The Single Essential Element


“Positive thinking is the temptation to think
without questioning the activity
of thinking, itself!”


You really must begin to notice just how much spontaneous thinking you engage in—especially positive or “creative” thinking. I say this because there are no safeguards in place against such thinking. You are perfectly willing to engage in it, and once you’re in that mode, you get in the groove . . . and any kind of thinking can happen!

I know that at times you don’t feel that Listening can possibly be as interesting or rewarding as “creative thinking,” but you will not find the truth of it until you do it. You indulge in creative thinking to make the time spent feel meaningful—to make “being conscious” meaningful. That’s the hooker. That’s your downfall. The fact is that “thinking” is as meaningless as “not thinking,” but the activity seems to contradict that fact. You have had enough experience Listening, however, to have learned that that is where Meaning lies. It is also the place where vulnerability and fear are absent, together with confusion and doubt.

You can see that at the bottom line “creative thinking” doesn’t just suggest the presence of Meaning. It is used to give you meaning! It seems to validate you . . . while you are not joined. It would seem that the void of silence, in the absence of thinking, is what is meaningless, uninteresting. But the fact is that it is the absence of the ego hit of self-validation which defines the meaninglessness, and it is the single essential element necessary to Awakening—the return to Sanity. Interpret it correctly and you will no longer pursue the “hit.”

You don’t voluntarily choose to engage in negative thinking, but you do voluntarily choose to engage in positive, creative thinking, and you do it quite purposefully. You must stop! And you must purposely substitute joining with me or the Holy Spirit instead. There is Meaning to be experienced, but it must arise out of the movement of Mind—the Father’s Will. Be curious about that!

Let me tell you something else. At any point when you feel disinterested in joining, whenever it feels pointless or useless, realize that those feelings are inseparable from the negativity of the unjoined state, and there is no truth in them. Of course there will be no ego hit forthcoming! But remember . . . that is the single essential element necessary to Awakening.

Yes, this is going to take work, diligence. At times it will feel laborious because you are going against a beloved habit. Do it anyway!

Kingston, Washington

December 22nd, 2015

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8 Responses to The Single Essential Element

  1. Ron Ison says:

    Thank you, Raj I was realizing the other day that spirit does not ramble on and on but only communicates when invited. How refreshing, to enter with silence and wait until I can ask a question!

  2. O'Neill says:

    Thanks Raj and Paul. This is exactly what I needed to hear. In fact, the main approach I’ve taken to waking up has been “creative thinking” and trying to “figure it all out”! Now I can finally take this new approach of “listening” and willingness, because now it’s what I see as the loving, wise choice. And you know what, it sounds crazy, but if I hadn’t read this, I might have spent the rest of my life doing it my way, and never realized the truth you’ve expressed.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

    Merry Christmas to you both! (and Happy Birthday to you, Raj! haha!!!)

    • Derek says:

      So beautiful O’Neill! Loved reading that deep appreciation for what will help immeasurably. And loved the birthday joke too! Happy awakening brother or sister!

  3. So much “creativeness” abandoned, so many “dreams” unfulfilled. Only with a sense of complete trust will this Recommendation be attempted, but imagine the unimaginable, God’s World instead of my puny imaginings—–Joy in Constancy, True Love inpouring, never ending Ecstasy of Being!!

  4. Derek says:

    Thankyou Raj and Paul. Very helpful.

  5. Cynthia says:

    Not feeling like joining what?

  6. Sabu says:

    Fantastic Raj and thank you Paul. There is far too little clarity around this issue and there are many metaphysical teachers who preach positive thinking and seem to thrive abundantly on it, and even seem to live a long healthy life. But you Raj, are the only one – and Paul – who dares to address the issue of death and eternal life and the real nature of the body – or what can be embodied; I guess, for obvious reasons. Much Love! and a merry Christmas, x

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