The Holy Spirit is not a Place to Hide


Miracles occur
only when they are invited
and room is made for them.”


You must recognize and acknowledge that anger and hatred, expressed as attempts at manipulation and control, require absolutely nothing of you. I mean they must be totally ignored. They must be recognized for what they are—bad behavior by another demanding “good” behavior from you, but demanding it from a position which lacks integrity, substance, and justification for a legitimate response.

Bullying calls for only one response: Turning your back and walking away, and then staying out of the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter if the bully is “a little old lady,” or a peer, or a cranky four-year-old child. You dishonor the behavior.

Bullying never happens at an “appropriate” time, or a convenient one. The point is that the one engaged in bullying does not deserve the response which is being demanded. No respect is due, no kindhearted forgiving help is appropriate until the bullying stops.

The bully always finds some ploy of righteousness, which is always deceptive, to guilt another into the behavior being demanded. The deceit can look like a little old lady who uses her elderly status as justification for overlooking bad behavior and allowing it to continue. Or, the deceit can look like a fellow with bravado and boldness expressed unapologetically, appearing to be superior, and on that basis demanding obedience to unreasonable and disrespectful demands. It will always take on forms that suggest an innocence which others should recognize and thereby hold the bully innocent of any need to change, thereby dutifully acquiescing into agreement with the bully’s point of view.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known the bully or how personable the relationship has been, the extended focused expression of anger and hate which he or she refuses to abandon requires you to disengage from the relationship and bring the bullying to an end. This is called an interrupted relationship. In other words, once a relationship is established, it is forever, and interrupting it does not cause it to no longer exist. But it does mean that the two-way open-door nature of the relationship has been nullified with certainty.

I am going on at some length here in a repetitive manner because you must come to understand what the word “no” means. It is not a sweet word. It is an adamant word. It does not give the benefit of the doubt. It means what it says. It’s meaning is not soft and cuddly. It is firm and absolute. It is not emotional. It is strength.

You recognize the ridiculousness of trying to raise a child without using the word “no.” Likewise, it is ridiculous for you to do everything you can to avoid the directness of the word “no” and always find some other way to “diplomatically” give new direction to the situation—or, even worse, bite your tongue, say nothing at all, and walk around with no self-respect.

So, you’re a spiritual person, one whose spirituality is rather public, one who has stood behind my words and given voice to them, one who knows he should, in every situation, ask, “What is the truth here,” and then give voice to it. How on earth can that “square” with saying no to a little old lady who isn’t so sweet and interrupt the relationship with a demand for a change of behavior before reopening the two-way nature of a real relationship? “That isn’t loving, kind, considerate, gentle, nurturing or wonderful,” your ego says.

It also isn’t strong!

I will tell you something: Without strength there cannot be loving, there cannot be kind, there cannot be considerate, there cannot be gentle, nurturing or wonderful. Let’s put it another way: Love, kindness, consideration, gentleness and wonder, without principle, lack integrity, become meaningless, and inevitably shift into deceitful tools of usury, perversion, and the most salacious forms of abuse. To let yourself, or anyone in your presence, be abused without objection, and to do it so as to appear not to be unloving or unspiritual, is an insane misunderstanding of what it means to “love one another.” And, it is immoral and evil.

You know, if there were anything to be afraid of, it would be two things: That you wouldn’t say “no” when it needed to be said, and worse, that you wouldn’t recognize when it needed to be said. But these don’t bother you. What bothers you is the idea of “not caring.” What escapes your attention is that it means more to you to fulfill a concept of what it means to “be caring” than it does to “meet the need.”

You must understand that being a caring, loving person may not offend the egos of others, but it also doesn’t promote growth, learning, redemption and healing by uncovering the blocks to them and clearly, succinctly correcting them. You must come to see the correlation between the power of the word “no” in the uncovering of the divine “yes” which is hidden by a call for correction that has not been answered clearly, directly, unapologetically. Then you must use the word “no” clearly, directly, and unapologetically . . . and it’s this last word you will have to work on most.

I will be simple, blunt and clear with you. You know that when you are driving and another vehicle rapidly gains on you from behind, showing signs of impatient and erratic behavior, you have to be careful not to be coerced into violating the speed limit or behaving erratically yourself. You recognize it is not safe to drive on the basis of another driver’s motives or actions.

You are not to be the ball in a pinball machine whose path is determined by whatever it comes in contact with—bounced helplessly back-and-forth from here to there and yonder until gravity brings you to the end of a path undetermined by you. The fact of the matter is that you are always determining your direction. You are always determining your actions. And you are doing it either consciously or unconsciously, proactively or reactively, with purpose or without purpose—all of which mean “with Guidance or independently.”

If you intend to be a do-gooder by sharing the principles of A Course in Miracles or sharing what is revealed by the Holy Spirit without embodying what you share, if you engage in the two-step and listen for the Voice for Truth and share what you hear without standing by it unapologetically because it is nothing more than your right mind expressed, you are hiding, and no miracle can occur! No “sudden shift of perception” can take place. If you have managed to be invisible—a nonparticipant in the penetration of Truth into the “human experience,” which is the function of the holy instant—you cannot be transformed, because what you have not given, you cannot have or keep.

The Holy Spirit is not a place to hide—a cloak of invisibility in which you disappear as you defer to It’s revealing of the Truth and share It. If “the Holy Spirit is nothing more than your right Mind,” then to defer to It means to let yourself into the fuller integrity of your Being and share/extend It without apology. This does not mean behaving in a bold, brash, powerful way. Rather, it means to “be in the world” in the unselfconscious way that is characteristic of behavior which arises out of saying “thy will be done,” and being led. In this joined state, this “partnership” which is unity, one is truly proactive, or Holy-Spirit-motivated, and one is far from invisible. But—and this is the important point—visibility or invisibility becomes irrelevant in the experience of the movement of Truth one finds himself being the expression of, and this unselfconsciousness is humility. In this state, one is also incapable of participating in or turning a blind eye to the abuse of bullying.

Let’s be very clear here: To be an agent for change, to be a “teacher of God,” to employ the holy instant, does not amount to being a catalyst. It is something much more profound than that! A catalyst is never a participant in the change it promotes. It remains hidden in the process and is not present in what is changed. You do not have the luxury of the imagined safety that such noninvolvement would provide. “Oh, the Holy Spirit said that.” “The Holy Spirit says this.” “It is a holy thing to want to be a messenger, and thank God I can’t be held responsible for the message.” That is hiding. It is also the absence of Love. And Brotherhood has nothing to do with it! That is why it is never miraculous. A catalyst cannot look into its brothers eyes and remember God. It promotes change without involving itself and is not present in the end result.

If you perceive yourself to have the function of a catalyst, you are actually engaged in an act of isolation while appearing to be in an act of involvement. And the illusion of separation from God persists while the illusion of involvement suggests that something holy is happening which is actually promoting Atonement when it is not!

I will tell you something: You cannot control another, but you can disallow another from controlling you. And if you do not, if you shrink into the background and justify your silence—your lack of integrity—by telling yourself it’s a profound act of forgiveness, you will find yourself profoundly abused. It is foolish to believe that something holy can happen when you are involved in an unholy alliance. It is not only foolish, but immoral to allow yourself to be the recipient of constant expressions of hate, anger, bruises, black eyes without objection—without saying NO. There is no spiritual moral justification or principle for enduring committed assault on one’s integrity, and never has been.

You must dare to be sober and intelligent. Get out of the bully’s territory, without apology or remorse. Do not berate yourself for not being able to heal the situation. Understand this: He or she who is in need of correction must play his or her part in the miracle, else there will be no miracle, no matter how committed you are to engaging in the holy instant. That one must arrive at a point where he or she interrupts the obsession to hurt and wants to find a better way to be. As with everyone, until there is a desire to reach beyond one’s current way of perceiving things, until one is willing to abandon the arrogance of self-will and reach for help, there will be no miracle. “Oh, but if I will just have enough faith in him, if I will just hang in here a little longer without making him or her mad, if I will just be kind and thoughtful and give plenty of praise, God will step in and he or she will be healed.”

I am sorry, but that is not true. For example: The Holy Spirit is nothing more than your right mind. It is held in trust—in other words, it is ever present—while you dally with being an ego. It has infinite patience. It Knows It is the wholeness of You. It Knows that you will come back into your right mind because you have never really been the limited perception that you believe yourself to be. That could be called faith undying. And yet It—which is your very own Integrity—cannot force you to embrace yourself in your Entirety. Even now, with all you have learned from me and from the Course, you still reserve the right to be an independent thinker. If you allow yourself to get upset or fearful, even angry at times, you cannot hear me or the Holy Spirit, even though we are here and we are addressing you. You must accept the fact that you have absolute control and there is nothing we can do about it . . . and so does your bully!

We are simply taking a closer look at the need to mature your spiritual perspective beyond the power of positive thinking, or “clear, correct thinking,” as though that gives dominion over everything. You have to give up the idea that the principles of Love and your willingness to turn things over to the Holy Spirit for the benefit of your brother or sister will give you control over the process of correction and that therefore a lack of healing reflects a shortcoming on your part—an inability to be loving enough, of not giving enough benefit of the doubt, of not being forgiving enough in spite of what you’re having to suffer. And when you engage in the two-step, be open enough, as you are being, to hear guidance tell you to walk quietly out of the range of the one who will not stop abusing, and do it unapologetically, without self recrimination. You must take a good look at what I have just said, because it goes against your concept. Love cannot heal everything through an act of omnipotence! And you are your best proof of that fact. This should not be discouraging or depressing. It is the truth. And the truth, understood, is healing.

Miracles occur only when they are invited and room is made for them.

Step out of the way of those who are unwilling to invite and make room for their miracle, and turn your attention to those who are. Starting with yourself! That is where the Movement is

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15 Responses to The Holy Spirit is not a Place to Hide

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  2. Brian Steere says:

    The bully is but one face of a coercive intent is it not? And may operate through taking advantage of an already conditioned guilt about failing to be ‘loving’ or valid – so as to trigger weakness through shame and invalidate the legitimacy of any response of another. It does this by calling up self-doubt about being ok to seen to be unloving – for society defines love by the forms of behaviours and ignores or denies the context that gives their meaning.

    The blessing of meeting such a situation is uncovered in (your own right mind) illuminating this as false and unworthy of joining with – and to be no longer willing to sacrifice your integrity of being to false concepts of love that hate hides in or works through. Without your brother, you would not uncover your ‘bully’ – whatever mask you wear in your own attempt to coerce outcomes while seeming to be something ‘acceptable’ or disarming – or ‘justly’ aggrieved.

    Disallowing lovelessness from defining or controlling us by reaction, may indeed express by choosing to move physically from proximity of such potentially triggering exposure – or simply be a recognition of what I do not prefer to engage in or join with – regardless of other’s choice.
    It may be that I persist in whatever I uncover as the movement of my being, in an unalloyed and clear focus and that the situation takes care of itself in other ways than me having to leave or forsake anything that is simply true of me. If I am full of a unified purpose there is no room in which anything else can join with me. So a bully is attracted to a sense of victim – and victimhood is often concealed within assertive demands to be something that another reads as in conflict with their assertive demands…

    • Brian Steere says:

      There are no rules for love – or free willing would have no being. But love is not lawless and finds its way within truly being with. Accepting love for oneself a truly unconditional self acceptance – is the first responsibility of the miracle worker – and so not accepting false currency does indeed make invitation and room for a miracle to replace a guilted grievance – in one’s own healed relationships – which are thus embodying who your truly are – even in regard to who you are not
      and again whatever form this takes is to be discerned for its meaning in the heart’s knowing and not the short cut mind that cuts short of any genuinely felt connection. That is not loving – nor is it who you are – but nor will demonising it or giving it power of negative charge – (as if it has to be got rid of or personally overcome) – allow you to simply turn to what you wholly love, for our shadow of denied self cannot find acceptance or release until we let it in and truly feel and know who we are so as to restore right relationship.

      I see a world of bullying by all kinds of guilt-manipulation that works through our acceptance of false sense of love, in place of self honesty and so reflects an insane world with a compulsion to conform to surface rules of a short-cut mind divorced from the capacity to feel and know and share Life. This bullying is denying Life on Earth in the name of wars against evil – be they anything that can be used to promote a false allegiance or trigger self-invalidations in the face of brash assertions. I desire love to find a way for Humankind on Earth and not to be pushed off by terrorism masking against its own intent. So there is no ‘where’ else to go – excepting to be more persistently and consistently focused in love’s willingness and witness – just because.

      I don’t know about anyone ‘else’s’ choices excepting that I can only truly meet my brother through a true presence of life extending. I see the fear of imposing will is a variant of the same weakness. But some sense of receptivity is needed to feel the movement. Not moving because the support is not visible yet is a way of never finding out that so many others want to meet in Life – perhaps after first experiencing apparent differences that are the process of uncovering brotherhood.

      • Barbara says:

        Love has rules, one, it loves. It recognizes itself and it extends this recognition to all. It does not stop at appearances, When love is not received, not given welcome, it discerns the cause. If the cause is a mistake and the heart beyond calls, then it knows how to move through the barrier. If beyond the barrier there is no welcome, it passes on by.

        • Brian Steere says:

          “Love has rules, one, it loves.”
          I sense you mean that love has no need BUT to share itself because its nature is shared and not ruled off or ruled out.
          However the form this takes – if form it takes – is its own law of being and not subject to mutually agreed meanings of what anything should be. That love is received for oneself and extended is enough – or rather whole. What anyone else does with the gift is their freedom. There are no barriers in the instant of recognition but there are honouring ways of relating from there. Always from presence. Honouring who and where you feel and recognize yourself to be – or – squelch an awakening integrity to regress back into the idea of being ‘loving’, ‘spiritual’ or ‘caring’ within the terms of a manipulation. It doesn’t matter ‘whose’. One has to be tuned to that channel to play that game. Love is not more than wholly being with what is – which allows no room to impose rules on what is and judge thereby. The world’s self ‘loves’ getting validated.This is validating the gap in which an alien mind thinks it is alone.

          • Barbara says:

            Yes, I meant rather a condition like a law unto itself and which best describes something through its function. Thus love extends.

            [The world’s self ‘loves’ getting validated. This is validating the gap in which an alien mind thinks it is alone.]

            “Thinks” is key.

            In the gentleness of time is all sense of gaps undone and all defenses gently turned to love. Love prepares the way. Jesus did not respect the gap of mutually agreed upon definitions and stay away from the leper encampment, nor did he stay to sympathize and commiserate, nor did he become a leper.

            When we hear the call we answer. If we do not hear, we are not moved. And we do not go where what we have to offer is not called for. But when we hear and do not let ourselves be moved, then we are using the Holy Instant to hide in. Using the Holy Instant for this purpose, makes it seem to become less and less available, but it is the dulling of one’s mind which makes it seem so.

            Love is the willingness to bear witness to a self that is incorruptible and One, wherever there is readiness for it, no matter from what camp the call comes.

            If those who looked on saw his presence there as a joining and validating an illusionary self, that would have been their freedom to choose how to see.

            The ground out of which the gift of Knowing comes forth, lays intact, unchanged, and so the gift that comes from it, also is unchanged and unalterable. Love and its extension, the gift of love, is forever, though its fruit may appear only when it is joined with, received.

            The idea that there are separate ones who employ mutual agreements to reinforce a sense of wholeness through keeping themselves in limitation, seperated from others through their own use of judgement, that illusion cannot stand in the way of the Christ who shares in wellness, joy, love at the level at which it can be received.

            • Brian Steere says:

              All is as Is Moving – and can be experienced as one is moved – OR as can be triggered into denying, suppressing, inhibiting and masking the Movement. Noticing when self ‘conceptualizes’ allows an undoing of rigid concept definition and shadow rejection by realigning as clear unified purpose.
              Else its chosen function is to stand in the way – be what may!
              As if saying;
              “This is My space and I don’t want You coming in here unless I invite You.”
              Which is not wrong in listening or feeling for the worthiness of what is accepted. But will not find that worthiness excepting it is being willingly or freely extended.
              To them that have, give – so more shall be added. While those who have not -and look outside themselves for love – more shall be taken away – yes – even that which they have!
              I always feel the ‘beam in my eye’ to be a beam of loving light – a blessing or recognition extended – not a plank of wood. The cold light of a mind apart (from shared blessing) will take on the forms associated with legitimacy in order to mask loveless agenda that seems free of the mess and disturbance of any relational feeling. As if to have the last word on everything and be first over all else. But the first shall be last… and what was last shall be first.

              “As the cosmic balancing principles always have a turn-around point when imbalance goes too far, soon it will be impossible to proceed without allowing emotional expression. As you have seen in the micro what happens when some people cannot hold back their emotions any more, so you will soon see in the macro if no other way is found to relieve the pressure in the emotional body. It would be best for so many reasons if this correction of serious imbalance were to be sought willingly in the presence of love, acceptance and understanding, because healing found in balance is needed more than another pendulum swing.(RUOW)

              Unconditional love for all that we are is the replacement of self-hate – but only as such feelings are released from being hidden, denied and protected/projected by self in concept.

              • Barbara says:

                I appreciate your comments. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. For me, they help fill out a picture, or if I were a mechanic, I’d say, thanks for this and that tool, they ‘make the job at hand easier’.. It is so. ‘I am at work’, and so the time between sharing here may be a while. I am grateful for this Brotherly embrace. Blessings.

  3. Sabu says:

    WOW! To be able to say no is to be alive. Authentic expression is a resourse. I find that as I become more honest, my energy comes back, although I may struggle with the timing and fear reactions from others, and may not being sure of where I’m coming from. Occasionally I will piss somebody off. Yet, when I am grounded, present, occupying and inhabiting my body more fully – incarnate, it comes more naturally and seems to be heard. And…… I’m aware of avoiding miracles; the fear to be fully alive. The status quo is global. Stay grounded. We all need eahother”s presence.

  4. Henley Eames says:

    It is sad and scary (ego) to feel a blood relation who “should” be my supporter, my best friend, thwart me and my requests to step down from his position of power (appointed to be my in control of my Special Needs Trust. I have known what you’ve just said about walking away, and done it. He still refuses to turn this Trustee position to someone else. He thinks he knows best. Just thinking about it pushes my anger & powerless button. When this happens I take the ticking time bomb inside of me and carry it to a big wide open field (In my mind) and set it down in the middle and walk away. This helps me set it aside from my true self and go on with the day. I hope this is enough; and that it will help someone else in need of a visualization to get out of their own way as it does me!
    Thank you Rajpur for still being a healing presence for me after all this time “away.”
    I also want to offer my nature photographs for your on-line design at no cost of course.

  5. Anita Camera says:

    Thank you for this, it is much appreciated. I have been in similar situations several times in my life until I finally understood and walked away. This conversation was helpful for the residual feeling of having ‘abandoned’ and ‘given up’.

    My situation was a lot easier than my friend’s who, even though she walked away by means of a divorce is unable to sever the relationship completely. Because of her children, she seems forced to continue being at the mercy of the bad behavior. He is dragging her through court and doing everything he can to make her destitute. How can one say ‘no’ in such a situation?

    • Barbara says:

      I have two friends who have been in similar situations where children have been used as smoke screens for abuse. I have found that accepting it, ‘no’, for my friends, with all the power of truth that comes with it, has been effective. My friends found, were even offered, support and nurture which strengthened them and gave them the umph to embrace ‘no’ within themselves. The situations changed very quickly after that. My friends did not hear from me insistence that they change. I was moved to support them openly in other ways, but I also joined my will with Fathers’, in secret, on their behalf.

  6. Gail Grivois says:

    This clarification is incredibly helpful. In many situations in which I experience negative feelings, I hear many of the things you have said over the years run through my head. Inevitably one statement contradicts another and that leaves me confused. An example would be that you often tell us to “stay involved,” which of course when things get sticky or inconvenient I sometimes do not want to do. Yet I stay involved because I believe that is the loving thing to do. In the above explanation however, you are telling us to remove ourselves from a bullying situation, which I would interpret as becoming “uninvolved.”
    I see that my confusion has come from trying to apply the instructions you have given us without the wisdom born of hearing my right mind. In the past I was persecuted for my beliefs in both the workplace and at home by one family member. It took me way too long to remove myself from the workplace because I thought I should give this person every opportunity to invite the miracle along with me. I was consciously engaged in forgiveness everyday. I did try to stand up for my beliefs, but I could see that this person’s need to dominate the office came from tremendous fear. I did hear my guide during this time and followed his direction to a tee, which created greater safety and better communication between us. However, when another person was employed in our office, the persecutor reverted back to her old ways. I was able to leave because I could not tolerate the persecution of this new person. I was able to speak up for her, which was easier than speaking for myself.
    I grew up with a very dominating parent and the act of leaving this job was terrifying to me because it felt like my inner child was standing up to this parent. I figured all of this out after I left. I wish the clarity had come before I caused myself so much suffering.
    I really appreciate it when you give us real world examples of what Love looks like because we can easily misapply the principles you teach when we are having an emotional response and fail to get quiet enough to hear Your guidance. Thank you very much for this piece!

  7. Barbara says:

    I am so glad to hear you in this way. Yes indeed, Brother, and thank you. It has been a painful road of discovery, this which you say about bullying. I am glad you say it so clearly.

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