The Call for Silence



Dear friends,

How many of you in this past month have found yourselves suddenly without a plan, forcing you to be in the now and to become quiet — really quiet? How many of you have found yourselves suddenly thrown into a time warp, and the logistics or elements of your life have not seemed to add up, validating your plans or purposes?

This is where Paul and Susan found themselves during this past month, and the call was for rest instead of aggressive self-determination in the name of all that’s holy. The call was for silence and devoted Listening instead of frantic or even orderly metaphysical, spiritual Course-oriented thinking in order to get hold of the situation. The call was for humility — the complete abandonment of self confidence and the complete acceptance of absolute dependence on God. The call was for everything we have been talking about regarding the holy instant, but deeper and more total than they had imagined it could be.

The call was to be, without thinking — to allow the parade of insane ideas and feelings to pass by without validating or reacting to them [thinking about them]. The call was to come home to Peace without regarding them, understanding that all the circumstances and predicaments one’s imagination introduces must be met with the question: “Can peace heal this?”

Even though the problem [thinking] seems too great for peace to heal — even though it seems to be the thing that destroys peace with great disturbing vitality — the answer is: “Yes, peace can heal this dilemma, this confusion, this insanity!”

But how?

By shutting up! By silencing emotional incoherence!

Now, I have not said this before, but it is not the function of the Course to provide you with complex logic, utterly clear conceptual details and radical ideas so that you might create thought patterns so clear and perfect that they outpicture as a miraculous life designed by your clear, correct thinking. No!

It is the function of the Course to so clearly express Truth, and to express it so completely, that you are able to relax and trust can be reawakened in you — so that you once again trust into the Holy Spirit, trust into God.

It is through untempered emotion which you indulge in that you learn of God as Fear, and it is through the Silence which you choose for that you find that God is Love. It is through your accepted personal helplessness and great need for help that your humility uncovers your eternal safety, wholeness, wellness which has been ever-present with you, covered from your sight by your intruding attempts to achieve it through your personal efforts.

It is through silence that
you engage in the holy instant,
and it is through engaging in the holy instant
that you silence emotional incoherence!

When you let yourself be in the simplicity of the moment, the answer becomes clear: “Yes, peace can heal this. In fact, all that I’m left with is peace. I have received a great blessing.” The message is loud and clear: “Look no further! Yes, peace is the healing.

It’s simple. God can’t take the last step
until you’ve taken yours.

Kingston, Washington
February 15th
, 2015



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8 Responses to The Call for Silence

  1. To be Aware, to be Vigilant in mind , no longer allowing the voice of defeat to be mistaken for reality, When I say i can not go on.. not a moment longer… the power that extinguishes my woe must be Present and Truely with me… else that moment would but end me, yet I am here still , a lie removed and I go on beyond.
    To give Silence a chance and to hear what lay within it.
    To question the automation of the day, as it unfolds, Ever keeping Alert..for It is much easier to walk in Reality then to keep my illusions seemingly alive.
    The Mind is in Harmony and what may dictate to the differ is but thoughts… that,
    Ought be known as Naught.

    Bobbie Simonsen

  2. alice4008 says:

    Beautiful! Like the flowers awaiting the Spring sunshine and rain;
    I surrender to Love, Light, Laughter and the peace, joy and silence.
    I am able to be grateful, to trust, to be patient, to be humble and to
    know all is well.
    Thank You!

  3. Gigi says:

    Just read the raj piece(peace) tonight. How timely. Again just what I needed to hear. Thank you

    Gigi Sutila Fitness Coach State of the Heart Fitness 310-880-4776

  4. Derek says:

    So profoundly beautiful! Thankyou Raj / Jesus!

  5. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thank You so much Raj and Paul; this is exactly what I need and I have printed it to read again and again to remind me that Peace, Trust, Love, and the 2 step are What I need to be choosing and doing continually and the blessings that gives me… for that truly is where the fear is released and rest and happiness are present in my experience. Thank You God. I love You and I am so grateful.

    Sharon Nicholson

  6. Sabu says:

    A great reminder. Trust is still a big issue, despite my daily attemts to become quiet. I feel I’m acting out a fight or flight response to a call to yield, and creating much insomnia. Yet when I manage to allow myself to become quietly present, back in my body – incarnate, I feel the possibility of trust. Such a relief. I really want to trust again but I don’t want to betray myself in the process or act out being spiritually driven. I miss the ability to trust. I can only hope that this will lead to a new level of trust and a new level of Self honouring. My burning love for God is bittersweet at the moment.

  7. Brian Steere says:

    Hear here!
    May I be found willing, not wanting, and may God be Rest.

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