Want to “Know the Truth” with Passion



PAUL: Good morning, Raj.

[Nothing heard.]

PAUL: I am aware of a very strong resistance to hearing you, this morning. What is going on? What is it I’m afraid of?

RAJ: Paul, in spite of our recent morning conversations, you are threatened by the idea that you have lost communication with me. Do you think you made those conversations up? Our line of communication is excellent, clear, and constitutes you being in your right mind.

If you are not able to hear me, it is not because communication has been lost . . . only interfered with. If you hear me incorrectly, it is not because communication has been lost . . . only interfered with! It is important to understand this because something can be done about interference, and the experience of it doesn’t put you at a disadvantage, whereas loss of communication does.

Now, we are right back where we started. You have one task at hand, which is to choose your Teacher and persist in keeping the line of communication active by dialoguing with me about everything. You are being actively hated, which requires you to take action in order to be free of its debilitating effects. But notice that I did not use the word “defend.” The only “defense” that works is disregard, which is easily accomplished by being occupied in communion with me or the Holy Spirit. Neglecting to engage in the two-step, the holy instant [the practice of disregard], subjects you to the effects of mean-spirited mental manipulation, and so you cannot afford to be passive about the neglect.

Sooner or later you must want to “know the Truth” with passion, which will overrule the so-called authority of “teachers” who do not give voice to the Voice for Truth. It’s simple: The teacher you choose to listen to, you will hear. The one you choose not to listen to, you will not hear. Do not address or deal with the voice for fear in order to get rid of it. That is not disregard and will only keep you bound to it more securely. Abandon it, and turn your attention to the Holy Spirit or me with diligence — on purpose — and you will be free.

Again, you cannot be lazy about this! When you are establishing a new habit, a new way of being, you must be persistent, purposeful and committed. As in meditation, when you lose your focus of attention, simply bring your attention back to it — over and over, and over again if necessary. Do not engage reaction. Simply [quietly, unemotionally] bring your attention back to me.

All of this you know. The learning for you, at this point, lies in the practice, the exercise, the self-discipline it takes to experience the renewing of your mind, and doing it without complaint. Remember that the ego would love for you to complain about the effort it takes to abandon your allegiance to it. It knows that it will delay the emancipation. It’s a ploy, not a legitimate objection. Be alert to it and don’t play into it! Watch how you are using your mind, and learn.


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6 Responses to Want to “Know the Truth” with Passion

  1. Derek says:

    Beautiful. Love the point about ‘disregard’, rather than slaying the ego – ha ha. Love you Paul / Raj. Derek

  2. Gail says:

    Always appropriate, timely and helpful. I know what you say is true and have failed a million times but I persist because of “inevitability.” Thank you for your compassionate modeling of longsuffering and patience!! Namaste.

  3. This is notably synchronous with what I just heard in my car as to beg sharing. What I heard was phrased in different terms but meant the exact same thing. I might see if I can find what it was though I could paraphrase it I’m sure.

    The idea of ‘other teachers’ can be misleading. Once you have established a fundamental honesty, you can listen to anyone and anything that has any resonance or relation with you and receive truth – because truth is un-covered.

    But it is another ‘teaching’ that I feel to draw attention to – and that is the Holy Spirit through Regina in regard to ‘resting the mind’ when the feeling of disconnection is strong. It is the same as disregard, but adds a perspective of shit coming up to be undone – rather than shit coming up to condemn you because you are faulty.

    And anything that serves to provide for the capacity to abide in true willingness is serving healing.

    The fundamental error of conflicted identity is a split mind in which we not only seem to have/be an evil will – but that we suffer invalidation and disconnection thereby. Yielding this to awareness in which it can be healed or undone in unified reintegrated perspective is hard because it feels very dangerous and the triggered guilts feel very dense.

    But the whole point has been to come to this ‘place’ so as to be undone of it – and we always knew that was not going to be our own mind that effected such a change – for that is what we seek to be healed OF.

    By the way the Bashar tape was on the requirement for a passionate desire to change as the foundation from which to uncover and undo and in a sense burn off, the negative definitions that set up a negative (dis-integrity). Such desire embodying a persistent commitment to acting in each and every moment as an expression of truly valuing Who You Are – Who you feel and know yourself to be. Not as a tiring choice – but because there IS no ‘other’ choice.

    Others may choose otherwise, but I greatly appreciate and find practical the willingness to let go of the judgemental conditioning in listening/opening to various attunements to awakening perspectives of the SAME re-configuring shift from personality/mentality to consciousness that embraces both/and rather than confining itself in either/or.

    IF one is still struggling to create a mental construct as a bridge through which the experience of Spirit can speak to you in your own voice – then other terms and phrases and ways of approaching or relating may simply confuse – or reveal that one is in fact already confused but use a teaching to cover that over.

    It was found when Raj revealed himself Jesus that Paul couldn’t just be real – be himself with- and so ‘Raj’ as a persona was found helpful to facilitate undefended communications.

    Likewise we all tend to need various ‘permission slips’ to relate to our Higher Mind – and let ourselves into Intimacy of an Inclusive Embrace without injecting the coercive mind, freaking out and locking down. Just being our self.

  4. Barbara Bohme says:

    This has deep meaning for me too. Thank you, thank you. I am so very grateful for the various meanings in this for me. With much love, in humility,

  5. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thank you.

    Once again this is exactly what I needed to read and I’ve copied it to read over and over as needed.

    Thank you Paul, thank You Raj. I love you so much.

    With love and a grateful heart,

  6. jillv4l says:

    Thank you, Paul, for your willingness to share this communication. It is much needed and very much appreciated. Blessings!

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