Out of the Silence


Dear friends,

We have been very quiet for the past four weeks, and I thank everyone for your patience. It has been a period of challenge wherein choosing between the Voice for Truth or the voice for fear has not been casual, but an absolute requirement, since the voice for fear has been so aggressive. The choice for peace had to be made daily—even hourly—and still does. But learning is occurring and the choosing is more consistent.

The dynamics of fear, once one engages with them, convincingly misdirect the mind to untrue perceptions of all that is true. Therefore, I guided Paul during this past month to study and contemplate certain passages in the Workbook, including the following from Lesson 151: “All things are echoes of the Voice for God.” I instructed him to use this as his mantra often because the ego always wants to get personal about every lie, suggesting that the thoughts are “his” in a mind of “his own.” The underlying message given to him was that everything was not all right, and he was to blame for “it”—whatever the embellishment it suggested.

This is how the voice for fear managed to distract him for awhile from his natural commitment to Truth and his love for me and what I would have to say—providing every answer to every dilemma that arose . . . and there were many rolling off the surface of the mind, suggesting to him that he had a mind capable of thinking on its own.

This, then, is the fundamental lie hidden in secret under all the personalized guilt-producing distractions:  God, being the one and only Mind, has created a son different from the Mind that He is.

And the Truth hidden under all the personalized distractions is:  God has only one Son—meaning, created of the one Mind—and not another son who can embody minds many, or thoughts many of other origins, which I have called “mutual agreements.”

The realization that “All things are echoes of the Voice for God” is a shift of perception which triggers the release from fear and lays the groundwork for the awareness—as it says in Lesson 152—that “The power of decision is my own. This day I will accept myself as what my Father’s Will created me to be” . . . instead of what the voice for fear would have me see.

A word to the wise:  The voice for fear will always get personal. It will hang you upside down in confusion, like a duck in a Chinese market, ready to be the main dish, 180 degrees from the Truth. Don’t believe the sensations, the morbidity, the discouragement. Choose! Choose your teacher. Decide who your teacher will be and confirm your decision by choosing nothing else! Be relentless, if relentlessness is what it takes.

Paul has been silent in the midst of this mental turmoil, not through neglect or lack of caring, but because fear interfered with clear communication so convincingly . . . but only for awhile. We are grateful for the needs being met during the month of August, and we are grateful to everyone for their continued loving support.

Now it is the 15th of the month and we once again approach the 20th when the usual $5,000 of expenses fall due. Everyone’s help is invited in order to meet this need, and I thank Paul for choosing for his peace so that we might break the silence to let everyone know, and begin to resume our normal activities.

There will be more to share about the learning of the past four weeks, and everyone is invited to join us tonight for this week’s ACIM Study Group

With appreciation,

Kingston, Washington
September 15th
, 2014




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One Response to Out of the Silence

  1. Brian Steere says:

    Fear’s apparent interruption becomes the opportunity to see it clearly for what it is – and perhaps more importantly, what it is NOT.
    Releasing what is not, cannot be difficult, as it is never true to begin with, but the wish to see what isn’t as if it is, will activate the reinforcements and reflections of interpretation, focus, experience and identity, NO LESS than is given for the extension of thought through you as integrally of a whole and unified Consciousness.
    Therefore challenge the necessity of one’s experience whenever there is a noticing of a lack of peace or wholeness, so as to pause and become receptive to a truly living movement of communication in place of a reactively defined and segregated identity that would keep you in a state of perpetual war – albeit made over with appropriate disguises.
    Understanding that we don’t know and cannot know AS a separated segregated and fenced of personality construct, is the allowing of That Which Already Knows, to move through you and thus by reflection TO you. Then act or live out from what is revealed as the truth of you instead of reactivating the old identity.
    To know what you need to know when you need to know it is not less than totally abundant knowledge. To focus on what you don’t need to know as if you need to know it is to create an imagined sense of lack. Dead man walking!
    The only way to ‘miss’ our Life is to be afraid we will miss it because only fear can take our attention ‘elsewhere’ such that when Life turns up, we are not there to receive it – or do not recognize the love and help extended.
    Struggling as if alone in disconnected self – over and against all else – can have no victory nor rapture of righteous validation, for it never could exceed or depart from the wish born of confusion that engenders it. It is not that one is sinful or evil for having chosen in confusion, but that on waking, one recognizes error and KNOWS that it does not belong in your heart.
    Releasing what is not true of you, cannot be difficult, but is is very different from the coercive attempt to become something from out of a sense of confusion and inadequacy.
    Fear must rise from its hiding place to be undone or it would dictate your mind unknowing. In the light of a true perspective we see a purifying force that serves the releasing of what does not belong. Without true perspective, we see evil wills and enemies all about… and reflecting our own fearfully unguarded imagination.
    How does One Mind in All awaken in All to know its Oneness?
    Like This… and this… and this. But am I so involved in my own little model reality that I’m too self-seriously distracted to notice? Often so – but noticing the untrue or dissonant FROM the awakened perspective ‘calls’ me home as I give willingness and welcome in gratitude for such Grace.

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