ACIM Study Group—July 16, 2016

A Course in Miracles
Study Group
with Raj

July 16, 2016


Click the “Play” button on the left to listen.

Transcript coming shortly. Enjoy!

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11 Responses to ACIM Study Group—July 16, 2016

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Paul. This is a great audio! I really appreciate it! Ask Raj if it would be beneficial to start up a Facebook page with important timely messages that we can view and share with our friends and the general public. Like Raj said, most people are just listening to the news and responding off of it and need an inspired message so they can wake up! Just a thought!
    Also it was very hard to find this audio on your website although obviously I did find it! I am so grateful for this information!!!
    Truly yours,

  2. Kim Kaiser says:

    Is there a way to download rather than stream the study groups?

    • Zane says:

      Last iTunes podcast of Raj was 11/01/15. And I’m also looking for it so I can download it. The embedded Javascript player on this page does not allow us to copy the file.

    • Gentleness says:

      Kim and Zane please Note: “Gentleness” above is now hyperlink to: “”. You can now play the Raj file or save it, outside of this page. And Administrator there is no maliciousness intended here.

  3. binra says:

    Anger at malign or false governance may well be a projected self-hatred as a result of a loveless ‘mind’ usurping our own true Authority – but that recognition is at parental or cause level – and not at the ‘child’ or effect level. Yes – all idea of levels is ultimately a device rather than Fact – but our capacity to awaken is a reintegration aligning in true priority and not a result of invalidating the tools with which we make sense or nonsense of our experience.

    Anger in the sense of attack is merely the trigger to attack – but anger truly felt reveals the hurt beneath the hate – and within the hurt is the Call for healing – which is truly to the Parental or Source of our being – rather than an appeal for sympathy to an external ‘representative’.
    So the expression or communication of what is revealed within the masking of attempts to manage as an ‘orphan’ is necessary to receiving the Answer where it is needed.

    The energy of what otherwise becomes anger can serve a realignment with true – as a result of recognizing an illegitimate basis of interpretation – as in clearing the moneylenders our of one’s own template.

    From a true devotion we can then give witness without supporting the ‘moneylender’s usurpation’.
    What I like in your talk here is the recognition that an ‘ancient hatred’ has a present ’cause’ – that is in effect a choice of mistaken identity and that from noticing and in a sense owning this choice, instead of ascribing it to externalities, we can make a better more truly aligned choice – from the recognition we are choosing against our Peace and indeed our joy in being.

    The key I see here is that responsibility equals Choice – not blame. Blaming the ‘will’ for choosing to oppose Spirit feels to me a dump of un-owned and unhealed guilt upon our true feeling being.
    The fault and correction is in the foundational template – and not in the builders, tools or materials – or the original movement to create.

    As long as our Feeling Being is demonised or invalidated and denied for not conforming to the ‘form or letter of the law’ – then Herod’s false governance aborts or kills the newborn Thoughts that are in a sense encapsulated in miasma of fear and threat – and hidden self hatreds and shames – that false governance nurtures and targets to more readily align support for its wars or to quell any critical voice to its narrative which is always ‘power struggle’ overlaid upon a sense of powerlessness.

    37. Miracles are examples of right thinking. Reality contact at all levels becomes strong and accurate, thus permitting correct delineation of intra – and interpersonal boundaries. As a result, the doer’s perceptions are aligned with truth as God created it.

    True integrity has boundaries relative to acts or suggestions of dis-integrity and the capacity to communicate these within integrity. This is quite different to the sense of personal boundaries of a ‘private mind’ but is an example of the transformational nature of the Miracle rather than destruction or eradication of the ‘error’ so as to bring in a new world order.

  4. mikejm2013 says:

    I cannot play this file on my laptop. I press the button and nothing happens. Any ideas, anyone?

    • binra says:

      Perhaps something in your setup is too old or is blocking it as part of ‘security’.
      Is it not also a podcast?
      If you ‘view page source’ and do a page search (control f or apple command f) for “m4a” – (without the quotes) you will find the link for the file – you can then right click it and ‘save as’. You may need to suffix .m4a into the filename. Now you can play it as a downloaded file.

  5. With deep gratitude, thank you. This is so helpful.

  6. Claudia Truze says:

    Thank you, Raj, with love .

    2016-07-17 11:37 GMT+02:00 THE RAJ MATERIALS :

    > Raj posted: “A Course in Miracles Study Group with Raj July 16, 2016 > Click the “Play” button on the left to listen. Transcript coming shortly. > Enjoy!” >

  7. Fran law says:

    Thinking I am right is keeping me from happiness…thank you for this Raj and Paul…..

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