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Today’s Opportunity

Today’s Opportunity ————-oOo————- Dear friends, One week from tomorrow the interest/penalty assessed on the unpaid property taxes which the Foundation owes will increase from $40 to $400. And this will be in addition to the $4001 which was due on … Continue reading

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Update #3

Update #3 ————-oOo————- Dear friends, We are approaching the 20th of the month in three days when the majority of the Foundation’s expenses come due. In addition, not all of the property taxes were able to be paid for on … Continue reading

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A Word to the Wise

A Word to the Wise ————-oOo————- Not just a word to the wise, but a word to the Wisdom in each of you, because It is there. Sometimes you don’t pay any attention to It, but It accompanies you as … Continue reading

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