A Figment of Your Imagination



A Conversation Between Paul and Raj
January 6th, 2015

Paul:  Good morning, Raj.

Raj:  Paul, let’s begin by being aware that today is not a concept to be played out by another concept called “you” by means of other orderly, tidy, principled concepts which demonstrate your competence and validity through righteousness.

For lack of better words, today is a “liquid,” moving, unpredictable conscious experience which calls for curiosity and attentiveness and a willingness to cooperate — spontaneously “dance” with it. Any preconceptions or plans you introduce or try to carry out will constitute an artificial overlay upon That which will not be confined by anything!

No matter how conditioned you are to “create order” through principled behavior for righteous reasons, you must abandon it in order to recognize, acknowledge and flow with Creation . . . which is already divinely ordered. Your task is not to create but to yield to Creation. This is how co-creation occurs, which is your Function. It is not what you were trained to do, but it is your need. And you must abandon the training.

I understand that fulfilling concepts is easier to do than standing at the edge of the unknown, joined attentively with me or the Holy Spirit, willing to flow with Reality as It “happens.” I also understand that the “loss of control” which this involves is frightening rather than normal to you. And if you will take a closer look at it, you will find that it’s because you’ve been conditioned to believe that a penalty awaits you if you do not “control” things well.

This is important to understand. You have been trained in the ways and means of “protecting your ass” — an activity which seems to confirm and secure your “existence” as significant separate from God. And the bottom line of such self-absorption is that it absolutely protects you against and denies you the benefit of the conscious experience enjoyed in the meaning of the words, “Thy will be done.”

Put very simply, the realization that will trigger your Awakening is that your ass is a figment of your imagination . . . and so is the “you” which thinks it has one. This belief and its practice is the result of false teaching, false training.

Life cannot be tied up into pretty little boxes, neatly arranged into rules and procedures and “proper ways to live your life” to prove your validity “in your own right.” That is not what the holy instant is for. The holy instant is the exit point from false education, false training, false beliefs — all of the artificial “order” superimposed upon and obscuring the incredible movement of Creation, which is forever spontaneously original, including you as the integral and essential element of “seeing everything that God has made [is making], and recognizing Him in it.”

The holy instant is you, seeing with innocent eyes . . . with me . . . with the Holy Spirit [that which is nothing more than your right mind]. Let go of all your righteous fear of failure and attendant self protection. Stand at the edge, saying “Thy will be done,” and then want to know what It is, so that you can confirm It.

Let me end by saying, Truth was never something to use to protect yourself with. I did not say, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall protect you from each other and from life.” I said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” My teaching never was to protect a “poor sinner,” but to disclose your divinity so that you might forever give up self-defense as the foundation of existence.

Again:  Your fear of losing control and the fear of the penalty for not exercising it well is a conditioned sensation promoted through false teaching and training. Give up your allegiance to the teachers you learned it from and the respect you still give to them. Do it specifically. Consciously! And then, turn your attention to me or the Holy Spirit to learn from us. Do these two things over, and over, and over again, until protecting your ass becomes a thing of the past.

It is the answer.


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3 Responses to A Figment of Your Imagination

  1. Reblogged this on Ingrid Oliphant's UnCommon Touch and commented:
    “For lack of better words, today is a “liquid,” moving, unpredictable conscious experience which calls for curiosity and attentiveness and a willingness to cooperate — spontaneously “dance” with it.” Yes, indeedy!

  2. Brian Steere says:

    One of the things that is implicit in this message – but which perhaps could be made explicit is that the context of all of this is the Call to Joy and NOT the call for sacrifice. In true and simple willingness for what desire is TRULY moving in us we already have a ‘hand in ours’ in which to then be led and supported in whatever we choose to accept by giving ourselves to. Joy of true connection is peace and is the unifying factor and the principle that unifies all seemingly disparate or disconnected pieces that apart from joy, one struggles with.
    It is easy to read as if we are being told what we have to ‘do’ to ‘get there’ – which is an orientation asleep in the presumption of lack and disconnection. THAT is what we are to pause or desist in as soon as we notice it being triggered or in operation and in a sense do nothing OF such a sense and buy nothing from such a sense until we have a real relationship of affection extending to someone or something. THEN we have a basis from which to grow light by sharing life.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you for that, I needed to hear this!

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