independent thoughts of others, independent thoughts of “your own,” or the fruits of being joined with the Holy Spirit.

In discerning the difference, you will recognize what is true and what is false. But be alert to the honesty it will require, because once you have been seduced into thinking you don’t really know the difference, you will find that you have an investment in the “false” which supports an independent sense of selfhood, its right to its point of view, and an inherent resistance to any other point of view!

Let it be clear that the Holy Spirit never uses doubt for any reason! It’s Function is to restore, align, reconstitute, unify, and it does so by means of confirming your practice of faith (the opposite of doubt), which re-introduces you to your right Mind where wholeness naturally comes to view through the report of Love.

Indeed, Truth is revealed through the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and discernment . . . as well as mine . . . and it will always come through the center of you. Doubt, on the other hand, will always sit on the periphery, an imagined selfhood, never truly able to become part of Reality—of who you really Are.

Now, the element of trust that increases the visibility of your good is introduced to you by your gift of faith. And only discernment can then reveal the truth that nothing untrue exists which can be made true through the use or manipulation of doubt.

Having faith in your brother must then mean, do not agree with his practice of doubt or his attempts to create it. Instead, take the Holy Spirit’s wise counsel, looking forward to the experience of goodness that it brings, and deal with your brother from that perspective. Do not listen to the teachers of doubt. They will not aid you in the experience of Revelation. The only thing true about doubt is that it is not useful, and is often misinterpreted as discernment—the real action of the Holy Spirit in you.

Even though doubt and fear are inseparable, they simply cannot cross the line into service of the discovery of what is true, and contrary to current wishful thinking, the Holy Spirit cannot make such a conversion by turning them to everyone’s advantage. They lead through a maze of suspicion which only compounds itself, and are useful only to those who wish to manipulate for power’s sake at another’s expense.

Let the Holy Spirit reveal to you the assurance that an alternate reality cannot be created through their use. In knowing the Truth, you will be experiencing what discernment feels like, what wisdom feels like . . . and it will feel good. It will be the experience of freedom, the relief from bondage.

Doubt, on the other hand, causes one to go in search of Truth where It cannot be found—in a selfhood that doesn’t exist. But the truth about doubt is that its promises of power to make that selfhood “real” are lies! And to remove this spell of doubt it is necessary to understand that the hidden seductive premise, the lie which gives rise to doubt is:

If you can doubt something, it’s probably justified.

Thus, in the spinning of illusion, in the misleading introduction of “alternate facts,” in the authoritative statements which contradict common sense and experience, doubt is elicited and promoted specifically to cast a spell, mesmerizing the unsuspecting by purposely applying doubt to Truth . . . knowing that with Truth in doubt, Its Function as the anchor in Reality disappears.

Without an anchor, disorientation, fear and vulnerability arise, replacing self-respect, self-confidence and the ability to be self-governed. In that state one has no defense against suggestion, domination and control. In fact, one looks for it!

One looks for the security of someone who will say, “I know the answer.” But, in the state of fear which has been generated, no flags go up if that “someone” says, “Let me be your voice.” “Let my strength and confidence protect you” . . . while neglecting to add the rest of the sentence . . . “and distract you from remembering your divine integrity as the Son or Daughter of God.”

“I promise you,” he says, “that you will be happier than you have ever been when I make things great again!” What he means is, “I will restore your integrity by straightening everything out that took it away. And I will do it without revealing to you that your integrity was always intact, held safe in the Will of God, even though I seduced you into believing, or confirmed your belief that it had been taken away, and convinced you to look to me to be your savior.”

Those who exercise such abuse in “the name of everyone’s good,” will discover that . . .

The Holy Spirit never set them on that path.
Sanity will never confirm it.
Objection and resistance will occur
and the goal will fail!

“God’s promises,” however, “make no exceptions. And He guarantees that only joy can be the final outcome found for everything. Yet it is up to us when this is reached; how long we let an alien will appear to be opposing His. And while we think this will is real, we will not find the end He has appointed as the outcome of all problems we perceive, all trials we see, and every situation that we meet. Yet is the ending certain. For God’s Will is done in earth and Heaven. We will seek and we will find according to His Will, which guarantees that our will is done.

“We thank You, Father, for Your guarantee of only happy outcomes in the end. Help us not interfere, and so delay the happy endings You have promised us for every problem that we can perceive; for every trial we think we still must meet.” (A Course in Miracles, Lesson 292)

Kingston, Washington
March 19th, 2017



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6 Responses to Removing the Spell of Doubt

  1. Sabu says:

    Doubt and anxiety go hand in hand. I’m learning to be gentle with the doubting Thomas in me.

    Many thanks. x

  2. Fran law says:

    Thank you such a wonderful teaching….

  3. Joe Blake says:

    Thank you, Raj. It is what I am learning:after giving doubt an ear, giving it credence in the past, now to refuse it immediately, saying to it “That’s not True”. And then setting my mind in the direction of the Holy Spirit. It appears in my mind as a penumbra, a dark fringe around the Truth, on the edge of the Light.

  4. Adrienne Godsmark says:

    Thank you Raj, this message is an answer to my prayer!

  5. davidspyle says:

    Superb, indeed!
    Keep ’em coming.

  6. billy says:

    right on..superb

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