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To Everyone!

TO EVERYONE! ————-oOo————- Dear friends, Our end of the month boost needs a boost! Approximately $2,925 is still needed by the 1st. Thank you to everyone who has helped. Rajpur Kingston, Washington October 29th, 2014   ————-oOo————- TO MAKE A … Continue reading

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Want to “Know the Truth” with Passion

WANT TO “KNOW THE TRUTH” WITH PASSION ————-oOo————- PAUL: Good morning, Raj. [Nothing heard.] PAUL: I am aware of a very strong resistance to hearing you, this morning. What is going on? What is it I’m afraid of? RAJ: Paul, … Continue reading

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A Clarifying Exchange

A CLARIFYING EXCHANGE ————-oOo————- PAUL: I am not succeeding at letting you respond to everything. It’s too hard to remember to turn to you whenever someone asks me a question, or simply makes a comment that invites a response. It’s … Continue reading

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Renewal Time

RENEWAL TIME ————-oOo————- Dear friends, An end of the month boost is needed in the amount of approximately $4,100, $2,900 of which is for property taxes still unpaid and due on the 31st. More than that will keep us further … Continue reading

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To Be or Not To Be . . . Terrified

TO BE OR NOT TO BE . . . TERRIFIED ————-oOo————- Where are you? On the spectrum of fear or the spectrum of peace? You will be somewhere, and it’s up to you where you will be standing. If you … Continue reading

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PERSISTENCE ————-oOo————- Dear friends, We are very grateful for the support received since our last update. The needs were met on time. As we approach the 20th of the month, your support is once again invited in order to meet … Continue reading

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Thank You!

———-oOo———- Dear friends, Contributions have been gratefully received and a large number of the first-of-the-month bills have been paid. Everyone’s help is still needed, however, to meet the rest of the expenses in the amount of $2,700. As always, the … Continue reading

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