How Will You Respond?



“Do not be afraid.”

“What do you mean, don’t be afraid? Are you saying that in the face of the increasing atrocities and violence which are occurring there is no need for fear?”

“No. I am saying that in the face of the call for fear, no matter how extreme its form, no matter how aggressive its expression, you have a choice! Do not choose for fear. Choose your God.”

When the god of fear is invoked and brought crashing down in forms of violence and hate — not actually through the god of fear but through sheer human will — you cannot afford to join the insanity of it with the equally insane response of agreement and become afraid yourself. That is the way you bow down to and serve a false god. That is the way you distort your divine Function as co-creator — by recognizing “the god of fear” in what you see and confirming it. That is the way you secure the “human condition,” instead of correcting it.

Terrorism feeds on fear. Its function is to create fear. It serves fear in all of its manipulative glory, arrogantly confident that no one will have the common sense it takes to be unmoved in the face of it — grounded in the awareness that God is Love, not fear, and being the calm presence that discerns how to correct the bad behavior with new behavior which confirms that God is Love.

Just as “there is no order of difficulty in miracles,” there is no order of reality to illusions. The extreme forms of illusion have no more substance to them than the subtlest ones, and they call for the same thing — a miracle, a sudden shift of perception. And a sudden shift of perception must be accompanied by someone decisively reaching outside the box of independent privacy, asking of One who Knows, “what is the more of what God is being right here than what I’m seeing?” and then responding in accordance with the Answer.

Terrorism in its subtler forms confronts you every day as thoughts and suggestions that there is something wrong for which you will have to pay a penalty. Everything that causes you to lose your peace is the same intimidating element in different form. You know that the answer lies in your peace, and that fear simply obscures your ability to hear the clarity needed. You also know that in order to experience the answer, you have to give your specific attention to securing the peace and asking for clarity. In other words, terrorism will only end on purpose.

I have said before that the only thing the ego cannot defend itself against is disregard. But how do you disregard terrorism?  Be not afraid!  The absence of fear starves terrorism in every form of its only nourishment. Be unequivocally unafraid. Let not the least suggestion of guilt or consequence distract you from your devotion to your peace and your choice to see the presence of God right where the suggestion is that It is absent.

Do not be fuzzy about this! Do not look at the activities occurring in the world and say that everyone is making too much of it, or too little of it . . . or that it’s understandable. No matter how understandable it might be, it is unacceptable!  It is unacceptable!  Finding justification for it on the world scene is as ineffective as finding justification for the subtle terrorism in your own mind about your own situations. On that basis correction will never be the result. Healing will never occur.

Be intolerant of terrorism with passion, not fear — with whatever it takes to actually find your peace, engage in the holy instant, and persist in Listening for the clarity that replaces it with a transformed experience. This is really nothing new, but now you know more clearly what it means!

The shift of perception which this will promote is the correction of the ancient idea that God is a vengeful, jealous and wrathful God, extracting justice through penalty from his Sons and Daughters as though they could actually be disobedient to Him, and Whose behavior justifies His children embodying those same characteristics. The children’s misperception of their Father locks them into a misperception of themselves, governing their behavior with each other, and I am correcting that misperception.

When I say, “Choose your God,” I am saying, don’t choose fear, don’t choose jealousy, don’t choose vengeance, don’t be wrathful with each other. We are Family and our Father, God, is Love, Life, Truth, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Principle — an indivisible and therefore undivided First Cause, in whom there is no polarity. He is a God at hand, not afar off. He is inseparable from His Creation.

It is This that you reach out to and join with when you practice the holy instant. And it is This which responds to you through the Holy Spirit and me and each of your Guides. His answers — the Truth you seek — are as unconflicted as their Source, uncovering His Will in you, resulting in the uncovering of the real meaning of Brotherhood and reuniting Family once again. And that’s the point!

Remember this when all around you are afraid and it is hard not to be swept up in the reactions of friends, family, community and world. One with God is a majority.

Kingston, Washington
January 16th, 2015


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5 Responses to How Will You Respond?

  1. 1cog says:

    Some folks may also want to review Raj/Paul’s Message of just about three months ago:
    To Be or not Be…Terrified (10-26-14) is also eloquent on the same subject. I believe the two messages complement each other nicely. Thank you Raj/Paul for illuminating the one choice for one voice over and over again…

  2. Dianne Stewart says:

    Thankyou Paul and Raj. That’s exactly what everyone needs to hear. The correct way to respond, Gods way. I need to read this at least another 10 times.

  3. Fran law says:

    I choose kindness and respect for others……Fran

  4. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thank You Raj and Paul, this is wonderful and just what I needed to read for many reasons.

    I will respond with love, asking God for Truth and how to Be that love.

    In loving appreciation,
    Sharon Nicholson

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