Where Do You Gather the Facts From?

Where Do You Gather
the Facts From?


You live in the Age of Information. It’s in the air! It’s ever present! All you have to do is ask Siri or Google it. And you do!

Not so long ago, it took days to learn of world events and weeks to hear from friends on the other side of the globe, and now you can hear from real friends and so-called “friends” in an instant and the world is at your fingertips. The problem is that for the most part you use it to find out how you are! Am I liked? Am I loved? Am I safe? Am I late? Who is mad at me today? What do I need to be alert for or afraid of?

The information is now so handy that reaching for it is easier than reaching for God. And not only that, you get alerts whenever there is some new tidbit to stimulate you with. Getting information has become the substitute for giving one’s attention in the pregnant silence of the mind where God speaks, God is heard, Truth revealed is Known, information is unnecessary, and in your union with the Father there is no vulnerable “self” needing to find out how it is or what it needs to protect itself against.

In this Age of Information, it is imperative not to forget that Real communication is involvement and real involvement is communication. It is the experience of Brotherhood—of embracing inclusiveness—given from the inspiration of Truth which is inseparable from the holy instant. Facts gathered from the holy instant—from the center of one’s Being—serve a purpose different from information gathered from external sources for security, defense, control, manipulation, and stimulation. And a choice must be consciously made.

Do not let your smart phone be a substitute for the holy instant! Do not pick it up before you even ask of the holy spirit, “What is the truth here?” “What do I need to know?” The substitute for the holy instant confirms and binds you to orphanhood, the illusion of being separate from your source but safe, and no matter how neat or amazing the substitute might be, if it distracts you from remembering your oneness with the Father, if it keeps you unconscious of your Function as co-creator with God, it is meaningless.


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