Happy New Year!



A Conversation Between Paul and Raj
January 1st, 2015

PAUL: Good morning, Raj. You know better than I what needs to be said. I will leave it up to you.

RAJ: Well, instead of saying, “Happy New Year,” let’s say, “Happy New Mind.” After all, “year” is an idea, a concept of finiteness, placed in the timeless unbounded experience of Being called consciousness.

The movement of Being is the movement of consciousness — the ever-present renewing of your mind called Creation. This, you try to squelch by means of study and learning, and ordering your thoughts through the use of principles so that you might come to stable, unchanging conclusions. In other words, the habit is to enjoy the renewal of your mind — on purpose — through education so that you might come into a place of unchanging stability where learning can be abandoned and the renewing of your mind can become irrelevant.

Learning, ordering your thoughts while you were “growing up,” was fun. But when you were finally grown up, it was time for a vacation from learning, from being a “conscientious student.” Graduation occurred, and then the renewing of your mind was perceived as a disturbance, an unwelcome distraction from the time you thought you had provided yourself for the “rest” of your life. Then, renewal was work, and you justified resisting it because you saw yourself as a student of Creation and not the movement of It. You saw yourself as someone with a mind rather than the ever-moving conscious experience of Being which is Mind.

What do you think it meant when it was said, “Let that mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”? It meant, let the presence of Mind which is God be in you as I let It be in me, and realize that it is going to mean a brand new experience of who and what you are. In other words, your experience of self will be renewed — not into a new identifiable “self,” but into a constantly renewing conscious experience of Being, which no more becomes identified as “person” than the timeless unbounded experience of Being called consciousness becomes identified as “year.”

Renewing which constitutes change, when change isn’t expected, is frightening. The renewal of your mind can feel like the losing of your mind, and no one welcomes or gives permission easily for that to happen, since learning was always a choice. You engaged in it through the conscious use of your mind. And the authority you utilized confirmed to you the presence of someone “in charge.” But when the learning is chosen for you because you’ve abandoned thinking and engaged in the Holy Instant, a new experience of what you are as Presence emerges — “Presence of Mind” — and Renewal really begins to mean something!

Your inclination to withdraw from this experience and reassert authority for the benefit of the security you associate with it is understandable, but with two different experiences of being now available to you, the need to choose becomes unavoidable. The old exercise of authority will not be satisfying. I will be really clear, here: It will not work! The renewing of your mind, having been allowed, will not stop. You will have to explore and allow yourself to be fully present with the experience, and you will have to stop trying to find or make a new definition of “who” you are.

Again: You are the Presence of Mind in the ever-present state of renewal — never finishing Itself, never arriving at a conclusion or definition, since the movement of renewal has no destination, no graduation, no rest from learning. It is Life, not death. The Holy Instant is the threshold of Awakening, and you must seize It on purpose. Use this so-called “New Year” to cross that threshold on purpose. And dare to persist when you don’t recognize yourself in the renewing of your Mind.


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4 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Robert says:

    Ah, more tips and tools for removing the blocks to the awareness of Love. Thanks, and thanks.

  2. billy says:

    wow….great message!

  3. Brendan R says:

    Thanks Paul and Raj….. merry new year

    funny thing is ten mins before having the inclination to check your website I was lying in my bed reflecting on my past year and considering my future year. And I heard myself say I need a new life. Quickly the thought was corrected and it was revealed that I needed a new mind. Funny how that has just been confirmed raj to n this message. Maybe it was he who was whispering in my ear. Now the goal is to remember this revelation every minute of every day until I get it.

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