To Be or Not To Be . . . Terrified



Where are you? On the spectrum of fear or the spectrum of peace? You will be somewhere, and it’s up to you where you will be standing. If you let the world you see, or the media, determine it, you will be operating in the realm of fear whether you like it or not. Your perspective will not be clear. Your conclusions will be false. And you will be unable to be an agent for change — for healing.

But you are the salvation of the world, and you have no choice about it. Why? Because what you see is what you get, and what you don’t see is what you don’t get, and you can choose to see differently. This is why you want Truth to be the Vision through which you look at everything — the world included — and this is what the holy instant is for.

Remember that fear does not have its source in God. It is the effect of choosing to look at everything privately, without Him, and determining what everything is independently. From that vantage point, you will always believe that fear is occasioned by something “out there,” instead of your neglecting to join with the Father in order to look with Him.

Experience is formed by one of two teachers — the voice for fear or the Voice for Truth — and never a simple independent perception. Therefore, you see what you are looking with, and what you are looking with determines what you see. But in the act of observing, this is overlooked and preferential attention is given to what you see instead of what you’re seeing with — zooming in on it, reacting to it, coping with it, and then engaging in egotistical self-satisfaction with your problem-solving skills.

Now, that is your point of vulnerability — the disregard of that with which you’re looking. Those who would terrorize rely on you to do just that because terrorism is a bluff, the act of a bully — a claim to a capacity, strength or ability which the bully doesn’t have — and the ploy only works on the gullible.

You can see, then, that the threat of terrorism may be made by a terrorizer, but the act of terrorism is carried out by a holy Son or Daughter of God Who, looking without the Father’s perspective, validates the threat, agrees with the terrorist and attacks Himself, scaring Himself into submission, panic and hopelessness.

Fortunately, although terrorism relies upon that response in order to be “actualized,” there is another response which will always foil it — the two-step, the practice of the holy instant. It reminds one that there is another way to look at things which is stable, peaceful, secure, grounded, ever-available and healing. And it does it by providing the actual experience, right in the face of the threat, together with clarity of mind.

The healing simplicity, then, is the realization that terrorism [the attempted violation of one’s peace and stability] may seem to have many faces, but it is either the invitation to step out of the holy instant . . . or the distraction from returning to it, and it’s never anything else!

The one thing you are in complete control of is where you place your attention. It is your one absolute power, and nothing can interfere with it. You are practicing it absolutely right now and always have. It is omnipotence expressed.

Although you pretend that others direct or manipulate your attention, it is you and you alone who places it where it is — gives it where it is given. It is so natural to you that when you shift your attention from your spoon to the liquid you are stirring, you are completely unaware of the inviolability and omnipotence of that act.  If you realized it, you would engage the holy instant immediately and permanently, and the invitations to abandon it would not move you.

You see, the holy instant is not just a handy tool gifted in the Course in order to facilitate Awakening. It is that which IS the one activity which nothing can interfere with — your consciously placing your attention! You’re already doing it, but you didn’t know it couldn’t be interfered with. You didn’t know it was an unalterable act that couldn’t be changed until you changed it.

To abandon your independence from the Father and turn to Him to learn of Him what the Truth is, and not withdraw your attention, is the means the Father has provided for you to return Home. And Your absolute omnipotent divine capacity to “place Your attention” was left in Your hands (while you dreamed your dreams of mortality) as Your Authority and unchallengeable means to return Home.

Kingston, Washington
October 26th
, 2014


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4 Responses to To Be or Not To Be . . . Terrified

  1. Mary Ann says:

    How simple. I pay attention to the spoon. I switch my attention to the liquid it’s stirring. Where I place my attention is my one, absolute power. BANG! I got it. Thank you. Wow.

  2. O'Neill says:

    Raj, thanks for reminding me that I DO have the power to acknowledge the Truth, I just have to be willing. I’m inspired to make that choice.

  3. Barbara Bohme says:

    Wow, thanks! Very clear.

  4. Fran law says:

    Thank you so much for a message that speaks to us all…..

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