Do You Know Why . . .

Do You Know Why . . .


Do you know why the work we do must rest on the idea of Gift? Because it is based on Creation happening in the now, requiring an act of faith of the one who is listening for the Voice for Truth—the Voice that all of you are listening for when you read a communication such as this—as well as those who wish to hear what is being said.

Faith always rests at the door of an open mind . . . and Creation happens!

Faithlessness, on the other hand, closes the door, and from that point—of ignoring the light, the love and the peace which the act of faith would naturally bring—it becomes a great distraction from the experience of your health and well being.

Inspiration, revelation and Creation arise out of faith.

The inspiration which is the revelation of Creation is “given permission” to occur by faith. Faith is the foundation of Creation. It is the primal “spark,” the fundamental impulse in the Mind of God from which Creation comes—the initiator of All That Is—never premeditated, calculated or planned: “Behold, I make all things new.” Creation is therefore a Gift from the very nature of the Mind of God.

Now, the practice of the holy instant is the practice of faith. It is leaning into the Father in silence—without premeditation, calculations or plans—listening for what you aren’t expecting. It is you, being faith, catching the wave—latching onto the impulse of Faith in the movement of God at the instant just before “inspiration, revelation and Creation”—and then fulfilling your Function of co-creator by riding the Wave which you are not creating and no longer pretending to yourself or others to be something separate or different from It.

The Course says, “To have, give all to all,” and this is not just a nice thought. It is an absolute. There is no other way to “have.” This is why everything we do is based on Gift. It is why there is nothing to purchase from us. It is why there is an abundance of materials instantaneously available without process of any kind. And it is why everyone is invited to support this work by participating in extending the gift through contributions.

Everything we are doing is meant to promote transformation, that everyone may arrive at the conscious experience and actions described here:

Now we, as the Sons and Daughters of God cooperate as co-creators with our Father in the act of extending faith to one another as brothers and sisters, that we bring no harm to each other, but rather act in unity with the Will of our Father, so that love may flow like a river through the land of our brotherhood. Our oneness is great cause for our gratitude that we are as our Father has created us, and that there is nothing else but God being as each and every one of His Sons and Daughters from His magnitude. His will be done.


Kingston, Washington
August 16th, 2016


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2 Responses to Do You Know Why . . .

  1. Barbara says:

    I’ve really been enjoying your voice in this, our movement. It is the note which I couldn’t hear well, until you sing it, . Thank you so much for your song. .

  2. binra says:

    Until self-doubt or self-division arose by which to seem conflicted – as a result of giving and receiving unlike our true nature, Source and being, faith was invisibly implicit in the desire and the fulfilment – as one instant – embodying as one movement in all its parts.
    The call for faith is for fidelity with what has been revealed true and yet is not completely felt and known true because a condition of conflicting belief calls for correction – and so the way is kept open for truth to register as the perspective arising from the movement of being – instead of closing and contracting around the self-protective gesture of defence relative to perceived offence.
    In the intimacy of the movement of being recognized and accepted and lived – is faith replaced by knowing of being – which is not a definition of claimed knowledge so much as a fluidity of receptivity and balance within the movement Itself. This is the gift of Creation – and not the gift I tried to give myself first – by which an image or concept stood in place of the freedom to be and know all that I am.
    This ego always speaks first – but its correction reveals the all embracing light of that which is ‘First’ yet timeless – and therefore always now – even where a world of sin, sickness,war and death seem incontrovertibly real.
    I do not not claim this for my ‘self’ – but I do relinquish any claim to hate in my name – as is revealed to me through growing willingness to live from the gift of living faith instead of dead concept.
    When any such hatred interjects between the movement of being and my sense of existence it attracts guilt and denial in a kind of self-protection from overwhelm. The gift of balancing within all that is, arises in alignment with truth and not from the coercive imposition of a false will and its sacrificial dictate.

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