An Impromptu Gathering on June 29th, 2016

An Impromptu Gathering
on June 29th, 2016


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QUESTION: Raj, I had a question about your last message about embracing everyone and everything which I recognize is the big Picture . . . is there more you’re going to talk about in the interim, on the world situation about the terrorists and all the nonsense that’s going on and how that’s supposed to be approached?

RAJ: Oh, yes, I will certainly be saying more.

QUESTION: Um . . . it’s a little confusing right now—I find it a little confusing.

RAJ: I understand.

QUESTION: The politics are all confusing, on how this is being approached and whether it’s going into denial, or whether it’s the way it’s supposed to be. I mean, I just . . . it’s over my head. And I’m sure it’s over a lot of people’s heads.

RAJ: We will certainly be exploring it.

QUESTION: Thank you. Look forward to hearing what you have to say.

RAJ: It won’t be long before we do.

SUSAN: I just heard something: The terrorists are practicing defense—attack and defense. That’s the message they are sending out. And they want it confirmed. You see, it’s like Darth Vader, you know, “let me see your hatred, let me see your vengeance, let me see your attack” we’d be just like them . . .”

RAJ: . . . in other words, “justify my defense.”

SUSAN: And then, therefore, make attack and all that accompanies attack, which is sin, disease and death accompany attack, make that real—join me in making attack real.

Now it’s still a confounding thing, how you handle it, but I just heard that that is the secret attraction—the attraction to death, . .

RAJ: . . . that is correct.

SUSAN: . . . the invitation to do the same of what they’re giving—confirm with them that death is real—sin, disease and death borne out of attack is real . . . confirm the anti-Christ.

RAJ: Indeed. I’m not going to pursue this subject in depth right now.

QUESTION: Okay, great, I understand. I’m glad to know that you’re going to talk about it more, cause there definitely needs to be more explanation.

RAJ: You are correct.

QUESTION: Thank you Raj. Also, can I ask one more question?

RAJ: Certainly.

QUESTION: I’m aware that the Light of Love is increasing on the planet—the vibration—and it’s affecting us all, and does that also mean there are physical symptoms that are accompanying it? Cause I feel like . . . I feel like a knot on a log, it’s all I can do to move from my kitchen to my bedroom these days. I don’t have any motivation and I don’t know what’s blocking it . . . but I’m aware I’ve been involved too much on the negative news.

RAJ: That is correct.

QUESTION: I want to look at it more objectively, not take sides which I have done.

RAJ: I’ll put it simply: You are watching more news than you are presently capable of allowing the holy instant to reconcile.

QUESTION: That makes sense. Thank you. I recognize I’ve got to be more conscious about joining when I do view it so that I don’t get caught up in . . .

RAJ: . . . and take it in little doses. Turn it off, and become clear about it before you turn it back on. Also, there is not that much new news each day, and to listen to it over and over and over is a complete waste of time.

QUESTION: I agree. Thank you, it got me off track I guess, the last week or so. My Guidance said I need to get out more and this will be refreshed, is that correct?

RAJ: That is quite correct.

QUESTION: Okay, then I’ll feel . . . but this kind of off dizziness . . . what’s that about?

SUSAN: Yeah . . . the instability . . .

QUESTION: . . . and I feel like I’m almost out of breath, is that going to pass?

SUSAN: That’s grief, too much world-wide grief.

QUESTION: Is that what it is?

RAJ: It is simply too much emotionalism, too much reaction, too much rehearsing the awfulness and the unknowableness of the situation. Not that it’s unknowable, but you don’t know at the moment and you feel it in all the different ways you can possibly feel it, instead of stopping.

Like I said to Paul, “you wander in wondering.” Instead of stopping the wondering, becoming specific, getting the Answer and being done with it. When you wander in wondering and it is accompanied with strong reaction, you have lost your balance and you lose your balance literally. The breathing is just a loss of balance in breathing which naturally occurs when you’re relaxed. You don’t have to think about breathing.

[Chuckle] The answer isn’t in the problem, so stop examining the problem so extensively.

QUESTION: Thank you. There’s nothing I can do to fix it anyway except not be a part of . . .

RAJ: . . . Oh-h, you’re clarity, your peaceful clarity that comes from practicing the holy instant absolutely makes a difference. That’s in the part of my letter that you haven’t read.

QUESTION: That’s right . . . so even though I’m not out “doing,” just Being is doing? . .

RAJ: It absolutely is.

QUESTION: Because I don’t feel I’m contributing very much these days. I have to be honest . . . but maybe that’s what cuts me off from my motivation. I dunno . . . from the inspiration . . .

RAJ: You’re correct, you aren’t. What occupies your mind is automatically what you are giving. And if what you’re giving is an energy of depletion, you will experience being depleted . . . and it adds that energy in the world.

SUSAN: You know, what we have to bring is the feeling and thoughts we’re having when we’re feeling union or unity.

RAJ: Yes.

SUSAN: You mentioned the “great disturber” is what Raj calls the darkness of the anti-Christ. Because when we’re in our peace we’re allowing the already existing unity—we’re magnifying it, allowing it to . . .

RAJ: . . . to naturally magnify itself because disturbance isn’t being introduced . . .

SUSAN: . . . which is the first obstacle to peace—the desire to get rid of it—get rid of peace.

RAJ: Exactly.

SUSAN: So whatever answer there is to the horrors, we can’t fall into the trap of, you know, the invitation to get rid of peace.

QUESTION: Raj, didn’t you say something about “you don’t deal with it until it’s on your doorstep?” Is that what you said? In other words, trying to conjecture what’s going on and all the pros and cons and back and forth and yady ya . . . nothing you can do anything about except get into your peace. But the point is there’s no problem until it hits your doorstep? There’s no real problem to deal with?

RAJ: Well, you cannot deal with something you’re unconscious of. The only thing you can deal with is something you are conscious of, which means it’s on your doorstep.

Now, the key is though, don’t . . . well let me put it this way: The less often you listen to the news, the less you bring something to your doorstep.

SUSAN: Unless we’re guided to.

RAJ: Indeed. Another way of putting it is, that what you invite into your conscious awareness by turning on the news, or engaging in conversation with an angry person, brings that to your doorstep to deal with. So use intelligence as to how involved you get, remembering that involvement is the goal.

QUESTION: You said we have to be involved, but from the vantage point of the Holy Spirit, not from our opinionating, without all the facts.

RAJ: That’s correct.

QUESTION: So if we look at the news, we have to be joined so that if there’s something that disturbs us, then we ask for the Answer and the Answer puts it to rest and we’re done with it. Is that correct?

RAJ: That is correct.

QUESTION: Gee, I never used to watch the news . . . and I was a happy person. [laughing] I never got into politics, I could care less who’s running for office and all of a sudden now I’m totally involved with it and it’s not feeling good. So I appreciate your . . .


SUSAN: But yet, there is so much that’s already in the Course that is preparing us for this time and that is why the Course has come because an Answer for these times is needed.

QUESTION: I agree totally. I forget it’s all happening in our mind, it’s not “out there” even though “out there” is the effect of what’s going on in our mind.

SUSAN: Right. And so we’ve got to know what move to make to not add . . .

QUESTION: . . . to the problem . . .

SUSAN: . . . to the panic and terror.

RAJ: Physicians in the Emergency Room are faced with trauma repeatedly at their doorstep. They cannot do that twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There’s only so much of it you can cope with, so when the invitation arrives that says, “spend more time dealing with trauma” you must say “No.” You must exercise wisdom. And wisdom does not mean hanging up your shingle and going and contemplating your navel for the next hundred years. It means take a break to recuperate so that you may come back again and be the Presence of Love that corrects the trauma and blesses your brother or sister.

So, you’re not going to stick your head in the sand . . .

QUESTION: Well, see that was just it . . . do I go into denial? You know, because I see that happening too, I mean . . . whoa . . . the truth is coming out, no matter how ugly it is about all that’s not of the truth. So how do I look at that without reacting . . .

RAJ: You see, I will say this: What is distressing to so many at what I said, is the fact that it calls for increased involvement and the abandonment of independence which of course, is what a boundary is. It’s a line of demarcation that says, “this is me and that is not me.”

QUESTION: This is very difficult to get past.

RAJ: But it is what is on the plate. And so it is the reluctance to embrace where something awful is occurring. But it is what is required, because otherwise your brother doesn’t get loved in the form that allows transformation to occur.

Now, the practice of the holy instant is a definite practice. It’s not a sweet quiet mental state. It is first, becoming still. But then it is the request “Father what is the truth here?” “What is the truth that I am not aware of yet which is keeping me from being able to be that which dissolves the hate and restores harmony?” You see?

It’s a request for you to Know what you don’t know yet so that you can be in a way you haven’t been yet with your brother. And that is a lot more work than most people want their spirituality to involve, but that is the issue.

QUESTION: Thank you. You know, what comes to mind when you said that, was all the monks that went and prayed in a certain city and the violence went down? In other words, the more focus we put on praying for the healing of our brothers’ minds, the more effective that’s going to be rather than resisting what he’s presenting.

RAJ: Yessss . . . but you do not go in with a specific prayer for what you currently think the healing will be.

Those who go into a city that is in turmoil, those who, we will say, practice TM (Transcendental Meditation), do not go in with a design in mind which they are wanting to bring forth. They go in literally, to engage in the holy instant. They become still, they find their peace and they be there so that their conscious awareness of things in that state becomes their clarity . . . not a clarity of specific ideas, but a clarity of peace, of integrity, of will. And in THAT pregnant void, as I’ve referred to it, the Father fills you up—fills them up.

Now, when that happens, your behavior changes, not by plan, but because there’s nothing interfering with your experiencing your true nature which is inseparable from the Father—inseparable from God.

What you need to understand is, that behavior will be, for lack of better words, the result. You will do things, you will become involved in the spots and with the people where transformation is needed, but not by some pre-conceived plan which your wonderful practice of spirituality has caused. It’s because there’s less of you on your mind practicing spirituality. And in the absence of that ego activity, the divine one that you Are—the Infinite Mind that is your Mind which is inseparable from the Father’s, I was going to say, becomes you, but it is uncovered as all there ever has been of you—in that instant you become aware of that, you feel that.

And that makes you a different Presence from the one who might have had a spiritual plan to benefit his brothers and sisters.

QUESTION: I see what you’re saying. It really is moment to moment.

RAJ: It is . . . and what cannot be overlooked any longer is the behavior part of it. You see, to sit down and think spiritual thoughts means that you’re sitting down rehearsing things that you already know. Where is there anything healing in that? I say that, because in that it’s just preoccupation with self—preoccupation with self’s ideas and thoughts and memories. There is no joining with the Father. There is no breaking of the isolation yourself. And it’s the breaking of the isolation that is the lowering of the barriers that allows the influx of what the Father is Being as you, in that moment . . . Is.

You feel like sleeping or staying in bed, because the demand seems overwhelming to do what I just said. And the meaning of what I just said is what has made it difficult for you to let yourself fully into the sharing I recently made, because it calls for that.

It’s time for everyone to begin to make that effort.

Instead of trying to renew boundaries, one needs to practice the holy instant to learn how one behaves without them . . . successfully.

Remember, there is another way to look at this. And the different way of looking at it does not involve renewing boundaries and independence which does nothing but secure and re-establish “the Fall” and keep it from being released—abandoned—which is called “Waking up!” It is the professed goal of those on their spiritual path.

Now, the key is [chuckle] to swallow the overwhelming one bite at a time. Practice the holy instant regarding, we’ll say, bits of the problem. When you find yourself disturbed and the disturbance is just beginning, stop right there and deal with it. Don’t let it grow and grow and grow until it’s impossible to deal with, and it sends you to bed or causes your body to become ill.

QUESTION: I really appreciate that clarity. Got the work cut out for me.

RAJ: You have the blessing of the Course In Miracles to embrace. You see, you provided the words, [strong emphasis] “we’ve got our work cut out for us!”

QUESTION: [laughter] I mean, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

RAJ: But . . . but you could have said other words that didn’t express that idea. Those words had a heavy duty meaning to them and that will probably keep you in bed two more days . . .

QUESTION: [laughing] No, no, no, . . no, I didn’t mean it that way.

RAJ: But the words you used DID mean it that way. And you must be careful how you use your words. You can jokingly say about somebody who’s being terrible, “I’ll kill the bastard!” “Well, I didn’t mean it that way.” You see? But nevertheless, one doesn’t usually use those words unless in some way you do feel that way. And that’s what governs.

You see, you just wrote the script, in a way for what’s to come. You could’ve said, as I said, “Well, an opportunity to discover the joy of what A Course in Miracles is all about.” But that isn’t what you felt. And so you didn’t say that. And to have said that when you didn’t feel it, would’ve been dishonest and meaningless as well.

So, be alert so that you catch yourself writing the script against yourself, writing the script against your ease so that you can take that specific thing into the holy instant and have your mind changed so that now you can use different words that arise out of what you’re feeling.

Do you see what I mean?

QUESTION: Yes I do. I take it seriously. Thank you. This is really good. I’m so appreciative.

PAUL: Well, we’ve got it recorded.


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6 Responses to An Impromptu Gathering on June 29th, 2016

  1. binra says:

    “Where do I gather my facts from?”

    Though I don’t feel this intended as a trick question I have to pause … Firstly I have to say that facts or truths are not applicable to any thing – excepting it serves true purpose – and that is a living relationship and not a possession (so they cant be mine – but they can serve to illuminate the true of me – including the devices by which the true of me is made obscure).

    But aside from the terms used – where do I get information as to what is – or is believed or asserted – to be happening in our world and as our perceptions and responses to our world?

    And again I pause…
    Because where I personally go has occurred out of a willingness to know that is both curious for and needing its right relationship within the unfolding of events that can be seen as outside – yet are reflective of inner configurations. So just to endorse something would short circuit the discovery of willingness and make a personal assertion where there is no call to.

    The call to joy or the call for sanity and healing is the recognition and resonance of prompts and synchronicities that involvement in any opening to a larger communication allows – if there is willingness to abide the discomforts and resist the judgements.

    The circle of our self can be like an egg – both limiting, exclusive – but protective… for a time.
    The cracking of the eggshell can feel like the cracking up of reality. A living curiosity moves from within to challenge what seems closed because the stirring Life moves it to move and grow in ways that the limitations don’t allow. And the Mother may meet the chick in helping from beyond the shell.

    The disturbance that can arise in our metaphorical human chick as a result of premature opening without having opened guidance and support can be a crash course in growth – or just a crash.
    For we open to what we do not expect – and do not recognize our self unless we are living a willingness to abide the discomforts and resist the judgements so as to receive truly.

    A Course in Miracles is many dimensioned and yet one is the journey with the Guide to the foundations of a false, loveless and destructive sense of self – that they be undone in a willingness to abide through the discomforts and resist reacting in judgement, so as to receive and give truly.

    The world is revealing more of our unconscious deceits and hatreds out in the open – and yet these are framed for eggo in narratives of good and evil – upon which all their thinking is predicated.
    This used to work – somewhat – as a way of getting rid of what you don’t like and keeping what you do – all from a rightful sense of self preservation. But it isn’t working any more and so it has to fall away to let the new in. Thus a need to know that operates as a deeper resource than the sense of independence.

    Choices or accepted intent and action, are framed within existing and active definitions of which we are often unaware – and so have no awareness of our choosing and feel compelled by circumstance. We may want this when we enjoy the ride – but not when it goes out of kilter and we cant get off.

    the Internet allows unparalleled communication. The invention of printing as something that could not be centrally controlled – brought about a reformation – and the advent of the Internet is doing likewise… excepting that disinformation is no less able to use the technology – and so hugely influential cartels of corporate interest seek to undermine communications felt to be unfavourable to their interests whilst putting forth what serves their prevailing as moneylenders in the template.

    For where a kindness can bring need and answer together, a private self interest can come between – so as to control and own the money supply, or energy supply or healthcare supply – and then to infiltrate government or regulatory bodies so as to make laws that protect them from real competition – until governance is but a puppet theatre and the flow of information is controlled by an illusion of a free press. BUT – and this is important – it all happens in concordance with the mass desire to be protected from what they don’t want to know.

    There are a variety of sites I drop into or use that aggregate from around the internet. I had not thought I would suggest any in particular because the only thing stopping anyone finding is their desire and willingness to look. But there is a site that I feel to invite looking at whose approach is in chime with Raj’s suggestion that we balance exposure to disturbance with inspiration and hope – indeed realisation and knowing of a different order than thinking can assemble – even with facts!

  2. Samuel Moyo says:

    Forgiveness is our only function. This means forgiving the world we made up because it is not real. None of the news is true because it all comes from what’s not real: illusions.

    It all became clear to me one day when I was watching Star Trek Voyager. These two episodes:

    Star Trek: Voyager
    Season 4, E 24 – “Demon”

    Season 5, E 17 – “Course Oblivion”

    E 24 lays the foundation for E 17. Just watch the two episodes from Netflix . I encourage every ACIM student to watch these two episodes.

    “In defenselessness I will be strong…”
    Forgiveness ( of the unreal world) is the key to happiness.

    • binra says:

      I find the ‘not real’ belief to operate Luciferian heartlessness. Form doesn’t matter – in light unchanging – with no movement to ‘disturb it’.

      The Course says that everything has all the reality YOU give it – (not the character in the dream), which doesn’t mean it is not real so much as that giving it causation is backwards, false and not true – but experienced as if it is. Perhaps by design but then losing the channel of communication that operates the local and the Universal at once and as one.

      By NOT following or acting from any of our own thoughts (or aquired thoughts) as to what something is or is not – we cease to use it for a mental identity and in effect open a receptivity to knowing by the willingness of not knowing or asserting self. Into this clean awareness rises the gift of the Holy Spirit as the correction of the reversal – such as our willingness accepts. THEN one sees that the forms that seemed to have built in meanings had none in themselves but now extend and reflect the meaning of wholeness in all its parts – and this is not a quantifiable or definable meaning – but a felt knowing or recognition.

      Condemnation of judgement and grievance made a ‘world’ in vengeance as the reflection and reinforcement of a self founded in denial and rejection. Willingness to forgive our self is our foundational responsibility. The release of reaction-belief and investment in hate or unworthiness is our ‘giving it to Holy Spirit by NOT using it. The Holy Spirit gifts the recognition of the Forgiven World.

      The error with studying the Course that is inevitable but must be recognized to move past – is that of ‘understanding it in order to then apply it’ when what is asked for is active willingness to let it be done through you and for the true of You – not separated from your brother or your world.

      The Holy Spirit is the guide to growing a real relationship with A Course in Miracles and the guilt captured fear is the capacity to interpret it (or anything else for that matter) in ways that reinforce denial of Life and Love’s extension by more subtle justifications for a private ‘spirituality’.

      Your brother and your world’s call for help is often interpreted only in sentimental sympathies – but the self denial and projection of the hated and feared or judged against self IS rising to you as your world – unrecognised – especially if instead of unworthiness you now add unreality.

      The reason we draw a circle to bring him in is because we have rejected or hated something in ourself that he brings the opportunity to stop rejecting and recognize and embrace as our self. Again our willingness is to ‘be with’ in active willingness and the Holy Spirit gifts the real relationship in which Presence embraces and touches the many as one.

      the framework of belief and definition through which we then presume a private experience of a separate world is really operating – until it is recognized and released for the gift of sanity restored.
      So the ‘world’ as it is mutually believed to be happening is a mapping of symbol, image and idea that can be used by the Holy Spirit to help you notice, integrate and awaken to your existence, not in concept or rehearsal but as the movement of being for which you can take no credit – because there is nothing else and everything is within it.

      Perhaps asking ‘what is the truth here’ still gets to mean for many; “what is the truth about out there that I have to have to make in here work?” Instead of enquiring into the truth of what is operating or active here that gives rise to an experience in which a sense of struggle or lack reinforces itself instead of resolving.

      If I am experiencing what I say I don’t want – what am I believing or self defining that brings me this outcome? – and be in trust and willingness for your desire to attract what you need in its own timing and way. I often find that answer or unfolding fulfilment comes through things associated with denied self – that I have judged unreal or unworthy of embrace – because that’s the point – a ‘coming home’ in acceptance of what was discarded or denied – but translated onto recognition from some sense of threat, fear or discomfort. But this light is a loving embrace of seeming polarities and a rich feeling consciousness – where feeling is a source of infinite information – for want of better words – a knowing of what you need to know when you need to know it.

      Forgiveness is the only function of the Son of God in the world because that is all the Holy Spirit sees as the restoring to the function of Creation – where he recognizes true belonging. Creation includes and embraces light sound, form and pattern, rhythm and texture – but not in the world but as a unified recognition and appreciation.

  3. Fran law says:

    Hey Brian in disquise.. we choose our teachers I agree……love Fran

    • binra says:

      If you recognize me – where’s the disguise? (binra is my commenting handle for my wordpress and other accounts).

      I did not know I said we choose our teacher – I have always recognized my teacher – often through forms I least expect. As for the other teacher – we set up a curriculum of insane complexity together – except the forms of togetherness or union – were disguises by which to hide private agenda in terms of caring and protection.

      I don’t have any freedom to choose what my curriculum is – because unfreedom set it up, in a mis-taken idea of personal power. But freedom is restored awareness through what I am freely willing to accept in the undoing of such a sense of power and protection, at any given time.

      It isn’t that I disagree or make complex – but invite a more intimate recognition of what actually moves us as compared with the socially accepted behaviours that tend to reinforce the idea of independent choosers or doers.
      The purpose that I am accepting gives its meaning to everything for me – but if that purpose is self-contradictory and self-defeating – can it be meaningful – really?

      A major part of our complexity of defence is designating many aspects of our self unconscious – so we know not what we do, or imprinting of many fearful conditionings as subconscious routines – that seem to run all by themselves! – and we know not why we do it! So while the surface mind and world seem like a simple self evident reality – its is all and insanely complex pattern of conflict PRESENTED at the front end as if a self evident simple but always shifting, good v evil reality – not unlike the ‘News’ theatre.

      I call for a full restitution of the Law to our awareness – for there cannot be any real way around it – only splitting off the distortions of victim and perpetrator in ever shifting assertions of denial. But the Law still holds because it is timeless – we have simply learned not to recognize our gift in favour of a fascination with form and image taken out of context. “Not now father – I am busy within my own meaning… One couldn’t even hold such a thought without the Unconditional Love of Creation.

      in Love’s blessing

  4. binra says:

    While there is ‘news’, there is also the controlled narrative – that is – the telling of a story in such a way as to justify a desired outcome. This should not be surprising as everyone engages in such practice in various ways and at levels nearer or further from their own noticing.
    But when ‘news’ operates as the purveyor of fear and hatred – with a corresponding justifiction of self-righteous reaction, it cannot be news – and needs to be recognized for what it is.
    There are news sources that have more integrity in desire for true witness – and though there may still be the polarising miasma of evils that must be somehow stopped’ held in check and resolved, it may be easier to discern where invitation to hate operates because there is not only the invitation to hate presented as news.
    The thing about deceit is that it can mimic or adopt the form of anything so as to switch the unwary or the wilfully ignorant into believing something that is not true – or accepting something that draws on truths but operating a different purpose and carrying a hidden agenda.
    Uncovering the ‘liar and pretender’ in the world can be shattering to one’s world view and sense of identity – but uncovering the liar and pretender in the world is not recognising the same in oneself and truly seeing that what you tend to take as your mind – as you – is not you – so much as a sense of self you have identified in as part of ‘surviving’ in the human experience – in a sense of love-hate that was at the time intolerable or overwhelming and so a dissociation and displacement was invoked to limit a sense of loss; a mask over who you now feared to be – which became conviction as a result of living out from within its sense of protection or power.
    The uncovering of feelings of fear, guilt, rage, powerlessness within a willingness for true grounding in true relationship is a natural step to their undoing as a result of desisting of the use of masking deceits and denials. Not as a witch hunt of blame-salving or righteous seeking – but as a result of a softening of the refusal to listen such that the more of who you are can reintegrate to a clearer sense of being. However, the willingness to listen and to feel in such desire is also the capacity NOT to use the experience as a justification for harming self or other in what seems instinctive reaction – in fact not to use it at all – but to accept THAT you feel as you feel without accepting any triggered associations as a justifiable or trustworthy basis from which to act. Pausing – to listen and feel the Movement of Being that holds the recognition of You as embrace and acceptance – for as you embrace and accept where denial and hate seem so real – so is the recognition of being embraced and accepted – exactly as you are – in undefended opening to your Source, revealing fresh insight and realisation – so abide as this and be wary of the habit of identifying in the forms of insight as if to have independent knowing.
    Although we each carry unique configurations within the human drama of polarising oppositions and distorted perspectives there is a core pattern of an exclusive mis-taken identity in self-image or concept, at odds with its own being, opening experience of loss, rage and terror, guilt, hate and powerlessness – and all the structures and devices of defence and offence that then seek survival within the framework of believed and justified attack, of an ‘evil’ to be utterly eradicated or denied, of escape, evasion and survival at all costs, and fear, distrust and denial of looking within – of in-sight – and so locking into ‘out-sight’ as a controlled narrative to ensure continuity of power and protection – without any linkage of recognizing they work the same agenda.
    So to come back to the ‘news’ – remember to listen and watch and feel within so as not to accept false currency at face value and the noticing of what rises in you the receiver will uncover patterns of choice that – now you know you are making – are in the realm of being replaced by better choices – without demonisation of the choice you made before. Simply give whole focus to the true of you because you recognize what you truly want – and are.

    Only by welcoming and growing the light of true self acceptance will perspective awaken within which to feel and find the balance point where all apparent polarities are embraced within you and the free movement of attention and desire guides, supports and reintegrates unto Itself, any sense of dissociating displacement – as willingness shared.

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