The Destination is Brotherhood

The Destination
is Brotherhood


Dear friends,

Need prompts reaching out—to the Father, the Holy Spirit, and each other in brotherhood. Or it prompts selfish private enterprise—self-protective steps to “get,” at the expense of brotherhood. Everything comes down to this!

To love your brother as yourself is the means you have to uncover the experience of being a brother or sister, . .  as well as Son or Daughter. It reveals the intimacy/oneness of Life—yours with everyone and everything else—instead of the distinctness of “difference” separating you from everyone and everything else.

Properly understood, need is a blessing, not a curse, because it is a direct call for that which strengthens and reinforces unity—Love—in everyone’s heart. It awakens Soul in everyone—the capacity to feel the divine nature of everyone and everything—extending the nourishment which meets and goes beyond the need.

Need calls for embrace and not defense, unity and not division, warmth  and not suspicion. Need calls for that which reduces fear instead of aggravating it. Need calls for the gift of grace, restoring dignity and worth instead of burying it in rhetoric of blame and guilt. As great as the need may be, the gift must be that great, of reaching out with what restores everything to wholeness, harmony and peace. And reaching out is my function. It is your function. And it is what brotherhood is!

Properly understood, need is a threshold—the threshold which is a shift of perception—a miracle occurring. It’s a point of departure, not a destination! And you know what?

Mankind is in the middle of a shift of perception,
and the destination is brotherhood.

Kingston, Washington

February 22nd, 2016

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One Response to The Destination is Brotherhood

  1. Bobbie says:

    I have Tears rolling down my cheeks, with a sigh of relief.

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