“Listen, Learn, and Do”

“Listen, Learn,
and Do”


PAUL: Good morning, Raj. I need our communication opened up. I’m uptight and distracted by irrelevancies. I need to be on the beam.

RAJ: Indeed. And you will be if you will very specifically bring your attention to me as you have just done. It will have to be specific, though, as you can see.

PAUL: Why? What’s going on? Is it impact? Is it physical? Am I somehow actually afraid to hear from you?

RAJ: No. You are attempting to do the “Do” part before the “Listen” and “Learn” parts. You know, “Listen, learn, and do”?

The shift has to do with behavior—and I’m not talking about behavior at the level of the “Do.” I’m talking about the choice you are making relative to the teacher which inspires behavior at the level of the “Do.” A voice says, “You need to feed the squirrels,” or “You need to get a shower,” and you are not first determining the source of that voice before doing what it says.

I’m going to tell you something: It doesn’t matter who else is or isn’t doing this “checking in about everything.” If you’re not checking in, you’re doing something alone. If you’re doing something alone, you’re unconscious of Reality, of Truth—unable to be the presence of Love and Life as It truly is. Whatever is being “done” is flat, lacking the vitality of Life and Love, and it is meaningless.

So, you’ve caught the idea!

It is never what you’re doing in the world that matters. It’s where you’re doing it from . . . no matter what you’re doing! You need to be very clear on this, and the best way I can put it is that it won’t be the action you engage in that will matter, but the Love with which you engage in it. And the only way you will engage in anything with Love is by joining with It and letting It inform you as to what to “Do.”

Holding a Study Group, putting on a Thought for the Day, keeping the website fresh, thanking everyone for their support—these are not more worthy or transformational activities than riding in the car to the store or paying bills or taking care of the yard.

Activities are not transformational!

To be the presence of Love is to let Love inform your presence, and that is the only thing which is transformational. Do you see that I’m not saying that as you’re riding to the store, or engaging in whatever you determine to be a “mundane” activity, that you are to bring Love into that activity? That would be to direct Love, with you in charge, when it is Love that is to “inspire, illumine, designate and lead the way.”

Let’s look at this as well: The amount of time in which you engage in “good works,” the one’s that “really count,” is minuscule compared to the time spent in “mundane” activities—the one’s that “don’t count at all.”

You can’t be the salvation of the world by devotedly engaging in the “works” of salvation—whatever those exclusive activities have been imagined to be! Life gets in the way! Which means that wiping your ass, blowing your nose, taking out the garbage, being patient with another’s willful stubbornness WILL interfere with the works of salvation until you realize that YOU must stop seeing them as being outside the scope of Love’s embrace—meaning: beyond your willingness to be in your right mind FIRST by joining with Love FIRST, and letting IT inform you as to what is true in those very circumstances.

Right-mindedness changes the world. It is the correction to whatever needs to be corrected. And the proper placement of your attention does this.

“When thine eye is single,

thy whole body also is full of light.”

(Luke 11:34)

The simple fact is that Love cannot inspire, illumine, designate and lead the way if you haven’t turned to It. And, if you haven’t turned to It, your whole body (the world) cannot be full of light . . . redeemed.

Bring me . . . bring the presence of Love . . . with you everywhere—to the bathroom, to the trash can, to the difficult encounter, to the trips in the car—and know that in so doing, you ARE bringing salvation to the world, just as surely as you know you are when letting me speak with others.

Your holy work is to be the presence of Love in every moment, no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing . . . letting Love inform (give rise to) your “Doing.”


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8 Responses to “Listen, Learn, and Do”

  1. Brian Steere says:

    I was very pleased to see this, as I feel the insistence on separation stems from the idea of sacrifice – as if being aligned and OPEN to the father’s Will – to the Movement of our true being – is the LOSS of our self rather than its reintegrated expression as thought word and deed. As if one has to DO something that will necessarily subject you to exclusion – when in fact that is what is already going on but masked in the ‘special love’ of social and personal masking. And so projecting the idea of sacrifice onto a future born of Spiritual Acceptance is the revealing of the cost one is trying not to recognise one is paying for seeking to deny one’s integral function within a wholeness of being… which is nothing more than to be truly the one that you are created to be. Not more nor less. It starts here and now with wherever you seem to be. Listen in, within the willingness of embrace, and learn from one who knows who you are, and loves you for that you are.

    One of the ways to neutralise the Message of welcome and inclusion and worth is to make special the messenger so as to focus on specialness of person rather than recognize, accept and act in accord with what is – or would be – revealing itself AS You – or as me in my case.
    Specialness is succinctly stated in A Course in Miracles to be an unwillingness to trust anything or anyone BUT yourself alone, and this is the ‘self’ that is treasured as a ‘first born son’ – even before the Lord of the Heart by which we know and see and feel our being.
    I don’t say this here to invalidate the sleep of specialness as it shows itself – but to share a willingness to notice it in play and thus wake a perspective from which we can listen learn and do. For within the framework of the thinking substitute for living self, is only a filtered distorted and fragmented version of the Communication of Life, and listening to that , learns it and does it the same regardless the forms it takes.
    Spiritual seeking can be initiated by crisis in which listening, learning and doing are automatically called on and yielded to – because one clearly cannot manage or cope with a situation from the thinking self, but then the experience of need met becomes retold in a way that credits a special sense of me – and this is hardly surprising, as that pattern is why there was a felt inadequacy to discern the situation as a whole relationship. Learning the importance – the fundamental importance of vigilance, alertness, of maintaining a quality of awareness that can ONLY come from listening within while whatever else is also occurring, like all learning, is a two step of practice and insight – that walk together – for insights without practice can never become You nor grow to be the awakening of inner sight that embraces, aligns and integrates what had been taken to be outer sight of a physical separate existence. And yet a willingness to be so ‘homed’ is to be in the moment – the presence of a core integrity of being that of Itself restores perspective of sanity to a confusion within what is untrue of You.
    And so this is not a crusade of wilful zeal on the part of setting everything to rights or saving the ‘world’ in hope of being validated or vindicated. It is the owning and releasing of what is untrue in willingness to accept an already Integrity that you did not make, not truly lost – excepting by use of the will to make yourself in your own image and assert it in place of your true relationship to Me.
    And so Spiritual Finding – in which one calls to be found, is the willingness to live ‘your life’ with Me – and thus undo the guilt and fear that has been associated with your ‘self’ since it was raised upon the denial of your truth.
    And so, listening, learning and doing is the undoing of the idea of loss and sacrifice – and of the idea that was called upon to limit sacrifice; by division, partiality and rejection, in a will to power that knows not what it is or does but fears and seeks to cover its powerlessness.
    By our attempts to cover or mask or mitigate or struggle to become or overcome, we reveal our underlying beliefs in fears of inadequacy, invalidation and powerlessness.
    “And who told you you were naked?”, said the Lord.
    This is the perspective of our Holy Spirit by which we challenge fear’s belief and enquire as to the truth of wholeness, rather than seeking to wilfully impose or assert cherry picked ‘truths’ to weave into a persona by which to hide that we are hiding from our Self.
    “Fear not!” calls Jesus, for to keep and use fear is to know not what you are or do and thus frighten yourself further. And so the way is to recognise and own fear rather than mask it, so as to bring it to the light of a true awareness in which it is transmuted of its distortion that you took as yourself.
    All that is required is to recognize what is untrue of you… and no longer act as if it was! In this pause of willingness to NOT accept or choose fear, what IS true of you, will support and guide you in truly, being who you are – which is not to be described or defined or self-identified – but lived, shared and known by living free of guilt and fear, right where you are in whatever you are engaged in.

  2. Paul Thank you soooo much for asking the question!!..and The Divine Answer for All!!!😘✨❤️✨

  3. Pauline Sheakey says:

    Really needed to hear this … thank you so much Raj/Paul…will re-read again … Love…Pauline

  4. Robin Migalla says:

    Thank you Paul for seeking Raj’s guidance when you were feeling uptight and distracted, and thank you Raj for the reminder I so sorely (really sorely 🙂 needed. I feel so blessed to be given these gifts.

  5. manjulasword says:

    I heard someone say once, “God is not so much concerned with ‘what’ you are doing, but with where the mind is.” Listening to Love first then learn and Do will change my mind about the mundane doing’s of life. Besides practicing with mundane things means lots of practice as we do these things more often. Thank you Raj and Paul! Carol Mc

  6. Derek says:

    Wow! Double Wow!! Triple Wow!! There is an Answer to to ‘everything’. THANKYOU Jesus! Thankyou Paul for sharing It. Love. Derek

  7. Fran law says:

    So clearly stated…..”I am to be the presence of love in all that I do”…..thank you Raj……Fran

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