Separate! You All Know How To Do It!

Separate! You All
Know How
To Do It!


It’s quite a heritage! “But Father, I’d rather do it myself!” And from the Fall to the present time it has been the everpresent modus operandi. Even in the face of apparent cooperation and togetherness, independence has remained absolute, untouched, quietly hovering in the background ready to defend itself should a threat to its existence arise.

More importantly, it isn’t just an “it” to be discussed, a topic to be considered and evaluated. No, it’s hovering in the background of your mind. It’s one’s own foundational definition of self. And in the presence of threat, you pull it out and use it as on overt exercise of authority to get your power back.

You know, you practice the Golden Rule as long as everything is going smoothly because that is the “wise” way to behave, but when you’re severely threatened, you draw a line in the sand. Fear justifies using the force of will instead of the presence of Love to make your independence clear and demonstrate that you are not one with everything, and that “everything” had better recognize this fact and back off! It is a state of mind in which it feels reasonable to assume that wrapped in the cloak of your will, you will become safe again. And it has never been true.

In defenselessness my safety lies!

Nevertheless, vulnerability, pushing you to your limits, arouses a “primitive growl,” a fearsome objection, which sees force as the answer to threat, rather than the undoing of the original Declaration of Independence from the Father—from one’s Source. And the Fall remains in place.

Now the point is that no matter whether this primitive growl is surfacing from within you, from a spouse, from a politician, or from a country, it is still only a reaffirmation of an original mistake and does not constitute the solution.

Boundaries—which have no Actual existence—believed and honored, substantiate and hold in place the illusion of safety, together with the consequences of the fact that they do not. They are the opposite of everything I have shared, the opposite of everything A Course in Miracles reveals, the opposite of everything the great religious traditions of the world hold true. Which means there is another answer!

The answer is Love! The answer is “letting in”—letting the world into you, and letting yourself into the world. The answer is in becoming defenseless in the presence of everything. And it is accomplished through what A Course in Miracles calls “the holy instant.” Once again we come face to face with something  that isn’t a topic of discussion or consideration, but is an act of inner attentiveness—an experience. And it is an experience of reunion. Reunion with the Holy Spirit and with God. That is its purpose and function.

The defenselessness begins with you and God, and that is why it is the answer. Because in the Father’s or the Holy Spirit’s response to you, your perspective changes, allowing you to see that your Brother—no matter what the color of his skin—is just like you. And even more importantly, you are just like him. You are both loved by the Father. You are both whole in the Father’s eyes. And your Brother is worthy of the respect which you suddenly find yourself recognizing you are worthy of . . . because the experience of the Father’s Love for You makes You utterly clear to yourself.

The Brotherhood is One, and whatever special characteristics seem to give you personal identity . . . do not. Whatever differences seem to give you racial or national identity . . . do not!  What gives you identity is That which created you. And That which created you created every other thing in all of Creation. Creation is One. Creation is Family.

Culture, itself, is the breadth and depth of Soul which discloses the Nature of the Sons and Daughters of God. It does not constitute your identity. And it is ridiculous to think that boundaries provide protection to the infinite scope of the Soul-filled expressions of God which are manifested through you. Nothing that is real disappears in the absence of borders, boundaries,  or the demarcations of independence. And individuality does not disappear when everyone is humbly and defenselessly present with each other.

As the holy instant is employed, you learn that your brother’s need is your need. Or, put another way, that there is no more justification for your brother to be in need than there is for you to be. There is a need because there is a boundary, a line of limitation of some sort. The solution is to remove that boundary, and removing that boundary requires involvement—that thing which a wall would “save” you from. And that can seem overwhelming. Well, I will tell you: It’s not any more overwhelming than the wall you built around yourself to separate you from your Father and your rich inheritance in order to have the experience of independence and the consequences which accompanied it. The only thing that is overwhelming is something which has built into its premise the idea that, “There isn’t another way to look at this.” And that’s built into the foundation of the wall you use to separate yourself from your Father.

The practice of the holy instant is the undoing of that premise and its consequences between you and God first, and then, spontaneously, between you and your fellow man. Look for the answer which removes resistances, boundaries between you and your fellow man. Each and every one of them! There is another way to look at this!

I will tell you something else: Governments and dictatorships, money markets and stock exchanges—all of the “things” which seem to govern—reflect the will of the governed! EVERYONE is governing, not just a few at the top—whatever you’ve fooled yourself into thinking that means. This means that your choice to practice the holy instant, your finding inspiration to lift and promote the more of God which is present than is being seen, your choice to immediately challenge every intention to become smaller, more exclusive, more remote, will register as change in the world as certainly as your less enlightened, more self-protective and uninspired perspectives have!

A choice was made to get a divorce from the Father, to break away from Him with a Brother or Sister in order to establish a mutually agreed upon perspective different from His, thus “creating” unique identities for yourselves, fabricated from imagination and therefore not real. There is only one answer to this, and it is to choose once again. Even though the imagined independence was accompanied by the chaos and confusion of unexpected fear and guilt, which aroused the “primitive growl” of defense and totally distracted the mind from any other endeavor, the answer remains, “There is another way to look at this.” “Choose once again!”

“Oh, it can’t be done!” Yes, it can. Choose once again. “No, the choice is permanent!” No, it is not. Choose once again. “After what I did, the Father won’t accept me back.” Yes He will. Choose once again. “It’s too late to do anything about it.” No, it isn’t. Choose once again. “Too much water has gone under the bridge. We can’t go back to what it was.” Imagining that you are not the Son or Daughter of God has not altered the fact that you are. He knows that you never became what you imagined you did, and He welcomes you Home. Don’t hesitate to choose once again!

And remember this: If you had what it took to make a bad choice, you have what it takes to choose once again and correct it. Making a bad choice does not disqualify you from the right to make right choices, and no one actually has the capacity to keep you from changing your mind! Change your mind to be in agreement with God and your world will change . . . and your behavior will change! That is the function of the holy instant.

So, you’re sick and tired of being out of control and being governed by other’s motives and you’re going to take your space back, your country back, your authority back? You’re going to define it, publicize it and use whatever force is necessary—whether legal, political, military or plain old bullying—to make others honor your tininess instead of your holiness as well as theirs? And you’re going to do this as though you have nothing to do with the problem? Hey! As I said, that’s been going on since the Fall. It’s the modus operandi! And it has yet to correct the problem . . . because the solution is reunion! The solution is involvement, not estrangement. The solution is Love and whatever “work” it takes to establish it “on earth, as it is in Heaven.”

Indeed . . .

. . . in defenselessness your safety lies, together with your Brother’s!


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17 Responses to Separate! You All Know How To Do It!

  1. davidspyle says:

    Timely and timeless.
    Thank you.

    The underlying problem and its solution.

  2. Aida Sorenson says:

    Thank you Raj, Paul, and my friend Rob for sending me this.

  3. tim mccarthy says:

    it seems to me that since I am the Holy Son of God, the Answer is, to simply act like I Am. thank you Father…

  4. Sabu says:

    Thank you Raj, I don’t know if there is a reference here to the UK leaving the European Union or not. I somehow feel there might be. And so A ‘no’, and probably for various reasons, has been expressed; and whether its from a deep place of integrity or not, its still an attempt at expressing integrity to come into relationship – out of a mutual agreement. There is an aspect of your teaching that I think I finally understand (perhaps), that without having full freedom to say no, we cannot say yes and really mean it; that to own one’s power of choice or power over experience is absolutely essential, even if choice is illusory, before we can willingingly give it up for the only Will there is. You have said in an old gathering, that until we can fully own our experience (something after all these years I get intellectually but still have difficulty with) we will not let ourselves into the Silence, because (as far as I understand it) out of projection we will still feel like God’s victim, (at least I would) and not realise His Love.

    Anyway, Thank you.

    Love to you and Paul.


    • binra says:

      I share your reluctance to accept the tern ‘union’ when it is deceitfully contrived and coercively applied. It is said the ‘ego speaks first’. I would pause from this ‘ego’ and listen and act upon movements of a true honouring relationship in which the gift of unified purpose is bestowed.
      The ‘ego’ is asleep in the names and forms of self-concept defended against the relational nature of true individuality.
      Boundaries may be illusory – but belief is invested in them. I would recognize the boundaries of me as a leading edge of discovery – as a communication uncovered rather than blocks – and so indeed my – no – consciously extended as my current sense of integrity is the growing of the capacity to trust integrity – which is a ‘yes’ of true acceptance regardless the form it may seem to take.
      Paul may read the mainstream news – which also has parallels with the ‘narrative control’ of the ego. Much that is drip-fed to a lack of vigilance and discernment is distortion or even manufactured to engineer ‘consent’.
      However, the Holy Spirit is the true discernment – including the reflected mappings of a mind in denial. Instead of wailing and gnashing teeth – we can learn to uncover our own call for correction as a result of our resonance with conflicted untruth. In accepting love where it had been denied and projected away, we become available to extend love’s witnessing as an expression of integrity rather than a demand of it in another or indeed a punishing for lack of it in the other.

  5. Jo says:

    Raj…this feels like a prompt to share the following prayer that “came” to me last year. I use it all the time as you know! I was thinking how we could all use Donald Trump at the minute as an opportunity to look at everything that “we made”, because he sure is “full of it” and surrender whatever feelings are surfacing and even the ones that are trying to sneakily stay hidden! They’re all in there! Albeit imagined! Independence!…Pah!…get rid of it! Who will join me???

    Today I lay down my Declaration of Independence.
    Holy Spirit, take this that I made from me, and you look upon it and judge it for me. Let me not see it as a sign of sin and death, nor use it for destruction. Teach me how not to make of it an obstacle to peace but let you use it for me to facilitate its coming.

    I declare that I Am always joined with Father Mother Life, My Holy Spirit Self, Jesus, and all my Awakened Brothers and Sisters.
    I declare that I Hear only the One Voice which is the Father.
    I declare that I Remember who I Am.
    I declare that I have no independent private thoughts.
    I declare that every thought is now a Joined thought.
    I now sign this declaration and pledge allegiance to its Truth.
    This is my commitment to waking up from the dream of separation that is in my mind.
    Now I declare my perception has been healed.
    From the place of Truth in me, I give thanks to the Father for this gift.
    This is my inheritance.
    I declare it to be so.
    And so it is.

    Raj, this is my demonstration of choosing again, over and over and over and over until I’m totally free! In this moment joined with you I ask that you keep me focused on you. Let me not forget you for an instant. Above all else, I want to see everything through your vision which is your gift to me from God. I accept your gift. I am so glad to know you in this way.

    • binra says:

      I noticed something that I share to your willingness here: The Movement of being that I might call the Spirit does the essence of what you list for me – not as intention or affirmation but as the Presence of which I cannot speak or speak for – but only be spoken through.
      Paradoxically it is the noticing and owning of all that is out of accord – given to the Holy Spirit – to the desire for healing – instead of being denied by an assertive ‘spirituality’.
      It is this healing or reintegrating of perspective that then witnesses the truth – without guilt of apology or sense of invalidity seeking validation in some future state.
      Just as you could not ‘crown’ yourself – so you cannot undo it and take credit.
      If it is true of you then God Has Already Said It – and your acceptance waits only the release of attempting union with something God has not Given You.
      His Gift of Holy Spirit is the restoring to you of your Right Mind – and that includes using everything in your mind or world to illuminate your choice to you – so that you can focus in a better one. One that is not self-contrived but truly unites you with your brother – and your shared Creator.

    • Cindy says:

      YES, YES, YES…..
      Thank YOU
      – LOVE –

      • binra says:

        Anything that points exclusively at another as ‘full of shit’ – for that is the inference is it not – is the temptation or indeed acceptance of self-righteousness in which hate operates through our mind under the guise of love – and sometime sooner than later along the way we wonder why we suffer such a sense of negative outcome and feelings.
        In Course-talk – giving what we are tempted to use for hate to the Holy Spirit – is to pause of the reaction as the noticing it is NOT our peace, and allow the acceptance and release of what we are thinking and feeling – at a deeper or higher level than our own thinking – instead of stewing in it and using it as an expression of a desire-belief we are independent and responsible as the judge and actions arising from such judgement.
        An exclusive identifiction within personality “sees” all issues in “personal” terms, which cast others in roles that divert self-hatred to a relative innocence in contrast to the evils or lack of worth “seen” in the other.
        If we release our investment in the form of the outcome so as to focus in living the integrity that turns all apparent negatives into a positive or integrative appreciation, then we start to ‘read’ our world differently – for it is reflecting to us where we are coming from – which in the Holy Spirit is a course in miracles instead of a course in blame.
        Where I would act out from a sense of independent presumption, let me of myself do nothing. In the receptivity left open rises the awareness of the movement of my being. Let this be and do all things through me – and let me be vigilant for peace that I recognize when conflicted purpose has entered so as to NOT give it the trigger finger – but instead give it to a quality of acceptance and perspective that I cannot DO – and am only deceiving myself if I pretend otherwise.

        Trumping the pack of mainstream mesmerism may be just another ploy in the same game – but the conversations that open as a result of no longer being able to be denied are those that mainstream attempts to invalidate or deny – along with the lives of those whose communication is overridden or rejected. Also the common hateful reaction of supposedly different aspects of mainstream reveals what is hiding under the various masks.

        A conspiracy of hate is the aligning in a false sense of self-interest that seeks to impose or coerce outcomes upon others, world and of course one’s own consciousness of Life unfolding.
        My sense of freeing from hate is not in its denial – although denying it access to act in my name is neccessary – but in growing the willingness and capacity to feel it within an undefended desire for healing. This seems to dump in me all the hate I would have mitigated or diverted onto my world – and can open a sense of self-hatred that is extremely ugly and painful to feel. But that is the persistence of the wish of independence and belief in judgements of such thinking. It is the intolerable nature of such experience that allows a simple honesty, curiosity or natural movement of relationship and communication to move when I can no longer wiggle out of or around an inner contradiction of which I of myself cannot escape.

        Nor can I do for you what has been ‘done’ through me – excepting to give witness and invitation to a different foundation – by living from it – or even better – yielding to and cooperating within its movement.

        Use everything – or rather allow everything in your mind and your world to be useful to the Holy Spirit in restoring your recognition of true purpose in all. Denied fear, guilt and hate, uses everything kept from the Holy Spirit to serve its denial agenda in the illusion of power to support and protect an image or concept of self and life.

        Another recent reflection into some of these themes is

        Perhaps being right is folly but being in right relation is wisdom. The latter is a genuine relational communication and not asserted over and against a feared outcome.

  6. Peter says:

    This was posted on June 25, but is it channeling from the distant past or a new one? I know it doesn’t really matter. Just curious

  7. binra says:

    Your primary responsibility and FUNCTION within the Awakening or reintegrating Movement of Being is to accept love. Unconditionally. This is the awakened response-ability to the true of You that effects the translation of an apparent independence invoked or imprinted from a sense of disconnection, of segregation or separation.
    The urge or movement to overcome, escape or redefine a segregative sense of self is its reinforcement – and hides in the forms of ‘self-empowerment’ or ‘self-protection’ that seek external validations and become ‘negative cooperations’ of apparent and conditional ‘unity’ in which no real intimacy is embodied or shared and underneath and through which run hate agenda in the name or form of love, peace, unity.
    It is not enough to derive the meaning or the truth of what Life is Communicating to you as The More-of-You when hidden fears, rages and guilts are allowed to drive your thinking as a sense of justification Over-and-Against perceived and believed evils. It is not enough to ‘stop’ at the form or surface meanings that operate the filtering and distortion, denial and sacrifice of love’s presence shared because That is the Movement of Being in which you are identified perfectly – but never over and against ‘THEM’ or any living One or Thing. Not even against the insanity of self contra-diction – by which one’s peace is lost when looking there for answer or fulfilment, safety or protection.
    The sense of independence is attempting to ‘do’ what comes naturally to loving recognition – and becomes an ugly guilt-ridden parody of the Creator-Love – in obsession with power-struggle in which hate is given power as the illusion that replaces or substitutes for love that is hated and feared as if terror is the Lord and any mitigation or abeyance of its overwhelming power to hurt or deny Life is given ‘gratitude’ as ‘love’.
    Separate from that which separates by firstly pausing from reaction in order to feel and know your peace in and of which to receive more truly and clearly the recognition of your call to joy, to truly felt living thought as a unified expression of movement of connectness – that is the gift of your presence to wholly replace the mind that sought to add to itself – and opened a sense of loss.
    One cannot repent of that which they refuse to own or know – but repentance is the natural result of true remorse – for why would you hurt, attack or undermine your self; your love; your right belonging and peace – once you recognize that this is the ‘gift’ you are choosing to accept and therefore ‘share’ or live from?
    False union cannot become true without first releasing the false of its status as currency. That the forms of reaction seem to make this a reinstatement of division is the ‘temptation’ of the old mind habit. From a basis of true worth can communication and relationship extend and reflect to share the light and love of Creation – in place of the lens of denied and un-owned or unknown hate and fear.
    Honesty to our feelings has to embrace and listen within – as a desire to be aligned truly rather than enforce coercively in the ‘name of a false or partial god’. Concept and image cannot replace the Living One. But concept and image can be re-aligned to the movement of the call to joy.
    Life is already in the act of knowing Itself through the movement of its unfolding unto Itself.
    Free will is not oppositional but freely given willingness. True sovereignty is the extension of an Infinite Individuality – in unique and rich expression and reflection. The blaming of the will operates the guilt-denial of your true feeling awareness. Let an acceptance replace the self-judgement as the willingness to be truly moved – and turn from the old-mind habit freely – without conflict or argument – every time you notice its pattern. Every time you notice the feeling of being out of your connected peace. Unified form is not unified purpose. Hold to Living Purpose and let the form serve a true reflection.

  8. Leon Shufelt says:

    Thank you.

  9. billy says:


  10. Fran law says:

    There can be no other answer….thank you Raj

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