Yes, the Gift Continues



Dear friends,

April is one of the two big months of the year, expense-wise, because of property taxes which come due. This April’s payments amount to $6,958.39. In addition, the usual expenses which fall due on the 20th of the month amount to $6,380.98 this month, and less-than-usual contributions have not allowed for payroll to be paid to Paul which is in arrears of $5,000. This means that a general, generous and immediate response to the need is essential in order to meet the need and keep the Gift in motion that Paul and I make.

We are not discontinuing the Gift. The Gift continues, but ongoing support is essential to that ongoing Gifting, and it is urgently invited at this time for this month of April.

Thank you to everyone who so graciously supports this work on an ongoing basis. Know that every gift counts.

Kingston, Washington
April 7th, 2015



Contributions can also be made through


and should be directed to

PayPal is set up to deposit these contributions
directly into the Foundation’s account.


If you have any reluctance about making online contributions
or would like to set up automatic monthly contributions
please call Paul at


any time between noon and midnight
Pacific Standard Time
and he will process your contribution directly.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.




We recently upgraded our credit card processing procedures in order to make your online contributions even more secure. If you see that your contribution is “under review,” it simply means that some part of the information you provided was not recognized and your contribution has been set aside for Paul to review and approve manually in order to insure that it is being legitimately charged on your card.
Also, when you enter the amount,
do not place a dollar sign ($) in the box.
Doing so will interfere with the
completion of the transaction.



Contributions can also be mailed directly to:NWFFACIM
P.O. Box 1490
Kingston, WA 98346-1490

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