The Pleasure of Doing What Works



The only Gift that you can truly give is one that you didn’t make, and the two-step is the threshold of such Gifts. If you stop and look at it, you will see that any gift you make must be an assembly or arrangement of materials already at hand — gifts already received which you have now ordered in such a fashion as to look like something new. This does not truly constitute a Gift. A gift, in order to be a Gift, must be original. It must come through you but not be crafted by you. Do you see what I mean?

Insights, for example, are Gifts. However, accumulated insights gathered together and rearranged in unique ways so as to be stimulating do not constitute Gifts. Why? Because they don’t embody the divine dictum, “Behold, I make all things new,” and if they don’t, they do not reflect or manifest Creation! Are you getting it?

Creation Itself is a Gift! It is the forever-new Movement of omnipotence, of God, and It is experienced as shifts of perception – as unexpected “Aha’s!” And I will tell you something: It is much easier to have an unexpected shift of perception into the unknown than it is to have an unexpected shift of perception about the known. This is why you cannot solve a problem from the level of the problem: What you think you know about the problem is so opaque, so definite, that it absolutely blocks the unexpected.

Do not misunderstand. It may sound as though I have described something complicated when the premise and the conclusion are utterly simple. You are used to “working out problems” through many means, and it feeds the ego to find the best one — whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual. The ones you work out for yourself, you do by yourself, without engaging the two-step. And the diligence and dedication with which you do it — in other words, the willfulness you bring into play — substantiates a state of isolation in which insight and revelation cannot occur.

What I am reintroducing here is the simplicity and pleasure of doing what works. To whatever degree you define the problem needing to be solved and use the definition as the criteria around which the answer must wrap itself, you create an impossible situation. The solution will never be found within the definition of the problem, and the density of your confidence in the definition will keep the problem complicated and unsolvable.

What is the solution? What is the simplicity? What is the pleasure? They lie in engaging in the two-step with a light touch and no agenda. When you ask the Holy Spirit or the Father, “What is the truth here?” You are reaching into the realm of Gift. You are reaching into the movement of Creation, Itself, where the Gift of Its perfection is constant and is not governed by the details of “a problem.” You are moving into the place where the problem does not exist and the sudden shift of perception disclosing that fact reveals itself to you . . . as a Gift!

When you move into the holy instant, the only practical act you can engage in is to leave the problem at the threshold, since the realization of Truth never rearranges or copes with the details, but uncovers the problem’s unreality. In the same lightheartedness with which you enter the holy instant, the sudden shift of perception — the miracle — simply occurs.

However, this flies right in the face of your experience and your belief. You are engaging in the two-step because there is a problem, because you are in pain, and because you believe it. How can you leave it at the threshold and still address it? If you can’t take it with you into the holy instant to correct it, why go into the holy instant?

The answer is simple: Because the holy instant is a use to which you let the Holy Spirit put your mind. And that is different from the use to which you put your mind which caused the misperception that now you want relief from.

You see, it isn’t really the problem that you must leave at the threshold of the holy instant. It’s your independent self-imagined authority which must be left there. This is the function of the holy instant! This is the purpose for employing it! Because in every case the holy instant is employed to escape the bondage, suffering and fear — no matter what the details of their cause – which are inseparable from the illusion of your being an independent presence, authority and power.

These gifts of bondage, suffering and fear are the gifts of children of the Big Bang, of random chance and mortality. They do not meet the criteria of Gift because no matter how thoughtful or kind or sweet or supportive, the meanings of these gifts are unable to transcend the Big Bang, random chance and mortality. No matter how beautifully the gifts are wrapped, the boxes are empty! There is no transcendence inside any of them — therefore, no miracle! This is the reason I began by saying that the only Gift that you can truly give is one that you did not make, and the two-step is the threshold of such Gifts.

As you practice the holy instant — as you shut up, ask the Holy Spirit “What is the Truth here?” and listen, don’t keep the details of the problem, how you feel about them, and what you think they can do to you . . . don’t keep them in the back of your mind so as to be able to present them to the Holy Spirit and make sure He fully understands the situation. That is not silence. That is not listening with innocence. That is not embodying the meaning of the words, “Thy will, not mine be done.” That is not being open to the simplicity and pleasure of wanting to know the Truth and being Gifted with It.

Be very clear about this: I fully understand that by the time you turn to the Holy Spirit, by the time you decide to lean into the holy instant, you are already convinced and perhaps overwhelmed by “the problem.” I understand that this is not the time when you can easily abandon what you believe you are faced with in order to innocently behave in a brand-new way. But it is exactly at this time that commitment to joining with the Holy Spirit in the holy instant is essential because it is the undoing of the private self-authorizing imaginary sense of self . . . and it is your salvation!

Here is the simplicity: Never again exhaust yourself by taking the gravity of any situation into the holy instant, presenting the Holy Spirit with the “impossible situation,” and then trying to listen to the answer through the fear you can’t help feeling. You can’t make the problem real and then make the Holy Spirit jump through hoops to overcome your confidence in your belief. No, you must use the dilemma as justification for abandoning your opinions and the opinions of others, together with any conclusions you have come to, and have a new goal. Joining! Joining with One Who Knows you and has one purpose and Function: To return you to your right mind.

More important than what is said, more important than the Gifts given, will be the brotherhood, the union, the not being alone. This is the context in which the Gifts are given. This is what makes the Gifts possible. And this is what illuminates What you are. The Holy Spirit knows what you have need of and it is His function to provide it. Therefore He will.


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5 Responses to The Pleasure of Doing What Works

  1. Karen Torgeman says:

    Dear paul , I am at the place of such fear (a fear i have never experienced before) that I don’t know how to take the next step, I hear what you say, and I ask the question what is the truth and do as you say, but fear just shakes throughout my body, please help, I am really in trouble

  2. Derek says:

    All I can say is, this is one of the BEST Raj sharing’s I have ever read – and I have read many for a long time. Thankyou Paul and Raj / Jesus! If everyone read and practiced the very words in this sharing life as they know it would change in ‘the blink of an eye’ first peace, and then, clarity; or, a new relationship with the unknown, which is, Christ, the Self, who, literally, is the Identity of the one entering the Holy Instant. Mmm. Beautiful! Derek

  3. MIGUEL says:


  4. bobbie says:

    okay 🙂

  5. Fran law says:

    Thank you for your gift……Fran

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