Unadorned by Roles and Pride

Unadorned by Roles and Pride



RAJ: In a recent conversation, I shared with you that “you are not to be the ball in a pinball machine whose path is determined by whatever it comes in contact with—bounced helplessly back-and-forth from here to there and yonder until gravity brings you to the end of a path undetermined by you. The fact of the matter is that you are always determining your direction. You are always determining your actions. And you are doing it either consciously or unconsciously, proactively or reactively, with purpose or without purpose—all of which mean ‘with Guidance or independently.'”

Today you are feeling like a pinball, and even though we have just read Lesson 39 from the Workbook which says, “My holiness is my salvation” and “[my] holiness is the salvation of the world,” it is not penetrating your frustration and making any sense to you. As a result, you ask, “Why is my holiness my salvation from this?” And your frustration edges it with sarcasm.

Well, here is the answer in a form you can recognize. Your holiness is your salvation from whatever “this” is because your holiness is your divinity, and your divinity, held in trust as you dally with the ego, is called the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is the active intelligent Presence of Mind which insists upon registering with you as your right mind. Therefore your holiness is far more than a descriptive adjective. It is your divinity, divinely active on your behalf, insisting upon being revealed to you and thereby replacing whatever “this” might be at any given moment.

The key point, here, is that whether or not you are paying attention, your holiness is actively engaged in this activity of your redemption and you are never for an instant abandoned, even though you abandon It and then give preference to your best judgment, your best ideas and your best theories. In these self-centered “circumstances,” your salvation lies in a single, simple act: engaging in the holy instant. And there is no other remedy!

Whether you are asking me, the Father or the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit’s response is what will be reflected back to you. We all have the same function on your behalf. Why? Because there is no other function to be fulfilled. If we can be clear about that, then you can dare to become clear about that and keep it utterly simple.

That which is Whole can only teach Wholeness until the lesson is learned. And the student can dare to limit himself or herself to that apparently “narrow” task. Because the answer is utterly simple, complicating it with irrelevancies, no matter how tempting it might seem, will only delay what should otherwise be instantaneous. Fascination with “thinking” and “reasoning” and “justifying” and “arguing the fine points” drowns out the Father’s Voice by means of the practice of selective deafness—“But Father, I would rather listen to myself, and I will!”

Let’s be really clear about something. If you are feeling the pin-ball effect, humiliated by the loss of an apparent skill or ability to make things happen by means of your righteous authority and control, and if you are feeling a loss of self-respect and purpose as a result, you may rest assured that you are on the right track and getting the point. Why? Because whether you recognize it or not, you are at the threshold of humility—that state wherein you helplessly present yourself unadorned by roles and pride and accomplishment and step into the holy instant just being the desire to know the truth . . . not as “a seeker” of truth but as the hunger for it!

[Long pause.]

PAUL: Okay, what’s going on right now? It’s quite hard to stay awake.

RAJ: The best way I can put it is that there is a suggestion to the effect that there is safety and security in privacy — withdrawal. The suggestion is that involvement with me begets involvement with the world, making things more complicated and therefore subject to error. Just take a look at that for a moment.

If you look back over the time we have spent together you will see and remember that there were small thresholds which you moved across, and each one was an expansion into a greater involvement. You started out in a meditative state with your eyes closed, whether we were talking with one individual or a whole group. Then, there came a time when I told you to open your eyes and you were afraid that the increased sensory information would interfere with your hearing me. But it wasn’t true, and you got used to it almost immediately. Then, there came a point where I had you get up out of your chair and move around on the stage, or even go down into the group and interact with them where they were sitting.

You can see where I’m leading. Now, even though I’ve been talking about it for years, I’m putting you in the position, together with Susan’s help, of Listening to me on the run, as it were, in the arena of daily activities which require on-the-spot decisions. And this doesn’t allow you to go into the controlled environment of your mental cave, with its perfect peaceful undisturbed environment, before having to voice the decisions or engage in the actions which Guidance reveals. You think you can’t do this, just as you thought you couldn’t maintain a stable connection with me with your eyes open, or moving around. But, you can.

In this situation, however, it is a bit different. The world isn’t in your presence because it’s attending a spiritual workshop, expecting us to share the truth. The waitress, the bank teller, even a family member, are all engaged in their activities for their reasons, from their perspectives, and you have no way of knowing what our response will be. This requires a real stretch of trust. The problem is, you don’t want to do this. It asks too much of you. It asks more than you can give. But let me give you a little hint to give perspective. If you are silent, joined with me or the Holy Spirit by bringing your attention to us, you are being the presence of the Father in expression. In silence!  That you can do, can’t you? And that’s the beginning of letting me/Us respond to everything.

Obviously, letting me respond to everything in every waking moment requires a degree of attentiveness that you are not used to. To you, it seems unreasonable, unfair, and . . . “is this really necessary?” It reminds me of when you and Susan purchased your first brand-new car and you were impressed and somewhat overwhelmed by the level of luxury which the Taurus had, compared to the used cars you had previously been driving. You asked me, “Why this car?” And you meant, “Why one so nice?” And my response to you was, “What level of poverty would you rather have established?” Well, likewise, “What level of unconsciousness would you rather establish than being always conscious?” You see what I mean?

What do you think it means to “Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”? And do you think that means something different from, “My holiness is my salvation”? What level of holiness would you rather establish? A little bit holy? Or wholly holy? Being holy by appointment, or for a scheduled gathering suggests that holiness is temporary, a garment to be put on for special occasions, and hung up in a special closet when you’d rather not be quite so conscious.

I cannot be any clearer than this. This is what it’s all about! This is the grand lesson of A Course in Miracles. The sudden shift of perception, which is the definition of “a miracle,” is you shifting from being self-directed to being God-directed. It is the shift from, “My will be done,” to “Thy will be done.” It is the shift from the illusion of independent creativity to the reality of being co-creator with God. Permanently!  This is why your holiness is your salvation and your holiness is the salvation of the world.

As long as you dally with the ego and your divinity is held in trust in the form of the Holy Spirit, as long as you insist upon practicing selective deafness, you will experience “the human condition” in all of its unholiness instead of your salvation, even though it is inseparable from you. To put forth the effort, to exercise the self-discipline of bringing everything to the Holy Spirit—your divinity—in dialogue, in actual communion, is unavoidable and will require you to persist in the face of your occasional faithlessness and absolute confidence in the impossibility of it all.

The way Home is not unfair and is not a punishment. It is guaranteed! It is a simple practice of the holy instant, wherein you shut up, desire to know the truth, and yield to God. It only seems difficult because it requires you to abandon the freedom to be at odds with your Father, your Brothers and Sisters, and your Self.

As the saying goes, “One with God is a majority.” The power of what you divinely are in all of its omnipotence is on your side. It’s called your holiness, and it is your salvation.


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18 Responses to Unadorned by Roles and Pride

  1. Robin Migalla says:

    Thank you, Raj and Paul. The last two dialogues you have shared have been so utterly “spot on” relative to my own current circumstances that it seems as though you are right here in the middle of the room with me. I so needed to hear what you have shared. I am grateful for your work.

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you Raj for your clarity and thank you Paul for sharing. With love, Christine

  3. binra says:

    Whence cometh this ‘shift of perception’ but from the failing to hide from your full awareness by means of the call to shut down or deny awareness – and thus ‘split off’ in struggle by which to entrain and entrance a justified sense of grievance and hate!
    So an honesty is needed to the feelings that are otherwise denied as ‘negative’, evil, wilful, unloving, selfish, presumptuous, arrogant, cruel, vindictive, and the list goes on to include anything that does not conform to your concept of who you accept and present yourself to be – by which you temporarily ‘escape’ exposure to a conflicted sense of self that is itself associated with terror, hate and rage. The content of this is often hateful or unpleasant – perhaps extremely so – but the context is a willingness for healing that IS THE CALL in the suffering – and needs Acceptance as such – and not denial. ‘A miracle has come to turn an ancient hate unto a present loving’ – but not to the hiding and protecting of the hate in ‘spirituality’!
    Explaining the nature of life in terms of the fruits of a realisation another has not had may serve the desire for such realisation and the willingness to embrace experience from a new perspective that one does not quite believe one has until living from the willingness of it.
    But it can also help everyone who wants a subtler way of missing the point to carry on missing the point while adding the belief to themselves that they are ‘getting there’ and induce the ‘mother’ to keep supplying the ‘milk’.
    Looking honestly then to the fruits of our experience and feeling for what is true by taking the time to open a space in which truth can align us to that shifted perspective – and making that the way we live rather than waiting the crisis to magnify itself before we take heed. And then only to ‘charge up our batteries’ and resume as if we hadn’t just felt the touch of love. No ‘guilting’ here – but inviting hidden guilt to come out and be released. It is ‘hidden’ in plain sight – for how can self-hatred in any form not result in a loss of spontaneity and love? Of course it is hidden in the other – and in victimhood are you ‘saved’ from ‘his’ guilt. But the focus is not in guilt now – but in undoing error by aligning without it – and that means noticing and owning that guilt feelings are rising rather than denying them – so as to recognize the beliefs and definitions that give rise to self-conflict. Now are your free to choose again. Choose what you prefer within the movement you recognize yourself, without guilting or invalidating other choices from being choices you did not take. Being – as Raj says, without justification or apology. Self-doubt ‘cast You out’ by calling upon external justifications and putting trust in self-limiting presentations. Fear and guilt in place of feeling and knowing.
    Housecleaning is not getting rid of guilt so much as noticing the places it hides and bringing them to light in the guidance of the feeling of the light. For if you bring your feelings out to that which cannot receive them, you will meet denial without acceptance – and they will be confirmed in you as sick or damning.

    • davidspyle says:

      Dear binra

      dear, dear binra . . . you are such a fun, funny and interesting individual! Whence cometh indeed? I feel like I’m dialoguing with either an Old Testament Prophet or maybe even the Angel of Death come to smote me. Gee . . . thanks. I’m sure you are an interesting and delightful individual to be around. Ah . . . “Tonight’s Special Guest!”

      Anyway, I’m obviously (hopefully) playing/provoking/teasing you. I appreciate the insights you offer. you’ve obviously done a lot of work and are thorougly obsessed in your own inimitable way. (And, not, of course, unlike me in my own inimitable way). In any case, I’m sure we’d have a fun time dialoguing about all this in person, eh? (Repent! Oh . . . OK.)

      So, thanks for this little dialogue. It’s been interesting and fun. My sense is that it would only degenerate at this point and is not really wanted or needed or necessary to do so.

      I wish you well and bid you Peace.


      • binra says:

        David, is that a patronising attitude in your affected familiarity?
        There is much that is held to be archaic that is fresh, relevant and crystal clear to me. So I am in earnest and yet not self-serious.
        I read this reply of yours after replying to what seemed to another missive to me. Perhaps I was mistaken.
        I like serious fun. Context is everything. I don’t like making fun at another’s expense.

        The separation was a breakdown in communication – and that is ‘achieved’ by redefining the mind to operate meanings that block communication – and then like running an alternate or virtual reality of ‘special love’ within the jamming signal – and protecting the character in that script from communication that would of course render the jamming signal useless and the character scriptless. (But now are you free to know of him anew). So I see the use of language as a tool by which the describer reflects back the reinforcement of the meaning that is either truly received, or asserted in place of reception.
        Miracles are witnesses as are irritations and disturbances that reveal the true Idea or the false association through which we live or struggle as if to get to be someone or somewhere else.

        A sense of degeneration in any further dialogue? No call to wrap up and abort the unborn! Are you aware how that reads? If you mean no call to reply – that’s ok – but even so it is other’s freedom to reply of not – as it is yours to simply move on if there is nothing here for you or you feel complete.

    • davidspyle says:

      Admittedly, Binra, I find this conversation intriguing and am loathe to end it. If anything, it was that I don’t have time this morning to take the time that this dialogue would require. It’s not that often that one encounters such a perceptive, insightful counterpoint that you provide. And forgive me if that sounds arrogant and/or presumptive. However, coming from your seeming position, anything I say will be presumably perceived as such.

      In any case, I am happy to continue. I’m just not sure where we would go from here, although I do recognize that there are any number of possibilities. If, perhaps, you would care to continue this conversation off channel and pick it up by email or even Skype, I would be open to do this. Let me know.

      Unfortunately, I do have an appointment that is coming up shortly, so I won’t be available until later today.

      ’til then . . .


      • binra says:

        Thankyou for a civil response. I haven’t any need to be anything other than I already am – and am happy to receive whatever you are moved to share be seemingly little or large. Matchmaking doesn’t make sense to me – but following an interest is… interesting and comes naturally.
        But again I say I have not asked or required anything of you or you of me – we meet as a synchronicity – not in order to fulfil a contract.
        I’m not ‘going anywhere – so it isn’t necessary to fit anything into a scarcity – as if we have to say things now. What needs to move will find its way in its own timing.

        • davidspyle says:

          Hi, Binra.

          I’m just now settling in for the evening after a long day. I’m feeling more than a little fatigued, so it’s probably not the best time to go into one of my diatribes. So, I’ll spare both you and me for the moment. In any case, I had wanted to respond to your post. I propose that if we are to have a conversation, it might be preferable to do so in a quieter place — say, via email. I have created an account specifically for this purpose. Should you care to write and share yours with me, I will be happy to respond to you and it. Mine is: dsp0847@gmail.com


          • binra says:

            Dear David, I have no thought of placing you under any obligation – and still have none. I meet in willingness – and trust in the timings of willingness – that is – I don’t have a plan or fixed idea about how anything should be. I like writing to a shared attention – for what comes up in the open is openly shared with willingness in all. But you can address me via email if you are moved to.
            I feel that no one is required to reveal or open more than they feel moved to. Please release yourself from what is not timely in you – and rest in what is.
            I feel to have acceptance for how this is presenting – while remaining curiously open to grow perspective without invalidating what is presenting. A relationship is a noun-term for a relating. In the first one can feel dramatic tensions – the ship can sink! But relating is not really boxed in and floating on this form or that form – but feels the currents and knows how to be aligning true with all that is ‘current’.
            b r i a n +a t+ c l e a r l i g h t . u k . n e t

  4. davidspyle says:

    You obviously have heard and/or understood nothing of what I have written other than what is your own egoic interpretation of it and which is obfuscated by your own seemingly impenetrable intellect.
    Congratulations! You’ve reinforced my point entirely.

    • binra says:

      Is that reply to me?
      Not obvious here. What interpretation is yours then – perfect?
      Are you right or does it matter?
      Clearly you have made you point – which is you desire to be heard and understood.
      I responded with what I heard. If you feel misunderstood, is it because you are actually making unconscious demands of how others should respond to you?
      I don’t have to be ‘right’ to be feedback that you can use or lose in whatever way you will.
      You don’t have to penetrate me – I answer to any even partially honouring request – but you haven’t asked me anything – though I feel you ‘set me up to fail’.
      I’m not here to be dictated to and nor are you. Take what you will – in your true will and leave the rest. If you take offence I can only ask – is this your true will?
      When I see a cynical use of sarcasm I feel tears that are unshed. I don’t share a cynical world with you – nor a gullible one.

  5. Adrienne Godsmark says:

    Thank you Raj, for this clarity and all your loving involvement with each of us! I thank you Paul for your courage and generosity in sharing so intimately with us all! Adrienne Godsmark

  6. John Gordon says:

    Interestingly, this came today and corresponds to my for today lesson 267, My heart is beating in the Peace of God. Thank you for your Love and work

  7. binra says:

    A few moments ago in another place I wrote this:

    Joining in hate, hiding in false currency of mutual agreement, so as to inflate a sense of self righteousness – can only witness a sense of self-wrong – or there would be no movement or meaning in such acts. This is what I see as the overlay of a false overlay upon our perception of our world and each other.

    Loving to hate is always a sign of hating to love – and those who do not extend honour and integrity cannot know they have it – but take a false sense of power from focusing in the wrong in others and seeking to manipulate them.

    That we have hate feelings is not to be denied when they come up – or we become unreal. The attempt to be ‘loving’ and the fear of being invalidated ‘unloving’ has crystallized a very rigid, form based concept of love at our foundation that has denied the full and true evolution and unfolding of our Individuality. A false love breeds a disillusion and denial of love – but true disillusion wakes from the false frame – not merely opposing the false form.

    Very few have clear or ongoing access to a true sense of worth – while entranced by false thinking – and so haven’t the basis from which to consistently and persistently challenge and undo or release such thinking. But the way to have it is to grow it by using it – regardless the the mind sets up experience of guilt, invalidity or failure – as the reclaiming of a true foundation in life – that listens to and is open to information – but discerns within for what resonates true – without blame or hate for no longer resonates – or doesn’t resonate at all.

  8. davidspyle says:

    My Holiness is my Salvation . . .

    I am a cybernetic (self-organizing/self-referring) system within a Cybernetic (Self-Organizing/Self-Referring) System within a CYBERNETIC (SELF-ORGANIZING/SELF-REFERRING) SYSTEM. As such, everything I think, say and/or do has an effect and a consequence on my self and my environment and those within it — and as such, it all comes back to me in and as a closed/causal feedback loop. If I am not aware that I am aware of my self both as this and in this “loop” , then I am in a state of relative unconscious (not knowing that “I” am essentially Consciousness/Spirit/Mind, itself” and what is my True Self and True Nature,” nor that which created me. However, in knowing/understanding this . . .

    My whole/hole/holy-ness is my Salvation.

    • binra says:

      If you say so. Mind, how you go!
      Everyone is free to receive according to the measure they give – so you are not having an ‘effect’ on anyone – but you are in communication.
      You holeness is a mistake. What seemed nothing is full of everything, but something felt undone by it and so thought to put nothing out – and as you say – what you give out…
      My wholeness is where our relationship doesn’t need saving.
      Life undescribed perfectly fulfils function regardless the absence of mental mapping.
      I found that I couldn’t take it with me – the thinking thing – but it has a use in the embodiment of what I once feared was a nothing and projected negatively upon it and sought to deny and conform and control it. As far as I am concerned you are. No more or less – and thankyou for the readout!

      • davidspyle says:

        The description describes the describer.

        As such you (like me) are — and are in — a domain of description (Language) My description was essentially a description/depiction of a model that simply superseded, yet included, “me.” At the same time, Language is a Tertiary phenomena that arises our of Thought (Secondary) or/and Consciousness (Primary) — and what is consciousness of Consciousness, itself — Awareness — and The Idea that arises our of it.

        In The Beginning was The Idea and The Idea was God and is God. Creation was the extension of that Idea and the idea attendant to it [Father/Son(s)] into form and multiplicity. “I am an idea in the Mind of God.” Too, “I am Forever an effect of God.” It is precisely that Cause/Effect relationship and the oneness inherent with/within that relationship in which is the need and necessity of being grounded in, as and with that Reality and what is the Framework and Foundational relationship of, for and with All That IS, aka God, The Father.

        In The End, we can only come to the experiential conclusion: God Is, and we can say no more.

        In Spirit
        and with Love.


        • binra says:

          Perhaps the description ‘describes’ but the lens through which One thinks and sees that infers a ‘describer’ who then ‘sees’ the validations and witnesses to his or her ‘self’. However, the fruits reveal the nature of their roots and the proof is in the pudding – not the menu!
          We are never in the domain of description – any more than speaking is the domain of sounding off noises. The attempt to map and define can serve communication in specific situations – but it is associated initially with a profound sense of disconnect that recognizes nothing truly – and so seeks to protect and control its ‘salvaged’ sense of reality.
          That such a disconnect – ‘never really happened’ does not take away from the force of the experience of the belief that it has – and so the assertion of ‘such a defined God’ can actively invalidate and deny the very basis on which one may otherwise discover within the very experience of ‘disconnect’ a different way of seeing that shows from within, the truth that God has never left you – but that you ‘abandoned your Self in God – when you relocated to the domain of believing descriptions and definitions in place of the intimacies the original that they were derived from, pointed to.
          God Is… and as we are truly moved – we speak the embodiment as we are receiving, in thought, word and deed – and uniquely ourselves. And by these fruits we share in what we have accepted true for us as a perspective within an Infinite Embrace. But from an acceptance of ‘disconnect’ as true – we cannot feel or know the sharing of such embrace – and ‘sharing’ the right to a separated and ‘superseding’ sense of thought-correction to the feeling of disconnect – only validates and protects the ‘power’ of disconnection even amidst all the forms of goodness or rightness.

          To move with and within the movement of our being is not within the domain of description but any language used carries the qualities of that movement – for “there is no life outside Heaven” is not an assertion of what should be or is believed to be – unless you supersede its original communication to serve the ‘creating’ of alternate ‘domains’ in which to play.
          It is nothing of blame that I bring here. But a meeting in Intimate Idea. For true thoughts are not fixed concepts of a frozen image.
          Living God is recognized in living – often without any metaphysical or intellectual dalliance. The living itself speaks the movement.
          But living embraces, includes and transcends where self in concept accepts only as concept dictates, and rejects all else – seeking by power of coercive deceits to manipulate itself ‘upstream’ so as to lord it over and ‘control the narrative’. And one of the ways it does so is with clever thinking in which is deftly concealed an invalidation of life within a seemingly un-challengeable good – that no one can refute without identifying themselves ‘against the Law’.
          And so it is that in the Name of the Father or of Jesus or of any Gifting Agency of true Living – is sacrifice of Life unto false gods that may seem anything – but actively hate and reject life that is not on their terms – and nothing in the world of form will ever meet such a frozen perfection.

          When I write – it is not couched in personal terms so much as clothing felt meanings in idea. It is not about me but it is a willingness I embrace to redeem idea from casual association and bring it clearly on purpose.
          So I write not to your person or your ‘all about you’ – but to your willingness, for there is no other communication medium in this world that really deserves the word communicate.
          For what is the ‘communication’ of a blocking signal by which the channel is lost?

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