The Way Things Work

 The Way Things Work


Dear friends,

There is a great difference between commerce and humanitarianism, not only in the motives but in what they teach. The extension of Love cannot be commercialized and remain what It is. Commercialism involves a product for which a charge is made, and the charge includes what is necessary to have produced it, together with enough profit to be able to produce more and therefore reach more buyers — to say nothing of making the producers a financial success.

Commercialism is a private affair for both the producer and the buyer. Neither one knows the other, nor does he care to. The transaction is the way each one gets what he wants, and that’s all there is to it. If everything is thought through well, commerce thrives. But, you know what? No one has been touched by another. No one has been touched by another! Autonomy, privacy and independence have been promoted and confirmed at the expense of the nourishment inherent in joining, caring and being the presence of Love.

When a laborer creates something for a paycheck from an employer instead of creating it for the one who will end up possessing it, a barrenness of humanity and meaning replaces a “connection” essential to the human sense of well-being — involvement — something which is fundamentally essential to the experience of one’s divinity. And you are seeing rampant evidence of this barrenness of humanity and meaning manifesting itself violently around the world.

You are watching the pinnacle of commercialism failing, together with the power it supposedly brings. In the end it is powerless in the face of the human spirit. The inherent dignity of the human being — the holy son or daughter of God — will not acquiesce to the indignity of having its function ignored. Neither money nor the power of those who possess it will assuage the demand for involvement — joining, caring, and being the conscious presence of Love. This is, and had better be, a turning point.

It does not require a lot of money for one to be in the self-satisfying position of independence and autonomy, together with the “power” such independence brings and the insulation it provides from having to be involved. Commercialism has taught everyone well. Or shall I say, selfishness, self-centeredness, has caused one to value independence at the expense of brotherhood and commercialism has been chosen as the vehicle of choice to accomplish it

I am serious here. And everyone else needs to be, too.

Don’t look at the “poor refugees” in Third World countries or those of all colors who are killing police and everyday citizens —going on shooting rampages in malls and theaters — as though they are the product of an environment that is not yours. Don’t look at them without looking at yourself and asking, “Why am I not feeling exactly like them when I am being discounted and I am discounting others in the name of successful independence.” “Why am I not seeing that I am the one who is ‘poor,’ not them, because my independence constitutes the barrenness and meaninglessness that they have enough connectedness to see and object to?”  

Poor perspective, ignorance, accounts for the fact that you can look at them and see them as “marginalized,” without seeing that you have been marginalized by the “system,” and are completely unconscious of it.

When you find justification for maintaining distance from your brother, when you find yourself reluctant or unwilling to engage in the two-step — the holy instant — so that you might forgive and join with your brother, you demonstrate your barrenness and provide yourself evidence of your need. It’s time to feel it and free yourself from the independence you “thought” was freedom by becoming intimately involved with each other at the very human level of your humanity, and do it with the Holy Spirit . . . for here is where your divinity is found.

And that’s the way things work!

Kingston, Washington
September 9, 2015


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5 Responses to The Way Things Work

  1. Alberta says:

    This message of our disconnect with one another touches me deeply. Most of the time I live in a bubble of ‘independence’, oblivious to my brothers and sisters who, out of necessity, work in mindless drudgery, who are paid poorly in exchange for their dignity, children who labor in sub-human conditions. Commercialism and consumerism. What I am not oblivious to is the part of their stories that are paraded in the media. I feel discounted when I’m told only half-truths, that separate, and I discount my brothers and sisters when I sit in judgment over their crimes; and when I sit and enjoy my Colombian Coffee with no thought to the darker side of that exchange. Raj’s words remind me of Khalil Gibran, in The Prophet, when he talks of Crime and Punishment: ‘Oftentimes I have heard you speak of one who commits a wrong as though he were not one of you, but a stranger unto you and an intruder upon your world. But I say to you that even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in each of one of you, So the wicked and the weak cannot fall lower than the lowest which is in you also. And as a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree, So the wrong-doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all. Like a procession you walk together towards your god-self. You are the way and the wayfarers. And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone. Ay, and he falls for those ahead of him, who though faster and sure of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone.

  2. Yoga for You says:

    Regarding being “touched.” I read Gary’s message, saw the words, heard his voice and even imagined seeing him say them, and I didn’t get IT. I was uncomfortable so something was missing. Then I made the decision to pause and ask what is the Truth here anyway, stepping self way, way back to allow space for something other than “me-ness.” This is when the “touching” happened. This is when an abundant space opened and there was fresh breath.

    It seems to be with a sincere willingness, intention and desire for a real newness that all walls come down, all effort dissolves. Peace simply seems to BE within an accepted ISNESS!

  3. Brian Steere says:

    To Gary:
    Well who would argue with perfect truth? But is it true of me because of believing it or hearing that you believe it or even having known it? The answer is my Now and not any presumption to know. Believing it mentally as a result of being graced, is not the same a be-living it. You have to give it away to have it and for that you need your brother. For sure your poems are part of your joy expressing – and joy is the way of wholeness of being – but if there are any residual fears that can trigger you to react lovelessly then you are not clear yet.
    If you take your message to the world – not just to ‘spiritual’ forums – but to those who are also in your life, in your world and perhaps those seek answer but know not what they really suffer from? – then see whether you are communicating this love – because if you are – they need it very deeply do they need it – but know not where it is. They wont find it in words unless the word comes through you in true inspiration that you stand in.
    You can recognize God IS them and honour them accordingly and in such wise as their current sense of themself can accept.
    What you are presenting as if it were a conclusion I am suggesting is a starting place. The mind-in-the-world likes to wrap it all up so as to run within its bubble. I know that is not your desire so I reflect this reply towards joining in true desire of making way for GOD to Speak All Things True and be accepting heart mind and body as one.

  4. Brian Steere says:

    I can and do feel this message – which is current to my own movement in writing from listening – and say let First be first and all things will then follow. For to deny the First is to make a mind in anger that asserts itself first so as to maintain a reversal in which the form is fixed to meanings of independence and separation through hidden hurt and anger.

    Being mindful of the true Nature and Communication is discerning of what is actually being communicated – for the mind that is fixed in form as if the form itself is the meaning is hijacked by a past fixation of refusal to receive – to thus limit and deny and fix a temporary sense of its own existence in form. This is not the true function of form – which is to be the visibility and tangibility of YOU – who is OF the First and abide IN the First regardless the mind that insists it think apart.

    Transaction is always holding something back and setting a measure. It generates rules and degrees of worth and value that might seem fair if all else were equal. It is not. The mind that divides the image of our Source – Father into pieces – to idolize or reject, to compete over and covet is so fixated upon the image, that all meaning is lost in the game of power accorded the deadly serious meanings from the script of separation.

    Gift is FIRST received as a movement of the heart, welcomed and received in the mind and extended as the body. Such is Life.
    So listen for the heart instead of a usurping mind of rules and routines that keeps you safe from joy’s renewal. Listen for the First before extending through body or act.

    You can still buy and sell within the appearances of the world – but use only GOOD money that extends true value of presence and receive of the GOOD knowingly, in gratitude and honour your relationship in the GOOD with your Brother. Guilt not the merchant – nor even the moneylender that interjects itself as a rigged system by which the banker takes all. But withdraw allegiance from that which resonates the denial of relationship of worth and service if that is NOT your willing choice to be.
    Bring therefore the fears of hurt and anger, loss and all that has served to deny your willingness TO an open gift of willingness. For in truth that is the Gift of your creation before a confusion deceived and is your inheritance to be restored as you accept the truth of your self whole.
    Bring not willingness into the persistence of denial as if it can make a substitute for your joy. In your call to joy is your willingness.
    Becoming aware of the nature of the mind by which you were deceived is NOT your damnation – but its undoing – as long as you do not USE it to damn your brother or yourself. As the false is recognized false it falls from you as a desired choice and now are you free to choose from the Movement of your being and not a mind or rules.
    Remember the form itself – of anything including idea – is not the communication – but is the carrier of the communication. Listen for the resonance to that which truly aligns and inspires you. Use your Guide and grow trust by actively living only from such a connectedness. This means noticing when you are ‘lost in forms of joylessness’ and pausing from accepting that as first in your mind. That release is a shift to connectedness – trust your connectedness enough to feel your way within living relationship rather than impose a will upon a substitution for it.

  5. gary lemons says:

    if I may respond from the heart and with deep respect–

    it is impossible to imagine any event or condition where there is no “touching”–there is always an exchange be it an exchange of goods or service or ideas but in all cases the “energy” of the exchange is preserved–it has no where else to go. When i create a book of poetry it is true i write the poems in a somewhat physically isolated state. But in truth my whole life has been interwoven into the fundamental pre-existing state of oneness which all things rise from. So my poems contain this and when offered to distant readers that i don’t “know” or “touch” there is none the less a deep exchange between us.

    I believe this to be true of all things. The coffee I drink–the tools i use in the garden–the stamps i put on a letter–all made by strangers or by machines made by strangers–and yet there is none the less a connection transferred as soon as the exchange takes place–as soon as I “buy” the object or service or idea.

    This is because it was already there and always will be there. There is nothing other than God manifest everywhere in all things simultaneously and when we drift into thinking there is separation between anything we enter a dualistic universe of our own making. Which–beautifully enough–is also God manifest and in harmony with the All.

    This is so simple to me and so healing. It means that there is nothing other than God now everywhere. Awesome.

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