It’s the “Doing” Part

It’s the “Doing” Part


PAUL: There is a lot of energy around. To my sense some of it is you, having things to say—things needing to be said. Some of it is inseparable from the presidential campaigns, as well.

I know something is called for, but I do not know what it is, and so I am asking for you to share your clarity, uncover what I need to know, and guide me in whatever the next steps are. That is why I am here.

RAJ: First of all, Paul, neither one of us is immobilized, even though it may feel that way. There simply is nothing which can block “being conscious.” You can choose to give your attention to something nonproductive, but nothing can force you to do so. You can give your attention where there is movement or where there is none, and you can change your focus at any time. And of course the only place where movement is occurring is in the holy instant—the joining with the Holy Spirit, the Father’s perspective.

PAUL: I am listening for your voice because I literally don’t know what is actually appropriate, even though I have many ideas. I am choosing to abandon them and turn to you.

RAJ: Very well, Paul.

PAUL: What do we have to say or do? I am listening.

RAJ: As you have been listening, the idea of being confrontive has come to your mind, coupled with an awareness that you don’t want to be confrontive because it will make you vulnerable. You have also remembered a recent conversation where I pointed out that I was simply being more direct than you are used to being. You have hit the nail on the head.

You might as well get used to it. We will be confrontive. We will be direct. We will be bold. Again, though, “bold” is your interpretation of simply being “matter-of-fact.” You are not used to it. What it boils down to is honesty, and this is very important for you to see.

Yes, you can see that on the one hand you have been very reluctant to be honest, while on the other hand you have felt the emptiness and frustration of “being silenced.” You see the dilemma. You could say you have been bullied into submission to not upset the status quo. But you are the one who has bullied yourself into that position. You know, it’s simple. If you’re not going to be honest, there’s no reason to open your mouth and say anything. What’s the point?

You have noticed since we stopped reading from the Course, that I have spent less time on the theory and principles of A Course in Miracles, and have promoted engaging in their practice. It’s not all about “listen and learn.” It’s about “listen, learn and do.”

When we resume reading from the Course, and finish up “The Obstacles to Peace,” it will not be the same as it was before. The push for change of behavior will hold a firmer position and will increase. Why? Because the whole point of A Course in Miracles is to promote correction of that first step into “independence” in which one’s Birthright was abandoned and the misperception of Self and Creation took precedence as a new “virtual operating system”—an operating system built upon two illusions: fear and guilt.

As I have continuously pointed out, here were the Sons and Daughters of God, still right in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, still absolutely divine, acting out a self belief of orphanhood in a “world” distorted by the lenses of fear and guilt.

Still in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven, still the full-fledged Sons and Daughters of God, each of you today must abandon the independence from your Father which holds your virtual operating system in place, governing your experience through fear and guilt, and it must be done right here in “this world” because “this world” is actually the Kingdom of Heaven seen through a glass darkly.

So, the doing part of, “Listen, learn and to do,” will occur right here, with your brothers right here—the ones whose eyes you can look into and remember God—with the educational systems and political systems right here, because here is where life free of fear and guilt awaits your participation.

Be careful that your concept of the Christ doesn’t get in the way of hearing what the Christ has to say. There is nothing outside of the purview of the Christ or of the Holy Spirit. Remember that I came and was crucified because I was perceived to be a threat to the political and religious establishment. Why? Because I was daily engaged in upsetting the status quo by challenging the misperceptions of God and sharing a new perspective of Him and of my brothers and sisters, whose sense of orphanhood needed to be lifted from them. I did this in the Temple and, of course, in Roman territory. I was not interested in overthrowing a government or of usurping the authority of the Temple. But I was in their territory because that’s where my brothers and sisters were.

Do not use A Course in Miracles as an escape from the “doing.” The teaching and expression of love is to be brought into every walk of life, every human condition, with humility and joy to be able to participate in the transformation of the Kingdom of Heaven which fear and guilt perceive as a material world into the Kingdom of Heaven which It actually is. And realize that if you do use it as an escape from the “doing,” you will be misusing the Course and will miss its blessing, and you will not allow the Christ or the Holy Spirit to perform their function because “they couldn’t possibly care one way or another about the process of a political election, the resolving of economical difficulties, or helping the poor.”

The fact is that there is no justifiable spot where the excellence of Truth and Love should not be brought through the practice of the holy instant and transformed with patience, intent, persistence and education.

“Oh, but we’re not here to change anyone, or change the system.” You bet you are! If that’s not what you’re here for, you might as well just roll over and die.

Do you think I am not here to change anyone? You bet I am . . . ever since that first Christmas! My task is to break the mesmeric hold that the virtual operating system has on everyone who is not Awake. Those who refuse to hear, I leave alone because they will not hear me. But to those who are even slightly stirring out of their mesmeric unconsciousness, I will talk their brotherly or sisterly ears off in support of their awakening. And so will the Holy Spirit.

You know what? It’s the “doing” part of the Course which renders it practical and valuable. Without it the listening and learning are like the snooze button on an alarm clock, giving you a few more minutes, hours, years, to dream the dreams of fear and guilt in a virtual state of holiness that pleases your ego but doesn’t mean anything.

The “doing” breaks the isolation, forming a triad of communion—you with the Father and you with your brother—which restores you to your right mind. It links you all in Sonship and Brotherhood. Family. And it’s called “coming Home” . . . right where you are.

Kingston, Washington
October 27, 2016


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5 Responses to It’s the “Doing” Part

  1. Jean Adams says:

    Thank You as I have been distracted by the election. I needed the reminder of doing.

  2. billy says:

    this is so great!

  3. Mcs says:

    I hope all those naysayers will take good notice of this latest response from Raj.
    It’s never too late or too humiliating to be absolutely humbled by the Truth.
    So … Heads Up! All you doubting Thomases!
    Correction is good and necessary especially if you want to wake up.

  4. Sabu says:

    Ooohhh! Powerful, Raj. And as always, involved. What could possibly have been more disruptive – if you will – to the status quo of the human condition than your resurrection?

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