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The Needs Were Met

THE NEEDS WERE MET ————-oOo————- Dear friends, Thank you. All of the bills due by the 20th were paid by the 20th, and everyone’s support made it so. Thank you, again!       Rajpur Kingston, Washington November 21st, 2014   ————-oOo————-

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Almost There !

ALMOST THERE! ————-oOo————- Dear friends, Thank you. Everyone’s support has reduced the amount needed by the 20th from $4,000 to approximately $1,000. And the invitation is being renewed because this $1,000 balance has no grace period associated with it. It … Continue reading

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Thank You!

THANK YOU! ————-oOo————- Dear friends, The first-of-the-month expenses have all been met as a result of the immediate response of many to the recent request for support. Thank you! As well, the support given was sufficient to cover some of … Continue reading

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Thank You in Advance!

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! ————-oOo————- Dear friends, The Foundation’s bank balance has once again dropped below $200 and there is an immediate need of approximately $2,000 to cover first-of-the-month expenses which are still unpaid. These include the electric bill and … Continue reading

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