Being Outside of the Box

Being Outside
of the Box


When you are having a bad day, when circumstances seem overwhelming, when nothing can seem to lift you out of the doldrums, the very idea of inspiration does not occur because every element of your “perception of your day” kills any positive impulse by specifically magnifying only how bad everything is, turning even the good and benign into the confirmation of hell. It is a miserable experience and there seems to be no alternative when it is happening.

There is a reason for this.

Inspiration, together with transformation and redemption, will never be found abiding in the context of illusions/problems or the beliefs which give birth to them. This is because the Creator’s “Touch” is not present in them—the infinite is absent.

Within the confines of an independent and therefore finite act—the act of thinking for yourself and determining the meaning of everything that is happening—cannot be found the movement of Life which bears the unmistakeable stamp of originality . . . of That which was never-before-known because It arose out of the unfathomable Mind of God. This is why problems can never be solved from the level of the problem. And this is why, ultimately, it is discovered that the problem is not real and that a miracle is “a sudden shift of perception”—from the finite to the infinite—instead of a manipulation of the finite into a more comfortable misperception.

Inspiration draws from the Father’s perspective . . . a perspective provided by the Father to His Sons and Daughters because That is all He has to give, and because your receiving It and recognizing It for what It is, is your part in Creation as co-creators with Him.

Inspiration is also the essential element necessary for release from illusion—together with the transformation and redemption which always accompany It—because the illusion, the problem, that which calls for correction, is, itself, the blocking of inspiration, and therefore the interruption of your part in co-creation. It is that which causes you to forget that “there is another way to look at this,” and you find yourself compellingly, addictively preoccupied with “streaming” awfulness which doesn’t stop because you have forgotten that you can change your mind. In other words, you are cultivating and reinforcing the misery by giving yourself permission to gaze at it like a mouse, helplessly fascinated by the shaking rattle which is some distance away from the fangs in the mouth of a snake which intends to eat it!

It is the spell of preoccupation with that which is demoralizing and incapacitating to you which must be broken.
It is not the solving or overcoming of every awful thing
parading through your mind!

But what is inspiration? What will it be about? What could it be about that would successfully draw you away from your current focus of attention? Well, it won’t be about you. Your depression is about you. The parade of awful things is about you. And no matter who or what you think is depressing you, it won’t be them. It will be you, using their words and their behavior to confirm some belief you are entertaining about yourself—your worthlessness, your uselessness, your awfulness—no matter what they’re saying, good or bad. And when you are engaged in independence, the exercise of a private mind, you lose something quite essential: The experience of belonging, the experience of fitting in.

The floodgates of inspiration will be opened when your brother becomes the focus of your attention . . . when selfishness and its inherent misery is replaced by including another as worthy of your attention and becoming involved.

The beauty of Truth is that mankind can never become part of a social justice system, only because within his inalienable right to his pursuit of happiness, he is met with conscience—his own conscience—unified with Purpose: The Golden Rule.

Independence and conscience are mutually exclusive terms. Conscience is a relative term, having meaning only in relationships. Fulfillment, then, takes a village—the Family of Man held within the Mind of the Creator: The one that constitutes the many. This thought is what conscience feels like.

On the other hand, specialness is separation devoid of a feedback system (or so it thinks) where confidence says, “Only for my private self do I live,” and within its self-importance it can then justify itself as part of a social justice system whose goal is: The accomplishment of worth through the glorification of a private mind. This, too, is a thought, but not a real one. Thoughts thought without conscience corrupt communication, and what is conscience upheld by but the Golden Rule?

When we are thinking independently, unguided by the Holy Spirit, we ignore the Place where we are being from—out from Mind . . . a place of embracing our infinitude. And without conscience, thoughts become a mere defense against all that our infinitude embraces. The solitary isolation is hell, and inspiration is the only way out. And that simply requires a shift of attention, a willingness to be outside of the box, and the sudden shift of perception which inevitably follows!

Kingston, Washington
August 13th, 2016




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6 Responses to Being Outside of the Box

  1. binra says:

    Rightly highlighted:
    “It is the spell of preoccupation with that which is demoralizing and incapacitating to you which must be broken.
    It is not the solving or overcoming of every awful thing
    parading through your mind!”

    Where we are coming FROM is what we are ‘FRUITING” – if we have conflicted or conflicting outcome then IS it true or is it not – and if we find WE are conflicted then do or don’t do whatever it takes to break the spell of reacting from a sense of problem that is falsely defining you.

    I find that as the awakening shift from believed script to simple presence occurs – the ‘problem’ either disappears, fades or is seen in an entirely different way – that does NOT hold me hostage – and I take a good step from which perspective grows with me.

    Where we are coming from is what we forget when we frame ourself in terms of specific outcomes that are not met – and feel unsupported, denied or hurt.

    Because accepting love or perhaps better said the acceptance of the true of our being – that then recognizes itself love – is the foundation from which everything else follows – I do not feel to demonize the self so much as invite expansion and release from false beliefs and consequent distorted feelings, thoughts and desires – by recognizing the power of the choices already active – but unrecognized.

    If we read (any situation) to translate everything into terms of a problem identity – we merely turn help into ammunition with which to hurt ourself some more.
    But the self we can hurt is not the self God Created but that which we have taught and learned to believe.

  2. Sabu says:

    Thank you Raj and Paul. But my seeming dilemma is how to stay consciously involved in relationship to and with others when I feel so pulled to come back into the mindsets of the human condition when I’m starting to feel a new clarity which is outside the box? Even as I try to keep some of my attention on you and anger still comes at me because the other may feel too challenged by what I say. It seems to be such a fine line. I often don’t know if I’m Guided or if its my own agenda. The only thing I do feel somewhat certain about is that I will not be pulled back in. This feels like integrity but can also seem like a defensive stance – hooked into guilt perhaps? I feel energy for saying (at least to myself) ‘no’ to being pulled back in the box but should I question this if there’s still no real meeting with the other person? Right or wrong, I have to stay with the ‘no’ to being pulled back in. A comment would be welcome.

    Sabu x

    • binra says:

      I am but your brother who joins in your willingness to stand in integrity as you are ongoingly willing to feel it – without letting that become a weapon or judgement against the choices of others that you do not share.
      I would say – rest certain you are not in the box and be more able to live your ‘no’ as a gentleness of being.
      Anger coming at you is a result of you not meeting the emotional demands of others. You know in your heart if you are taking pleasure in provoking or affecting superiority – and if you pick up on that drop it immediately and be open and willing to extend gratitude to those who those who do have light for your appreciation even if in forms that let you become even more clear of what you are not – and perhaps of your unwillingness to share certain FORMS of being together that are not so much unloving as challenging to your cultural; upbringing. But one cannot decide to ‘meet’ another, one can only open to relationship and communication as a willingness of discernment to the opportunity – and to in any case honour them for who they truly are – regardless their current sense of who they believe themselves to be.
      Saying absolutely NO to the undermining of integrity is your bottom line. Without it you lose everything. Others may be helping you identify weaknesses in YOUR willingness to be congruent with who you are – by bringing corresponding patterns of guilt and fear in denial.
      Something of this came up for me recently that I felt to confront directly an openly – which led to a transformation of a very disturbing experience to a genuinely present shared willingness – and ongoing communication.
      From another angle I feel just to say that when meeting emotional difficulty in others – bullshit or evasion is picked up immediately. But being able to be truly with yourself – is being able to be truly with another – and this is the condition in which another feels loved – not in the bullshit ‘spiritual’ niceness in which real but difficult feelings know they cannot be owned or communicated.
      If this helps in any way, thankyou for asking – though I am not the asked for agency of delivery 😉

  3. billy says:

    boy, I needed this today!

  4. Barbara says:

    Thank you! This is so very good, so very cool as the kids would say. Love, B

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