Suspension of Common Sense

Suspension of Common Sense


The Post-Truth Era

Is Truth important any more? Is It now passé? Was It ever really valid? Or was It simply a useful concept like those of “reason” and “logic” with which to manipulate and finesse one another into some sense of harmony that would otherwise be unavailable in the “structureless chaotic nature” of being?

Has Truth been nothing more than imagination brought to bear upon disorder, suggesting the presence of principles and therefore of structure or stability which provided comfort even though they were imaginations? In the “Post-Truth Era,” are we just now discovering the unnerving fact that there is no Truth?

So it would seem.

The idea that whatever is said, if said confidently and often enough, can be safely believed and relied upon requires the suspension of common sense. In that state of suspension, illusion becomes an involving alluring substitute for Reality, and in that state of suspension Reality becomes an unwelcome intruder, disturbing the continuity and attractive nature of the illusion, disallowing for communication with anyone who is not participating in the illusion and causing the loss of friends or communication with family members who have suddenly become strangers because their perception of Truth has changed.

To be sure, the suspension of common sense on the basis of faith in the words of another is not always a result of coercion. It is often engaged in as an escape from things difficult to deal with or an avoidance of self-responsibility. The point is that no matter what the reason, “suspending common sense” results in suspending Truth.

It is Truth which allows for the distinction to be made between Reality and unreality, right and wrong, honesty and dishonesty, and the reason is that Truth is the measure of things. It is not only important and valid, It is absolute! It is like light. You bring darkness to it and the light discloses that darkness is not there. You bring illusions to Truth and Truth discloses that they are not there.

Truth is absolutely dominant, and is the measure which, because It is unchangeable, discloses no disease where disease had seemed to be, no misunderstanding where misunderstanding had seemed to be, and life where death had seemed so imminent and real.

There is no post-Truth era, unless one wants a justification for being dishonest, ill, hateful, prejudiced, and on and on. Talk about the
Post-Truth Era enough and you may find others willing to suspend common sense as well, and confirm it—not just as an idea, but as a behavior! But it doesn’t make any of it real, and it does make those joining in it deluded.

In the Post-Truth Era, Truth is not particularly popular or valuable or valued. Personal opinions are. Mutual agreements and mutual disagreements and the negotiations which lie therein are more highly valued than the two-step, the holy instant, the act which asks of Truth, “What is Truth?” and then gives voice to the Voice for Truth.

Truth is what the lie is a substitute for.
Love is what hate is the call for.
And Reality is what illusion is the distortion of.

There is much grief, sadness, anger and disillusionment being felt presently, and the primary reason is that it is demoralizing for the repeated practice of lying, of misrepresentation, of vacillating from one position to another, to be engaged in as though it’s nothing more than a way of communicating—senseless though it might be. It is demoralizing for Truth to be misrepresented as meaningless—or as meaning whatever you choose it to be at any given time.

If you are experiencing these feelings, it means you have taken the bait and are doubting Truth, doubting Its absoluteness, doubting that It is the absolute measure of all things, reporting the presence of God there, there, there, and over there. It means that you have been finessed into the belief that the meaninglessness of Truth is holding sway and may be lost forever. That is dispiriting!

You may feel all alone in your awareness that Truth is still real and valuable, that it is Truth Which gives Meaning to everything, to all that God is being (and He is being All), but you may rest assured that even in your apparent aloneness, you are anchored in Reality, in Sanity, and are being the Measure that those who have suspended common sense—abandoned Truth—will use to make their way back into the conscious experience of what Reality is. Patience and forbearance will see you through.

Personhood or Brotherhood

What will provide you with this patience and forbearance is understanding what causes the loss of the capacity to distinguish Truth from illusion, and it’s quite simple.

In the mutual agreement of two Sons and/or Daughters of God to get a divorce from their Father by choosing to define Creation in their “own” creative ways, they simply substituted “thinking” for “attention.” Instead of being the observing of Creation with the Father and confirming it as the Father’s—performing their Function as co-creators with God—they stopped giving their attention to Creation with Him and began “thinking” of new definitions to apply to the constantly forthcoming manifestation of the Movement of the Mind of God so that they might have the audacity to confirm it as theirs.

What they didn’t realize was that they were establishing a sense of “personhood” that they would have to fill with personal preferences, perspectives and goals which would form a persona—a definition of themselves which they would have to interminably midwife anew into the world, having forgotten that their identity was already forever unchangeably established in the Mind of God. And so it is today.

Put another way, they created egos for themselves and for each other. In this way, instead of providing themselves with incredible freedom of self-expression and authority, they actually adopted an imprisoning form of privacy—an unconsciousness of the infinite perspective which was theirs by Birthright—functioning rather like a black hole, irresistably pulling the experience of Being down into an experience of “becoming,” and therefore one of eternal dissatisfaction. And so it is today.

This irresistable lure to give birth to an ever-improved persona caused the process of creating and negotiating new mutual agreements to become one of pure competition, and the only tools available to be used were the two unexpected elements that came into play at the time of the separation . . . which were Fear and Guilt. And so it is today.

Now, Fear and Guilt, as an everpresent frame of mind, coupled with Fear and Guilt as the only means of accomplishing anything in relationships, is an unnatural condition, and no matter how skillful one may have become in “forcing” a peaceful arrangement of people and things, anger resides just below the surface. One’s divine Sanity remains, whether one is behaving insanely or not, and does not allow for peace when one is insisting upon being a persona—when one is out of his right Mind.

This anger is a wake-up call. It says, “Notice how you’re using your Mind!” It is a call for the holy instant. It is a call for Brotherhood instead of personhood—a call for joining with your fellowman after first joining with the Father and undoing the divorce, the separation. In fact, it must be done for your fellowman, else one is still serving person-hood.

But, when one is caught up in a sense of a private mind, separate and apart from his brother, it’s tricky! The anger is projected out onto the world and his fellowman, and they are the cause of his distress—not him and his poor use of his Mind. Missing the cue, he walks around like a live grenade, ready to blow, but intent on not blowing by using fear and guilt to manipulate everyone and everything by the sheer force of his will.

Although the undercurrent of anger doesn’t keep one from distinguishing Truth from illusion, it causes one to opt for illusion because it seems that is the only thing one can control. But here’s the problem. If the anger is aroused, if there is a rabblerouser or warmonger whose rhetoric inflames one’s anger, discernment becomes impaired, the tares and wheat become indistinguishable, and one trusts the untrustworthy. Anger unchecked causes loss of communication with those who recognize Truth, with those who are trustworthy.

When you understand this, you understand what you can and cannot do, and you don’t attempt the impossible. Those who cannot distinguish Truth from illusion, who have spiraled down from Being to “becoming” and have succumbed to anger motivations, require sober observation and prayer. Healing is needed. But until healing is asked for, until healing is wanted, there is nothing you can do except to watch carefully to see that they bring no harm to either of you.

The rift seen in so many places on your globe represents the prevailing extremity of fear and the incredibly imbalanced ethic of taking care of Number One, and it represents the willingness to override brotherly love for the sake of self-protection.

In the presence of fear aroused to the level of anger—gladly expressed as further division and separation of the Brotherhood, of mankind—it requires the peace-mongers who are not as loud and fiery to stand with patience and forbearance, unmoved in the inner experience of the fact that this is not a Post-Truth Era, that Truth is valid, is important, is not passé, and then share that Knowing which is forthcoming with those who are asking, those who do want to know, those who do want peace, those who are willing to do the work of shifting their allegiance from personhood to Brotherhood.

The Correction of Sickness and Sin

There is an important learning in this: The correction of sin is different from the correction of sickness. Why? Because sin is an act of will, consciously engaged in, while sickness is a belief entertained as a result of the ignorance of Truth. The sick are healed, whereas the sinner is reformed. And the reformation of the sinner is always the evidence of the decision to abandon self-will. This decision cannot be done for the “sinner” by another, while it can be done for the sick by one bearing witness to his divinity.

It may be your clear experience that when you listen for the Voice for Truth on behalf of another there is a change which occurs—healing takes place. And logic may tell you that this must apply to every situation. But when willfulness is exercised for purposes of control and abuse, when dishonesty is practiced for purposes of misleading another for one’s personal gain or to take advantage of him, more is called for than witnessing for the holiness of the one being willful.

There is a reason for the existence of the word “repent.” It is because correction—the healing of the “sinner”—will not be effected by simply loving him as God’s self-expression. It is embodied in the words, “Go, and sin no more.” Reformation—changed behavior as the result of a change of heart and mind—is not only essential to the healing of the sinner, it is the healing. This is why I said, “until healing is asked for, until healing is wanted, there is nothing you can do.” The difference between the sick and the sinning is that the sick want healing, while the sinner wants nothing to interfere with his independent self-centered authority—his persona.

When one loses a sense of distinction between the ego and the Son of God, he must understand that a correction is needed. He must revisit the moment when a grievance became righteous anger, opening a doorway to confusion—shifting from Brotherhood to personhood. When a lie is still being superimposed on the mind of humanity, it is still a time to be vigilant, and the lie is that man has a mind of his own located in his body and supported by the belief that he is a body—the basis of personhood.

You cannot accept the ego as the Son of God. Real change is when you are no longer accepting that the ego is the authorizer and can coexist as the sidekick with the Son of God. The difference between the belief that man is God and the truth that God is all there is to man—the Son of God—must be reckoned with.

The Son of God is not a lie and his innocence is preserved by what the Father is being. Let your prayer be, “I simply would not have it otherwise. Thank you, Father, that wholeness is mine, for me and my brother.”

And the suspension of common sense ends!

Kingston, Washington
January 12th, 2017


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2 Responses to Suspension of Common Sense

  1. Sabu says:

    A beautiful distinction between sickness and sin. I’m sure I heard Ray express this before somewher. Thorough redemption will be needed for healing to be total. Last night I asked for healing for a brother. It felt like a genuine asking, not just words. And at some point while reflecting, those words came to me, ‘go and sin no more,’ or we will just manifest another symptom. I’m very aware, I want to be healed, but am I ready to completely surrender and trust, ‘no.’ Not yet. But it must be so that that’s where we’re all being led to.


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