Don’t Forget!

Don’t Forget!


You must remember that every thing you see—anything, in any form, no matter whether beautiful or ugly, constructive or destructive—is made up of adamantine particles* which are not governed by the forms they are in, but by the framer of the ideas which they represent. This means that they, in what you might call “infinite flexibility to take on any form” . . .

. . . are already in motion, even though hovering in form,

. . . are not stuck in the form you might see at any given moment,

. . . and cannot be inhibited from immediately conforming to the Father’s Will instead of to your prevailing belief the moment you release the belief.

* adamantine particles

Kingston, Washington
January 29th, 2017


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7 Responses to Don’t Forget!

  1. Christine Garnaud says:

    THANK YOU dear RAJ, I needed to hear this!

  2. Peter Pijnen says:

    Adamantine as in indestructible?

  3. billy says:


  4. Ayana says:

    Got it!

    It’s the wave-particle thing that beats me.

  5. Sabu says:

    Again, full of hope and faith. Thank you!

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