Mercy—A Conversation with Raj


“Fear is arrogant. It expects to see
what God did not make.”


PAUL: Okay, I am caught in an unforgiving state of mind. It revolves around a particular individual. Or at least this one seems to be the justification for it. How can I be around this one and not be angry? I realize that all the thoughts and feelings I have do not embody a perspective gotten from you. Why am I so angry? I know it’s not reasonable or healthy. What’s the hooker? What’s the unseen irresistible temptation?


I sit here listening, feeling angry and vulnerable and hearing nothing. I do not want to be angry, nor do I want my day to be tied up in this nonsense.

RAJ: I understand. The way out is always found in joining—abandoning isolation and independence. Being angry, getting justice, is never right, even though it feels absolutely right. Claiming victimhood never reveals your innocence nor that of the so-called “victimizer,” and ultimately that is the need! If it is ultimately the need, then it is immediately the need. Address it immediately, when the anger begins, and do not let victimization grow into a self-centered addiction!

PAUL: So, how do we address it right now?

RAJ: You must remember that the function of the holy instant is redemption.


“Your brother has a history of believing he is a body.
Nevertheless, he stands like you, and with you,
at the edge of the Unknown.
Ask for both of you to see
what you truly know.”


In every single case redemption is the goal, the purpose, the function of the holy instant . . . and redemption must be your reason for employing it. Anger and revenge seek the opposite result, absolutely denying you the benefit—the transformational benefit—of the holy instant in which God’s laws prevail!

At the outset, or even in the midst of judgment and anger, you must find that bit of Sanity in you which recognizes that no matter what the issues or the justifications, indulging in their practice is absolutely destructive. Anger and judgment have no constructive attributes! This will allow you to shift to the holy instant with redemption as your goal [since that is its function] and open up communication with the Holy Spirit or me, as you have done just now.

You must reread the Pope’s new book: The Name of God is Mercy. Mercy is what the holy instant is all about. In fact, it is the only thing the holy instant is about! Whenever Mercy is absent, Love is nowhere to be found. Whenever Love is absent, you are not fulfilling your Function and you are unfulfilled!

To extend Mercy where there is no call for Mercy is an empty act. And not taking offense at a call for Love, especially if it is mean-spiritedly directed at you, may be difficult. But answering that call is the act of Mercy full of the transformational power of the presence of God. That is what the holy instant is all about, and that is you fulfilling your purpose.

I will be very frank with you. Stop using platitudes and principles, stop using quotes and one-liners when you respond to a call for Love. That is not Mercy. That is not involvement. It is a way to stand at a distance while appearing to be close and caring. They are gifts of “things,” not you—the holy Son of God—looking into your brother’s eyes and making the gift of remembering God.

Mercy is more than an intellectual response—the spouting of a theory or principle. It is more than the provision of a set of orderly intelligent behavior patterns with the accompanying suggestion that if practiced, they will transform one’s life. An orderly mind untouched by the Fathers Love DOES NOT beget an orderly life. No.

Mercy involves being undefendedly present with the one who needs Mercy so that he or she can be seen without any filters you might introduce, and then listening for the Holy Spirit’s gift of Mercy, Love, and sharing It with this Brother or Sister whom you are not holding yourself separate from. This means that the holy instant is an act of brotherhood more involving than you might have thought, because it makes the gift of you reflecting the Father’s Love with intimacy. And that is Mercy!


“The holy instant is the interruption
of your expectations as well as the place where
that which
 you are not expecting can register with you.
Remember that the holy instant is a gift where
gratitude replaces the proof of worthiness which your
expectations require. God will fill the place
where expectations had obscured your real
willingness to let the moment be
 and filled with
His Love.”


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12 Responses to Mercy—A Conversation with Raj

  1. rajnmarcus says:

    The necessity to understand and
    embrace the idea of Mercy as it
    connects with Forgiveness caught my
    attention in this Paul/Raj post.

    I am stewing over my own
    problem of Forgiving the chronically
    hostile, on-going daily/hourly attacks
    from Special Education teenagers.

    They WEAR ME OUT.

    I think I MUST have improved in a
    minuscule way, otherwise I would have
    already run out screaming by now.
    But “I ain’t doing great…”

    I find them viscious, and yet I do AVOID
    confrontations. My Problem: I find
    them unloveable at every turn and
    feel hopeless ever to rise above my
    constant exhaustion and inability
    to love than, as I sustain the attacks.

    Then, just by chance, Raj recommended
    the Pope’s recent message on Mercy.
    THAT sent me ballistic- in my mind- to
    be expected to relate to ANY Pope
    for guidance.

    Although I would have
    said that I have been trying to get
    the picture re: ACIM, for 20 years, I am
    definitely NOT interested in reading
    the POPE or his recent political pursuits.

    I now feel like I have CRASHED
    in flames. Not only am I having a
    major crisis over learning how to
    be authentically Forgiving; I also
    vehemently reject the Pope and most
    formal churchy- religion.

    So if any of you thought YOU were
    a mess, you can see that YOU are
    great in comparison to me…
    I may require another 10,000 lifetimes
    to wake up.

    • Brian Steere says:

      What I notice is how guilt (deceiver-destroyer) has you (the Living Expression of God/Being) on trial for being “unloving”. And in the ‘name of a false god (definition of love), you doubt, deny and sacrifice your Life – the true Movement of your Life – without which you cannot know Who You Are. And so you are set against ‘yourself’ or rather accepting the voice of guilt in place of Embracing Upholding Accepting Loving God and you cannot act to save yourself without seeing yourself or being seen as guilty, invalid, worthless, un-spiritual, or even evil, hurtful etc etc.
      The false spirituality of asserting ideals or forms of love and invalidating, denying and sacrificing the Living excepting where it conforms to such ‘perfection’ is a SCAM.
      The unloving nature of such imposition upon Life generates unloving and hateful reflection and the reflection is not where the responsibility awakens – but in that which is being extended. Not the form of it alone – but the intent of the Ideas and definitions that the forms embody.
      Mercy in the sense of A Course in Miracles is accepting the Atonement for oneself as the very FIRST step from which all else proceeds. Any ‘spirituality’ up to that point is going to be attempts to use the form of it to delay or avoid accepting love exactly as you are – not as you define – but including that you define and experience yourself as you have. As I see it – it is clear – withhold nothing of what you are from the Acceptance and Healing of your Spirit – the Light and Presence of your being. Instead of denying and controlling as a mind over feeling and behaviour, let Feeling find movement of vibrational acceptance – without going to the ‘judge’ to determine guilt or validity. Just Be as you are. BUT – make this about you accepting a healing freedom to move within the intent to whole and heal yourself – not a political or social outcome being sought . A correct use of control is to seek and find a place or way of honouring your Feeling without letting reactive script act out in ways that hurt yourself or others – while you get back on terms of trust and acceptance and clarity with the movement and feedback of your feelings – and so do not automatically squelch them and associate that power of being denied with external scripts.
      I don’t know that you have the pain threshold to hate yourself for another 10,000 lifetimes. “Swear not to die you Holy Son of God” – means release the oath of allegiance to the god of death. The heart knows in connected silence.If you do not listen there, the mind that denies the heart has you. There is no real connection there – no matter how many feed their lives to it.
      As you wake up to the true nature of love – free of justification or apology – and indeed unselfconscious of ‘giving alms’ (mercy) – you see the grotesque parody of attempting to become loving as meaningless and attack on the Meaning of communication and relationship – and so you retrain your mind not to play the mask or feed it validity.
      Just be yourself authentically – the honest presence of you. Others have bullshit detectors and no matter how ‘spiritual’ holy wise or right anyone presents as being (like maybe a Pope) or a Teacher – they can pick up the denials that the ‘supposed to be Someone’ is not up front straight about. Unless you can be with the spectrum of who you are, you will not be able to relate to others in an straight way. And if you have no compassionate sense of embrace for what you make your sin and hide – then you will have none for those who reflect you back to yourself in such ways. The ‘sin-blame sense of being rejected and denied’ is almost unable to vibrate or move at all now – for there has been no acceptance in loving light and so light is felt unloving, punishing and hateful. There are those who try to align to such a light as if that is power, and sacrifice must be the way to a love beyond this world – which is thus hated and brought to slavery and death.

    • Jo says:

      Hey Rajnmarcus, what a fantastic response! How I love your honesty! It has cheered me up no end😂. Refreshing. You know what…you’re doing better than most! That rage and anger has to come up because it’s in all of us especially those who appear to be more spiritual!!! You don’t need any more lifetimes. You’re doing it all now else you wouldn’t be feeling so crap. If it’s any help do what I do… to that altar of forgiveness (like the roadrunner cartoon) with the rage and anger and say, “Holy Spirit, I see what I made and even though I feel justified in my feelings of attack, I’m willing to lay them down here at the altar. Help me to forgive myself for what I made in place of what is Real and using it to attack myself and keep me separate from your love as my Holy Self”.
      I use that all the time and it does work!
      From the place of Truth in me I send you the only Love that exists.

    • Osled says:

      Rajnmarcus, I worked in the special ed field (including a prison) for 25 years and battled everything you are saying. You are often not only dealing with a volatile population, but often with an administration that has no clue how to effectively deal with them. So often, you are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. But you are not, in reality. You always have a choice. To stay or go. I left my last position with an excellent salary & great benefits. And I had one son still in college, so I had bills to pay and I needed the money, but when I realized something greater than materialism was guiding me, I left (and not without a great deal of fear and anxiety), because it was simply time to go. I had done my part and knew if God was supporting my decision to leave, then no amount of money or worldly security could make me stay. …Bottom line is, when I could no longer do it without those negative feelings overtaking the majority of my time and being, I walked away. It is a tough job, and perhaps no one should have to do it for longer than they are capable of without sacrificing their peace of mind. What I learned most from the whole career is that being a martyr or a dictator are two sides of the same ego coin, and I didn’t want to be either. The ego tries to force you into either mold. But you/everyone deserve better. …So stay, and overcome the negativity and find peace (by knowing and following the Truth) or leave and overcome the negativity and find peace (by knowing an following the Truth). They are the only choices, but they are both good ones. It also helps to understand, everyone in this world is going through the same thing in different forms and degrees, but it is ALL the same ego dynamics acting out. The “world of special education” is just an extreme happening of the same ego dynamics playing out the world over. So in one regard, you are learning from “the best” and getting a crash course in ego dynamics. And you will pass, because you already have passed, by virtue of your original nature., which is nothing but Love. …Take care of yourself. It’s not a sin. It took me a long time to realize that, but it was worth it. 🙂

  2. Judy Lasswell says:

    I found that I “got” the message much more clearly when I pictured the person I’m currently angry with as I read it. In fact I received an instant answer to a prayer 2 nights ago before I’d even read this. I’d prayed that God would guide me in dealing with someone who was doing a great injustice to people close to me. It was barely uttered when the words came in loud & clear: “Look to the purity of your own heart.” God & my “Higher Self” knew that what I really wanted revenge by making this person feel guilty!

  3. Robin Migalla says:

    Thank you, Paul. I always feel a little bit better about myself when you share your humanity so openly. You are truly a blessing. Thank you, Raj. Your encouragement gives me the greatest hope. Truly, my heart bursts with gratitude for the gifts you both share so generously and lovingly.

  4. Brian Steere says:

    Even though this may be for but an instant or for a period of time. you first have to be of a willingness to receive mercy of unconditional acceptance for ALL that you feel – including all the feelings that an unloving ‘spirituality’ denies and disallows (and demonizes as scapegoats of sin). Otherwise an unloving judgement against your OWN will carries the message of disqualification from the light of love – in the name of love! This is the usurpation of God by guilt.

    The crippling fear is that we have to love guilt or else we would be unloving beings. This is the WHOLE IDEA of sacrifice. This is the ego’s (separate oppositional will’s) foundation.

    What we give to guilt is used by guilt to grow power over our true willing. What we are willing to bring present and into the vibrational, feeling, moving and relational awareness of our being – in a SAFE and harmless setting that is disconnected from the liability to actually harm by reaction.

    Opening the MOVEMENT of what is feared or judged against as rage or indeed the terror of being completely taken out or denied your right place or true living – by a sense of powerlessness within the situation as it is being defined and experienced – is an allowing of the expression of what has been judged against – without adding layers of mental dishonesty to it – and allowing it to be itself – in a safe or controlled setting. This is the feedback that the manifesting Individuality of Spirit needs to recognize the error in its core definition (healing insight) and from a corrected foundation is full of the presence of loving light in which guilt has no place and must move out.

    The form that this takes can not be proscribed because the guilt hides in forms of righteousness so as to make the true nature ‘guilty’ to move toward healing. But what does not belong in the Temple – and indeed the Template – needs to be somewhere else. Survival is not a dirty word – because that which holds you in your focus through which your true function is fulfilled IS necessary and integral – and MUST come forth if the situation calls for such correction.

    One’s Covenant and Communion with Loving presence is a Living Movement – not a dead letter rule pertaining to be un-challengably Right. Free Will is the capacity to Feel Your Way of Knowing – not a tyrannous dictate that reflects a reflective resistance or attack.

    The ego loves getting rid of guilt because it gives it righteous jurisdiction by making guilt real – while hiding behind the whole notion of doing that.

    Honesty of feeling includes owning feelings of guilt when they are triggered and they arise to notice. Inadequacy, doubt, impotence,sin and wrongness, there are many facets to the denied fears that guilt enters when such fears are denied rather than also owned and felt and brought into willingness for healing without predetermining what form that must take.

    From a restored foundation – one has to say ‘No” to anything that undermines one’s peace – which is first of all the acceptance/embrace of unconditional love for all that you are. Because guilt can adopt the form of life it can pass off as life and self and be taken in. Guilt is hatred for Life and seeks a false ‘peace’ in which no movement can ‘disturb it’.

    If we are not alert, we may operate from guilt and meet our reflection and rage at the ‘power’ that seems to deny us our will. This is the power that turns a loveless world in self-destructive cycle. But our true Will is not a reaction to guilt’s protection being breached!

    In the perspective of our own restored trust, we can recognize in the situation what its message is for our unfolding or unlocking of false self-definition. From self-definition do we see others. It is futile to attempt to love the loveless ‘out there’ while there is no felt movement of love within and such is the religion of sacrifice – no matter what forms of any teaching it adhered to or claims authority from.
    Who is full of the presence of Spirit – in clear single purpose – has no place for deceit to enter or abide – and if any breach is occurring it illuminates a back door left open for thieves in the night.

    Or perhaps keeping the company of those who have no intention of embrace or joining whatsoever, while using everything offered in good faith as ammunition and deceits to be used against you. One can turn one’s back on what is revealed to be turned against you without energising it with your curse – and with a blessing of gratitude for what has thereby been opened, shared or discovered. Let the dead bury the dead while attending the Living!

    Being yourself requires no justification or apology – but if love asks, love will respond. Discerning what is actually going on here when it can seem to be all manner of conflicting meanings is not judgement-based – but such judgement is always rooted in judgements against our self . Self-hate is hell. mercy is the very Nature of Loving God. If being wrong about yourself means guilt – you have not recognized the falsity of the foundation that still puts its own judgement over Feeling truth.

    I love you and I share in the learning within the unfolding of the true abundant nature of our divine Inheritance – which is often so shitty that no one with ‘spiritually’ polarised ego sensitivities would embrace because they use teachings as weapons of division – so as to invalidate and ‘rise above’ the despised and ‘illusionary’ world.

    It is true that one can simply love and that is enough – but that love has to release all that is not love TO love even though it seems one’s self. If feelings persist and are not immediately recognized and healed – then there is a call to know what it is that is to be released to love.

    Rage is the failure to “get what I want in a sense of being denied”. Denying it only gives it power to run a shadow government beneath your increasing powerlessness. True denial is recognizing you do not even want what you thought you wanted and so it has no basis to operate from – and this is a clear present recognition of what you do want; your true will of true willingness. It is the Gift of Life that is uniquely You and it is part of an integral to the Whole in which none are excluded.

    We have to practice becoming trusting of our whole range of feeling to grow the balance and trust in bringing them into direct response. There is every call for control when it comes to interjecting a pause and a stop upon the reactive cycle of hate and pain that otherwise re-enacts itself until life is found unbearable and death seems an escape. But that is merely the revealing of the false foundation. It is lovely to be graceful – but it is a grace to allow whatever restores the love-ly – even if it may seem out of character or break the ‘group rules’. You are not a group – you are a living relational expression of an Infinite Individuality. Holy is Thy Name thereby and that is what we recognize each other in truly. If this does not move a feeling response of vibration in action – then words and meanings are being used contrary to the living intent in which they are offered.

  5. Fran law says:

    May we all find mercy …..thank you Raj

  6. Penny MacKay says:

    This posting rang all sorts of bells for me. In my professional life I had the opportunity to work with governments around the Pacific rim – mainly China, Hong Kong, Japan,and Asian Countries. Because the time spent in these countries was considerable I was exposed to cultures and business practices so different from mine. This exposure revealed my own culture’s beliefs and expectations which were invisible to me at home since we were all doing the same thing and seldom got the chance or desire to get outside the box. Raj’s teachings get us out of the human box. Perhaps because it is one voice,and because the mutually agreed upons are so strong and compelling, we are frightened to take the plunge and live a different way.

  7. Leon Shufelt says:

    ‘Mercy involves being undefendedly present with the one who needs Mercy so that he or she can be seen without any filters you might introduce, and then listening for the Holy Spirit’s gift of Mercy, Love, and sharing It with this Brother or Sister whom you are not holding yourself separate from. This means that the holy instant is an act of brotherhood more involving than you might have thought, because it makes the gift of you reflecting the Father’s Love with intimacy. And that is Mercy!’ Thanks for the powerful message.

  8. Doug Geiger says:

    Thank you Raj for opening me up, past thought to the heart of the matter once again. Thank you!

  9. Claudia Truze says:

    Incredibly beautiful ! Thank you, Raj/Jesus !

    2016-01-24 11:11 GMT+01:00 THE RAJ MATERIALS :

    > Raj posted: “————-oOo————- “Fear is arrogant. It expects to see what God > did not make.” ————-oOo————- PAUL: Okay, I am caught in an unforgiving > state of mind. It revolves around a particular individual. Or at least this > one seems to be the justification for it. ” >

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