Lift Your Voice in Praise


PAUL: I need instruction before this day begins. Yesterday I could not abandon self-righteousness and anger. I couldn’t stop being mad at those who want me to help them make their dilemma more tolerable rather than correct it and be free of it.

RAJ:  Be very clear. Your function is to give voice to the Voice for Truth, both in your words and in your mind. The voice for fear, on the other hand, invites you to forget your function with great insistence, accompanied as it is with emotion.

You must be very alert. When you find yourself ruminating on the awfulness of things, don’t believe it. And don’t believe yourself! Be conscious enough to recognize that you are beginning to wallow in the unconsciousness of God . . . and stop it immediately.

Remember that the ego can only suggest! Its invitation to forget the Truth has no effect until you accept it—and the effect is nothing more than a misperception. Then, don’t fight with it. If you are going to expend energy let it be spent shifting your attention back to your union with me/the Holy Spirit/the Father.

Realize that to the degree that you have succumbed to the invitation to forget Truth, to the degree that you are wallowing in self pity, hopelessness, and all the feelings that accompany it, your return will seem to require more determination because less faith is present. And faithlessness will suggest that the effort will not be worth it because it will not work. But, of course, it’s not true. The holy instant always works. It is the way back to your right mind.

Its at that moment that you must ask yourself: “Did the Holy Spirit give me these thoughts and feelings?” “Did the Father invite me to abandon my peace?” No matter how depressed or hopeless you may feel, these questions will elicit a clear, true answer: “NO!”

So, here is the clarity: Only you can rescind the invitation to become unconscious of the Truth. Or, put another way: Only you can rescind the invitation to feel the awfulness of what is going on in the world, in your life, on your street, in your community, and then embellish those feelings with ideas you provide—a story-line which explains and justifies them.

And here is the simplicity: Abandon your function of giving voice to the Voice for Truth—forget it in favor of the “delicious” emotions of fear and doubt—and you will misperceive everything. The correction is: Remember your function and give voice to the Voice for Truth—make a joyful noise! No one else can rescind the invitation for you, and it won’t happen until you do it.

Fortunately, nothing else is required!


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6 Responses to Lift Your Voice in Praise

  1. HolySonofGOd says:

    The Truth is the Truth is the Truth! We are the presence of God expressing what God is being in the middle of the Kingdom of Heaven! Amen!

  2. Robin Migalla says:

    Just what I needed to hear. I needed to hear your part of the conversation, Paul, so that I could recognize my part, and I needed to hear your part of the conversation, Raj, to guide me to the way out. Thank you.

  3. Christine Garnaud says:

    Thank you Raj and thank you Paul. I have started to make up songs of Truth when I notice the ego trying to pull me down. I sing them out loud around the house and that works for me.

  4. Paul Wiscombe says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you Raj and Paul.

  5. HolySonofGOd says:

    I got mad today at a situation in my life. I let seeming circumstances rob me of my peace. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Pauline says:

    Paul, I had recently been experiencing very similar sentiments; thank you Raj for pointing us back in the right, and only, direction!

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