On Not Being Loved

On Not Being Loved


You are never just feeling unloved. You are always drawing a measurement in relation to what others are receiving and you are not!

How do you know you are not loved, but by this measurement you have laid upon yourself and “others,” which is actually a judgment? Therefore, you’re not experiencing being unloved. You’re experiencing the effects of your judgment . . . and it’s actually upon the Source of Love, which is God.

God cannot prove His Love to you, but the truth is that God is immeasurable Love, and He reveals that to you moment by moment as you bring faith to that!

Kingston, Washington
March 4th, 2017


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3 Responses to On Not Being Loved

  1. binra says:

    …Or to some other moment in which the mind defines as love.
    But yes always by comparison of one ‘state’ with another.
    I Want it thus! – sets up the ego in place of true willing.

    If judgement – or accepted definitions of reality acted as true – is itself questioned – then it has to be paused of energising in order to look and see – and this breaks the spell of assertive identity within the judged state (accepted as if true), and a fresh ‘take’ or balancing within what is here – arises spontaneously – because it has never been withheld – but can only be seen to operate within a relational wholeness of being, whereas in a conditional or partial focus – only those filtered aspects of a wholeness appear – as if conflicting polarities – and attempt to enforce balance persist imbalance.
    Not being loved is a lack of self acceptance. Hence the light of another’s acceptance extends to reMind the love that its nature is receiving and giving – and not for-getting

  2. Fran law says:

    Good reminder Raj thank you…..Fran

  3. Gail Grivois says:

    Immeasurable Love. Awesome. Measurement as judgment. Thank you. This insight calls for the childish ego view to be replaced with adult wisdom. How often does unfair comparisons to others blind us to the treasures at hand. I love you, Raj.

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