A Clarifying Exchange



PAUL: I am not succeeding at letting you respond to everything. It’s too hard to remember to turn to you whenever someone asks me a question, or simply makes a comment that invites a response.

It’s also hard to want to hear what you have to say when what you say is perfectly clear and makes perfect sense, but doing it isn’t perfectly easy or easily perfect. So, what is the answer that will inspire me? What do I need to know?

RAJ: It’s really very simple, Paul. Persist. You must simply take every opportunity, as it occurs, to turn to me without regard for how well you did it yesterday, or a moment ago. To have someone who can alert you when you’ve gotten off the beam is as valuable for you as it is for the driver of a car to have a passenger who can quickly say with some urgency, “You’re drifting too close to the edge of the road!”

There really aren’t any circumstances where it isn’t important to be joined, even if there aren’t dire consequences. Of course, you can respond out of habit, abiding by the mutual agreements and protocols well enough to not arouse negative reactions, but that simply confirms and extends “the human condition,” the unconsciousness of God, the illusions of sin, sickness and death. So, being joined is never unimportant, and being casual about it is never wise.

Let me put it this way: It is extremely wise, even essential, to treat the holy instant — the state of being joined — as though it is profoundly important in every instant. Why? Because it is the stepping stone out of the illusion of mortality and all of the suffering it involves.

Let’s be clear here. To operate on the basis of memory and mutual agreements as an independent thinker is to be unconscious of being the holy Son of God. Lack of “serious consequences” — in other words, to be fairly comfortable in that state of mind — is a ridiculous and insane concept when you are already experiencing the most severe consequence there is: You don’t know who or what you Are, and you believe you are what you think you are. Insanity!

You can dare to treat each moment as though joining is a life or death issue, a Sanity or insanity issue, because it is! The instant you are in IS the threshold — the difference between — death and life, insanity and Sanity. Make the choice in that instant with the commitment you would bring to anything profoundly important, and don’t be offended when someone is clear enough to recognize the “call to choose” and points it out to you.

You’ve gotten the point.


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7 Responses to A Clarifying Exchange

  1. O'Neill says:

    That’s wonderful, Raj and Paul. Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to try to be more willing, ALWAYS, in EVERY moment, to remain joined and to acknowledge the truth.

    It’s like the teaching that there are NO “neutral” or “idle” thoughts. EVERY situation is a perfect opportunity.

    This idea presents both a great opportunity, and an apparent HUGE responsibility. I’m just glad that failure is an illusion.

    • Do you find language can frame things in a way that robs them of their sense?
      Is a hopeful failure the illusion of an apparently huge responsibility?

      I find that I accord myself responsibility that is not mine – nor within my capacity to embrace and thus divert from that which alone IS mine – as the Course puts it, “to accept the Atonement for myself”.

      A situation will already be defined in some sense for it to BE perceived as a situation, but the willingness to own the definition we give it, does acknowledge that we are the chooser of the way we perceive and experience it, and this reveals/awakens a living choice to be made or unmade according to the guide we accept as our self.

      The choice to join with the Holy Spirit is the acceptance of That which is TRULY Given, and the choice to think alone and apart is the extra burden of work that is indeed a HUGE but misplaced responsibility.

      Failure can be perfect freedom. If you truly fail to achieve the impossible you CAN SEE it impossible; a self-contradiction in itself, and thus be FREE of it. Thank God for the clarity of such failure!

      I feel there IS a sense beneath the ego sense that somewhere allows it to play out without ultimate penalty – but that indulging the ego FROM such sense will lose all such sense of freedom in dark and painful duress of fearful compulsion that will become a painful enough illusion to question everything you think about your self and your world.

      There is a sense in which leaning into watching the mind do its thing must withdraw interference from ‘its thing’ a moment long enough to allow a clarity of knowing instead of a reactive gesture of self-protection and of course the ego function distorts that – as everything – to be a process of time rather than the shift to the timeless.

      But you are of the timeless and so can see the operation of the mind that makes time for itself to play out in – AS you release the dictates which demand you SHOULD attend to something else than letting Be, letting in and letting move through you.

      No personal credit can be taken for any of it. So I thank you for this synchronicity of apparent exchange – in which thoughts increase by being shared.

      The gladness of a connected heart is the radiance of God being all there is to you right where you are. And in a sense, it is nothing ‘special’ because to make special is to make separate. But what is known, IS shared – and consciously so.

      Whatever our language or vocabulary, our Holy Spirit understands us perfectly, but we may not understand ourselves.

  2. Dianne Stewart says:

    Thankyou so much Raj and Paul. I feel I am so far away from where I need to be. I will just keep on keeping on. Love.

    • Don’t forget that the feeling arises from a definition and that a definition of yourself so needing to be somewhere else is active BEFORE you experience your feeling. In fact the definition dictates what and who you accept yourself to be and where you believe you are!
      Persistence in a definition that keeps you so far away from your truly felt knowing is a choice that CAN be made, but is it the choice you truly WANT to make.
      If so, what is it that the feeling gives you or that you get from the experience that makes it meaningful to choose? Or maybe what would seem too painful or fearful about being EXACTLY where you need to be.
      Gratitude is a blessed place to be. Not far away from anything real.

      In Peace


  3. Is it difficult or is it impossible?

    The negatively defined self is set up to ‘fail’ and that is its apparent success!

    The gift or grace of remembering is uncovered to a free attention.

    If we are busy doing or following what we think is the Holy Spirit or what we think is the way to solve an issue or manage a situation in which we are seeking to regain or assert some particular outcome that we insist or believe must be met, then we start off by owning the situation as it is being experienced. Then one can be curious as to what one would have to be believing in order to have this experience – what definitions are causing me to choose what I might say I do not want?

    So asking “what is the truth here?” of the Sanity of one’s being, is not asking an Other to provide a different external truth – but is yielding one’s current definitions and there perspectives in willingness to be touched, shown, moved or reminded of a unified and unifying perspective that can only be received through the willingness to embody it.

    The Movement of Being that prompts us to notice, to honesty to willingness and that then recognizes Its Own is a different way of living out-from, being a reversal of the way the mind had been conditioned to work. So it is hardly surprising that forgetting occurs so readily – but if the moments of Noticing (one has been in forgetfulness) are then utilised for self-judgement, then it is simply clear the choice is being made to keep self-judgement despite its cycle of frustration.

    This can only mean one is defining the situation so as to make such a choice attractive relative to choosing to abide free of such conflicted lack of acceptance. In which case one can be curious as to what such definitions are. Uncovering a sense of lack of love or love-worthiness is not fun while it is still actively believed. But once out in the open it cannot abide in You – who are love.

    Repentance is immediate ONCE the ‘sin’ is recognized to be meaningless to who and what you are. So there is the owning of a faulty choice that may rise from acquired or unconsciously accepted beliefs and this IS awakening at the level that CAN choose differently.

    The ego tries to by pass this by defining itself a ‘sinner’ or a failure or a struggler – WITHOUT actually uncovering anything in the light of the Holy Spirit – who shows only to undo, rather than to keep the light away a bit longer…

    The reintegrating movement of Consciousness is always present and always active with that part of our mind that could never leave its foundation. Asserting a split off mind is founded in a wish that then generates reinforcement. Once we have the sense of such a ‘death’ or ‘insanity’ we can withdraw allegiance from the identification of baiting to conflict of an illusory power and let it come up to be undone instead of pushing it down and making a negative ‘power’ of it.

    We learn the same lesson, over and over, until acceptance is complete. Who would rush will tarry. One can at best embrace the moment at hand – there is nowhen else to remember, or practice a true valuing of self, and brother, in God.

  4. Sharon Nicholson says:

    Thank you Raj and Paul,

    I know this is so important and I’m just beginning to really realize that it is necessary in every moment… and I don’t find it easy even part of the time, well sometimes here and there maybe and I’m grateful for those times and all the reminder and all the Help that I ask for and receive all the time..

    Thank you Paul for your willingness in so many ways to do and Be and listen and share to gift all of
    us with love and to just be honest about your experiences. That is very helpful to me and I’m sure a lot of us.

    Much love and gratitude from a full heart at this moment,

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