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The Appreciation of Giving

The Appreciation of Giving!                  ————-oOo————- Dear friends, There being less than $300 in the Foundation’s bank account, and tomorrow being the 1st of the month, a significant infusion of financial support is invited—a minimum of $2,400 to cover the … Continue reading

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Timeless Pertinence!

How Will You Respond? . . . from January 16th, 2015 ————-oOo————- “Do not be afraid.” “What do you mean, don’t be afraid? Are you saying that in the face of the increasing atrocities and violence which are occurring there … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget!

Don’t Forget! ————-oOo————- You must remember that every thing you see—anything, in any form, no matter whether beautiful or ugly, constructive or destructive—is made up of adamantine particles* which are not governed by the forms they are in, but by … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Thank You!                  ————-oOo————- Dear friends, Contributions continue to be received since Monday’s Update, and for those who have yet to make a contribution there are two things it will be helpful to know. First: Approximately $2,000 is still needed … Continue reading

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Update                  ————-oOo————- Dear friends, The 20th of the month is now only four days away and the response of many to the invitation made on the 13th has reduced the amount needed from $7,000 to  approximately $3,800. Thank you … Continue reading

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An Idea Whose Time has Come

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Continue reading

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Suspension of Common Sense

Suspension of Common Sense ————-oOo————- The Post-Truth Era Is Truth important any more? Is It now passé? Was It ever really valid? Or was It simply a useful concept like those of “reason” and “logic” with which to manipulate and … Continue reading

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