Our Christmas Prayer


 “Gratitude leaves no room for
fear and hate to abide.”



Thank you, Father, for my brothers and sisters—all of them! They are my opportunity to confirm your creation in each and every one of them and fulfill my function as co-creator with You.

Help me to remember in this season of remembrance of your Love, to make room for them, to let them in, to embrace them no matter how unconscious they may be of their divinity and no matter how aggressively they express it.

Remind me that my willingly entertaining doubt about my brother begets fear, and my fear begets defense, and my defense, if unchecked, begets attack—no, it requires it—and Who I Am and Who my brother Is no longer stand as the Truth that sets us free from whom we, in the littleness of our mind, have come to believe we are.

Help me to soberly see that hatred is the natural ultimate outcome of an initial seemingly “innocent” judgment against a brother when that judgment is not abandoned in favor of love and the transformational healing it brings. Help me to see when I slip into this poor use of my mind, so that I might correct myself before I try to correct my brother from the mean-spiritedness of my judgment instead of the clarity of my Love.

Help me realize that my unmitigated judgment of my brother will kill him, if it has a chance, before Love has a chance to redeem us both. And help me to welcome this clarity regarding the difference between Love and fear and their effects so that the meaning of Christmas may register with me.

Help me make room in me for the Son or Daughter of God—my divinity—and stop turning It away! Help me make room in me for the Sons or Daughters of God called my brothers and sisters, and stop turning my back on them with doubt, fear, defense, attack and mean-spirited divisiveness. Help me persist in presenting the Truth, providing enlightenment through inspiration and education which arises from Love, just as the one we remember on this day did . . . and continues to do.

I ask of the Holy Spirit that I remain a lantern of light, lit by Christ’s Vision. With gratitude, let me be a Brother, let me be a Sister to Brothers and Sisters without reservation, and bring peace on earth, good will toward all men.

This is the message of Christmas.

Kingston, Washington

December 25th, 2015

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8 Responses to Our Christmas Prayer

  1. Patricia Englert says:

    I feel so blessed to receive and own the truth in my living. Raj/Paul thank you from the depth of my being. I love you both. Patricia

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message. I am dedicated to living this way, as best I can, each and every day, with gratitude for all the teachings I receive through you. ❤️

  3. Derek says:

    Beautiful! A message for everyday of the year! Thankyou Raj and Paul. Merry Christmas.

  4. Pauline Sheakey says:

    What a Wonderful start to my Christmas Day…thank you Raj/Paul for this to remind me.

  5. Leon Shufelt says:

    Thank you to our Self which excludes no one and remembers all.

  6. Judith says:

    Thank you for this blessed message. 🌹

  7. Jean says:

    Peace and love to all.

  8. Fran law says:

    Amen amen…..thank you Raj

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