Righteousness Undone



Contrary to popular belief as to why the Christ was born into this world, the emergence of Christ’s vision, hallmarked by the Nativity, assured that no payment is due on behalf of sinners for the debt of sin. It revealed that the tangible message of God’s eternal Love, with us, restores true perceptions through Christ’s vision, bringing peace to every mind and showing righteousness to be a useless substitute for holiness.

Only through martyrdom can righteousness seem to be justified, and only through unconditional love can the debt of punishment (vengeance) be undone. But the extension of love does not purify our souls so that we might be justified to become the holy Sons of God, moving us up the ladder of spiritual achievement and righteousness. Love such as this must be premeditated and therefore artificial, requiring sacrifice of the spontaneity of being which results from yielding into the holy instant.

The singularity of our Function requires a singularity of mind equaling balance. Christ’s vision, and its extension, insures that no sacrifice is required — that only love’s blessing can be the fruit of our labor — and so our singleness of Function never requires us to become a sacrificial lamb.

This Season, do not scramble to put the clothing of righteousness on yourselves or others, but humbly ask your Father where the needs of mankind are that He would meet through his holy Sons and Daughters — you! No one can be left bereft in the face of your blessing on the world through Christ’s vision.

It is only the private goal of righteousness that causes us not to experience God’s holy gift to mankind — Christ’s vision — whereas the joining in the goal, “Thy will be done” means we will know His Love intimately and forever.

Kingston, Washington
December 13th, 2014


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3 Responses to Righteousness Undone

  1. jillv4l says:

    Thank you! Blessings and joy of Truth expressed!

  2. Brian Steere says:

    Thankyou for a very succinct restatement of your Intent

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